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Best Matches (20 found) - Click on one of the diagnoses below to see additional images and learn more. This image displays the scaling, slightly raised lesions typical of allergic contact dermatitis in a child.
Flat warts may be difficult to see in darker skin and often have a lighter color than normal skin.
With a herpes virus skin infection, such as this one involving the leg, some blisters (vesicles) can have pus. This image displays tiny, scaly elevations of the skin around the hair follicle typical of keratosis pilaris. Lyme disease may simply be displayed as a subtle area of pink or red skin rather than the classic bull's-eye rash. Close Matches (7 found) - Click on one of the diagnoses below to see additional images and learn more.
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Itchy rashes can be caused by contact with an irritant or a fungus, or they may be due to an auto immune disease. The rash was so contagious I couldn't see Austin for two weeks.'I've got no complaints about the hospitals - the staff were great and I just put it down to one of those things.

Pus-filled bumps called boils and folliculitis (an ingrown hair causing irritation or friction) can both be seen on the legs. Stretch marks are the result of rapid weight gain or weight loss and are most often seen on the stomach and the legs after a growth spurt. In the summertime, legs are more exposed and, thus, more vulnerable to bites and stings from bees and other bugs. The legs are also more prone to poison ivy dermatitis, which causes an oozing and very itchy rash.

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