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The virtues of the Boston K-Pro “are its particular stability and retention, which is very high.
Patients are more likely to be candidates for the AlphaCor if they have severe corneal injuries or repeated corneal graft failures, said Dr. In Type II surgery, the K-Pro is implanted so that the nub is allowed to protrude through the closed lids. Whichever term is preferred, the devices available in the United States play a substantial role in combating corneal blindness in patients who are no longer candidates for penetrating keratoplasty (PK). Aquavella and Belin remained concerned about the AlphaCor’s ability to stain as well.
The Type I is incorporated into a fresh corneal graft and sutured into the eye much like a standard PK.

The fornices are cleaved to allow for the implantation of the graft; a small central notch is made in the upper lid and a tight permanent tarsorhaphy is made on both sides of the protruding nub. Akpek believes that artificial corneas will replace donor corneal transplantation altogether in the future for multiple reasons one of which is the difficulty to obtain and process good quality donor tissues even in the developed countries. This is a unique design, solving the dual requirements of a keratoprosthesis, namely the need of having opposing tissue affinity, by locating them in different parts of the device. In the first step, the surgeon creates a lamellar pocket, within the stroma of the recipient corneal tissue. Then the surgeon punches through the posterior lamellar, to create a central 3-mm opening from the pocket into the anterior chamber.
Akpek’s patient population comprises those with trachoma (usually from the Middle East), and those patients would receive the Boston K-Pro as they are not eligible for the AlphaCor, she said.

He has exclusively used the Boston K-Pro for several years and has no plans to convert back to using the AlphaCor. The improvements in design have renewed interest in device development, and several organizations are working towards other types of artificial corneas (see sidebar). The rim, or skirt, of the device resembles a sponge and acts to secure the device into place by allowing the patient’s own tissue to grow into it and hold it in place.

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