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Most individuals who are infected with HSV 1 or 2 have minimal or no symptoms with the virus as the virus is dormant in their body. The herpes virus however, stays in the body indefinitely and while medications can be used to control outbreaks, there is no definitive cure for the infection.
Genital herpes is acquired through skin contact with infected partners usually during sexual intercourse. If symptoms have already disappeared, or if the patient is asymptomatic, a blood test will need to be taken to look for the virus.
Any skin contact can potentially transmit the infection even if there is no obvious signs and symptoms of active infection.
The best method of prevention is to treat the outbreak of herpes promptly and early so it does not transmit from partner to partner. Individuals who are stressed can be afflicted with more episodes of herpes infection including patients with a suppressed immunity e.g. All Our Doctors are Fully Certified and Trained to conduct specialised STD and HIV Testing. For lady patients who prefer female doctors, we have professional certified¬†female Doctors to attend to your medical needs. I had a high risk encounter about a week back and I’m contemplating taking a 4th gen hiv test and herpes pcr test. If you have been infected, 4th generation HIV combo test most likely would show up as positive. Herpes is different for everyone – some get symptoms immediately after infection, while some never get symptoms. Okay, so I know that by the title I should be so chipper and excited, but at this point I'm confused. Well, welcome news and I'd accept it with a smile as long as she confirmed the negative result for both HSV1 and HSV2. Ok, so your boyfriend sounds like he's pretty much in the clear assuming he hadn't had sex with anyone else in the 4 months prior to his test. Dancer,We don't have a planned parenthood here anymore but I'll probably go to the place my boyfriend went. How long after having contact with someone with genital herpes can you get tested to find out if you caught it?
The information provided here should not be used during any medical emergency or for the diagnosis or treatment of any medical condition. In the absence of symptoms, you need to wait 3-6 months before you can have a special blood test.

There is no test you can have sooner – the blood test looks for antibodies to the virus, and it takes time to develop these.
If you had UNprotected intercourse several times a week with this girl, for an entire YEAR, and only avoided contact when she had visible symptoms, your risk per year would only be 10% or less if she had hsv-2, and about 2% if she had hsv-1. Although it is possible to not develop symptoms when you have actually caught it, normally symptoms would appear within a week. After the blisters heal, the infection is by no means cured and can recur again, weeks or months later.
This blood test looks for antibodies to the HSV 1 or 2 virus which usually will appear 3 months after infection.
If the recurrences are very frequent, antiviral medications to suppress the virus may need to be taken for a prolonged period of time. In addition, certain patients may want to consider suppressive therapy even if they have got no symptoms to reduce transmission to their partners.
There has been no symptoms whatsoever, but for peace of mind I would like to take the tests. The best thing to do is get it checked by a doctor, I can’t confirm Herpes by just a description alone.
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So a few minutes ago I get a call from one of the doctors at the clinic and she tells me that my test results came up negative.
In between that time I slept with one person 5 months ago and that the person who I had to have gotten it from because my boyfriends test results came back negative when we both got tested last month.
A licensed physician should be consulted for diagnosis and treatment of any and all medical conditions.
Any sooner than 3-4 months at the earliest and you would get a false negative even if you had caught it. In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript! Even when there are no visible symptoms, there is still a risk that the virus is being transmitted through physical contact.
However, results from such blood tests are not clear cut and cannot differentiate between active infection or a previous infection which is currently inactive. Due to the lesions that the infection causes, herpes increases the likelihood of HIV transmission by more than 3 times as it facilitates the entry of the HIV virus. It has been a week since I last kissed my bf.!I have chapped lips, dry mouth (every morning), a little white bumps on my upper lip line (size still stays the same) .

In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). He and I had sex once last month when we got back together and that's when I got what I thought was an H OB. I’m wondering how long I have to wait to go take a test for it to be able to tell me even slightly if I have it or not?
There are two types, HSV I and HSV II – both can infect the genital and anal area (genital herpes), the mouth and nose (cold sores), fingers and hand (whitlows). We avoided kissing and oral sex when he had a cold sore, but had frequent contact in between. The Dr said .91 was a low positive, but today a different Dr that is filling in for her and used to be my Dr but now is retired told me that it was negative to just go back in a month to test again.
Haha I don't want to jinx anything by getting excited but I having to go through this again is just got me kinda worried. It may cause an outbreak of genital herpes or become dormant (inactive) and hide around the nerves in the body where you were infected. If you test positive, there is nothing you can do about it anyway and you’ll probably suffer a lot of unnecessary worry and anxiety from the result. The CDC revised those back in 2010 because they discovered that lots, and lots of people getting those .9's and 1's were actually negative. It's still not sure that I'm negative, but regardless all of you are the best bunch of people I have met, and if I get a positive I'm not going anywhere.
Also they said that the records showed that the lesions looked like hsv2, but when she looked she said she couldn't see anything. Some people can shed the virus from their skin or mucous membranes without any symptoms of genital herpes.
It’s possible to pass the virus during this time, but for most people the risk is low. While there is no cure for genital herpes, there are many antiviral treatment options available to make the disease more manageable. The incubation period of 4 or 5 days is usual, but it could be as soon as 2 days or as long as two weeks – or even longer.
It often causes no inconvenience, but sometimes it causes a flu-like illness followed by blisters or ulcers on the affected skin.

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