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Most clinics will give you a form to indicate your main reason for attending, so that you can be directed to the correct person with minimum delay. Nurses assist patients to prepare for the examination, explain what is going to happen, answer questions and give information on the tests and infections.
For females: In some circumstances if you have no symptoms you will have a routine from from your vulva, a urine test or a self-taken swab. How do I get my results?If you have symptoms some results will be available before you leave the clinic.

The receptionist will ask you to complete a registration form and a unique set of notes and clinic number will be created for you. They will ask if you have any symptoms, take a sexual history and examine you if necessary.
They can give you more information about the infection and assist you in informing your partner(s). Specimens are also sent to the laboratory to be processed and these results will be available after 7 - 14 days.

We also have health care support workers who may assist you during the examination and take blood samples. We do not currently offer cervical smear tests in the GUM service - if you are over 25 and have not had a smear test you should attend your GP or a Family Planning Clinic (Reproductive Sexual Health).

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