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On 9th March 2015, Howard Hughes Medical Institute announced their development of a new, powerful vaccination against the herpes virus. HSV-1 is not an STD and is transmitted via kissing, skin to skin contact or through the sharing of objects that enter the mouth. In the past the only preventative methods were to practice safe sex in the form of wearing a condom, which is not always effective against herpes, and undergoing a mutual STD test before engaging in sexual activity with a new partner. The tests, done on a many different types of mice, under a variety of conditions, have shown the following results; subcutaneously vaccinated (injected) mice, when infected with either HSV-1 or 2, received 100% protection, as the vaccine prevented latency from occurring. It was then observed that those mice, who had received the vaccination, had the ability to transfer antibodies, passively, to other mice, during sexual intercourse. The resultant effect, in those mice who received the antibodies passively, varied from 100% immunity in wild mice to the development of mild skin conditions with the distinct absence of brain disease and fatality in laboratory mice.
Previous herpes vaccines were comprised of glycoprotein D (gD-2) and failed to protect against the virus.
Whilst a very exciting medical breakthrough, which displays a lot of promise, it is important to remember that, as this vaccination has not yet been FDA approved, we are still to discover what negative side effects it may manifest in the human form.
Further research and testing needs to be completed before, we can appreciate the full potential and dangers that this vaccination may hold.
Savannah Freemantle is a Longevity writer with a passion for English and a keen interest in health and wellness topics.
We could just review the data presented by Genocea and share scientists’ opinion on herpes vaccine development in this article, but would herpes patients actually benefit from it?

Quick recap: Genocea has just shared the data for the first 6 months of a 12-month research for a phase 2, and the results seem to be very promising. Achieving great success in the initial testing stages (on animal subjects) the vaccine will now be put forth for FDA approval, ensuring its safety for human use and promising an important, positive change in STD prevention.
Lazzara of LMPN says that it is important to remember that Herpes is caused by a virus, not by bacteria, and therefore is far more difficult to treat.
Latency is the term used to describe the process of a virus lying dormant within a cell until an external factor; such as stress, sunlight or low immunity, stimulates it.
While still an impressive set of results, the scientists concluded that direct vaccination is more effective then passive vaccination.
The new vaccine works on the basis that deleting gD-2 renders the virus harmless and unmasks antibodies which provide immunity.
Herold, Vaccine Developer at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, USA, Howard Hughes Medical Institute. It may also be a good vaccine vector for other mucosal diseases such as HIV and tuberculosis.
She believes in an holistic approach to wellness, viewing balance and consistency as the most important aspects of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The vaccine is actually an immunotherapy which was created to treat genital herpes and other viruses by inducing T cell and B cell (antibody) immune responses.
We all hope that in the future herpes vaccine will be help minimize the spreading of herpes virus and bring the number of people who get infected each year down.

Of course, it is more convenient that most common herpes treatments, but the vaccine can only minimize the viral shedding approximately by 50%, which means that 50% of the time it won’t stop the virus shedding. The last, seventh, group received placebo, and was rolled into an active study after 28 days.
Some scientists believe that a number of days the virus sheds depends on a number of outbreaks per year.
But we all know that many of FDA approved treatments still cause side affects even when they are considered to be safe. And the number of outbreaks per year in many cases depends on immune system and the amount of stress. Genocea’s CEO Chip Clark said that herpes vaccine could make more than 1 billion in sales one day. However, many professionals are concerned about the fact that the lower dosage of herpes vaccine in µg hasn’t proven to be very effective. And the company still hasn’t confirmed whether the decrease in viral shedding after receiving the vaccine led to a decrease in a number of outbreaks a patient experienced per year.

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