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The tegument proteins are then released into the cell and the capsid is transported to the nuclear membrane, where DNA is released into the nucleus.
The viral replication process is initiated by the expression of immediate-early genes, which encode proteins that promote the expression of viral genes and also have a role in innate immune evasion. These were found to be smaller than bacteria because they passed through bacteria-proof filters.

This is followed by expression of the early proteins, which are responsible for replication of the viral DNA genome, and eventually the late proteins, which include capsid, tegument and envelope proteins.
The extract of the infected plants of tobacco can cause infection in healthy plants.The fluid was named as Contagium vivum fluid which is infectious living fluid. The late protein products and the replicated DNA are assembled into progeny virions, which are released from the cell either by exocytosis through the trans-Golgi network or by cell lysis (see figure).Establishment and maintenance of latency is a complex process that involves many viral and cellular components.
It is believed that suppression of immediate-early genes, by virus-encoded microRNAs for example, has a central role in this process.

Viruses infecting animals have either single or double stranded RNA or double stranded DNA. Because the genome consists only of DNA or RNA, but not both, the way in which viruses replicate themselves varies from virus to virus, depending on the nature of its genome, the object in every case being to make viral proteins plus more copies of the viral genome.

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