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December 5, 2014 By Julie 5 Comments If you're new here, you may want to subscribe to my Newsletter. Research regarding the overlap of Fibromyalgia and Epstein Barr goes all the way back to (at least) 1987. VCA-IgG indicating that the person has had the virus at some time existed in almost all participants (regardless of group). Side Note – one really interesting thing in this study that jumped out at me was that even back in 1987 Rheumatologists were reporting that they believed Fibromyalgia patients may make up the largest percentage of their patients. Filed Under: Fibromyalgia, Medical Studies, Medications, Symptoms, Treatment Tagged With: nerve painConnect With Me! I've been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, Endometriosis, Hypothyroidism, TMJ, Migraines, and Cluster Headaches. Blog title inspired by The Spoon Theory, by Christine Miserandino, an excellent explanation of what it's like to live with invisible illness. How terrific would it be to have another class of drugs to treat (and hopefully reverse) Fibromyalgia? I am proud to be part of this collection of stories of second chances, starting over, and re-engaging with life.

Buchwald, Goldenberg, Sullivan, and Komaroff examined 50 patients with Fibromyalgia and tested them for Epstein Barr. This is back before the original diagnostic criteria were set, and long before most doctors really even believed Fibromyalgia existed.  Evidently, the three doctors involved in this study did believe in Fibromyalgia. They have been researching the possibilities of treating Fibromyalgia, chronic pain, and IBS using a combination of anti-virals usually used to treat HSV-1 (cold sores). I share my journey here in an attempt to educate and inspire others who are dealing with similar health issues. He noticed that patients with a history of cold sores tended to avoid chicken pox altogether or they’d get a very mild case. If you need a little more positivity in your life (and we all do) you'll want to spend some time reading through the stories in this book.
Once exposed to any of these viruses they can lie dormant in your body, reactivating at any time, usually as a response to stress. The levels of the virus in their systems was not significantly different than those of the healthy and unhealthy controls. VCA-IgM without EBNA antibodies indicates a recent infection; none of the Fibro patients tested positive for VCA-IgM.

They stumbled upon this potential treatment almost accidentally and are now on their way to stage-3 trials.  This could be the thing that ties the Herpes virus to Fibromyalgia (and related conditions) and may provide significant relief for many of us. My throat would get sore, my lymph nodes would get swollen, I would feel achy (like the flu), and worn out.
The methods used to diagnose Fibromyalgia, at this time, were much less stringent than the 1990 guidelines called for, and probably more similar to the currently accepted guidelines.
Since they tested against healthy (and unhealthy controls) and all showed evidence of past infections, it’s possible that their healthy controls were not as healthy as they thought, that the unhealthy control group may have had overlapping issues that were not diagnosed, and a number of other things, including limitations in the blood tests at that time.
I have been searching the internet in trying to come up with any possible illnesses that could have caused this.

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