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Chi segue queste pagine sa quanto siamo attenti a riportarvi ogni notizia che proviene dal mondo scientifico e riguarda le applicazioni della capsaicina, il composto chimico presente nei peperoncini. Lo studio e stato condotto dal professor Maija Haanpaa del Dipartimento di Neurochirurgia dell’Universita di Helsinki ed ha coinvolto 559 adulti affetti da neuropatie. The cookie settings on this website are set to "allow cookies" to give you the best browsing experience possible. If you have had chicken pox during the initial stages of your life, then you are probably, at the risk of developing Shingles or Herpes Zoster disease, sometime later in your life. But, there is no need to panic, as this condition does not necessarily appear in all the people that have had chicken pox.
The children who have had chicken pox, when they were less than one year old, or people who are above the age of fifty, are more prone to this disease than normal healthy people. Herpes Zoster is a painful condition of the skin, which causes blisters and rashes on the affected area.
Due to some reasons, which are not yet very clear, this virus becomes active again after some time and causes Herpes zoster, leading to highly irritable and painful rashes, leading to equally painful blisters. In the beginning of this infection, you may feel tingling, pain and burning on some parts of your skin, which may later on develop rashes.
The treatment needs to be started within a time span of 72 hours, when the symptoms start appearing. Patients suffering from mild symptoms of Herpes Zoster may take analgesics by prescription or simply over the counter, to get relief from pain. Some doctors also prescribe anti-histamine tablets or anti-histamine lotions, to their patients. Patients can apply OTC lotions containing calamine, for example, Caladryl, on the skin for soothing effect.
Corticosteroids are administered orally to the patients suffering from Herpes Zoster, to enhance their healing process.
Acyclovir, valacyclovir and famciclovir are the most commonly prescribed anti-viral drugs to the patients having Herpes Zoster virus. These drugs have been so far considered the most standard treatment for Herpes Zoster and are administered during moderate as well as acute conditions.
Also, staying away from stress and taking ample rest is recommended by the doctors, as your body is busy fighting off the virus and so, it requires complete rest. Herpes Zoster or Shingles is a condition that has no cure, and it wears off in 3 to 4 weeks, by itself. But, the above mentioned treatments are very effective in reducing the gravity of the situation and making it bearable.
If diagnosed in initial stages, the treatments would become more effective and so, you may not have to go through that much of unbearable pain or irritation. Peripheral neuropathy is the medical term given for experiencing pain and numbness in fingers and toes.

When blood supply is blocked or nerves that carry the blood to the fingers and hands get damaged, you may get tingling fingers.
When the person’s glucose level in blood exceeds normal range, then he is said to have diabetes. Poor circulation of blood and injury caused to fingers or wrist can affect the blood flow and may cause nerve damage. When exposed to extreme cold temperature, your hands and fingers may have numbness and tingling sensation.Lastly, frostbite can damage the nerve causing tingling sensation in fingers. However, if you experience tingling fingers along with other symptoms like confusion, slurred speech, loss of vision and severe headache, you need to consult your doctor immediately. Since there may several causes responsible for developing tingling fingers, your doctor should first identify the underlying cause. Some people can apply the cream by name Capsaicin that gives hot sensation on the extremities and controls pain. In severe cases, antidepressant drugs like amitriptyline is given for managing pain sensations in the brain. In addition, some doctors suggest taking Trans-cutaneous electrical nerve stimulation therapy (TENS) for getting relief from symptoms. In case of nerve disorder, it can be treated with endoscopic nerve release and physical therapies. Gently massage your hands, fingers and toes to improve blood circulation and for stimulating nerve.
Il 55% di coloro che hanno avuto il trattamento con un cerotto di capsaicina all’8% hanno ottenuto un incremento del 30% del sollievo dal dolore rispetto a quelli che hanno usato pregabalin. La capsaicina molto presto diventera importante nella terapia per attenuare il dolore che insorge nei pazienti afflitti da diabete, herpes zoster, stati infiammatori e cancro. If you continue to use this website without changing your cookie settings or you click "Accept" below then you are consenting to this. Also, those who have weakened immune system, due to long term illness or medications are also at the risk of developing this condition. This condition is caused by the virus, varicella zoster, which also causes chicken pox. Actually, once a person has been infected by chicken pox, this virus goes to certain nerves of his body and lays in dormant or inactive stage for years. Once these rashes start appearing, accompanied with other symptoms, like fever, headache and a persistent sense of malaise, you should rush to see your dermatologist. Usually, this condition subsides in 2 to 4 weeks, but it is better to get treatment to reduce its severity and pain. OTC (over the counter) medicines like aspirin, acetaminophen and ibuprofen can be taken to reduce the pain in case, it is mild, but in severe cases, you may have to resolve to prescription drugs, like, morphine and other narcotics.

These anti-histamine tablets when taken orally, reduce the itching and same effect is derived from local application of anti-histamine creams and lotions over the skin having Shingles. These antibiotic lotions reduce the burning sensation and pain and promote drying of the blisters. Xylocaine or Lidocaine and nerve blocks are also applied externally, to reduce the pain and inflammation of infected parts. Patients can also take starch bath and colloidal oatmeal bath, which act as soothing agents for blisters, to get relief. These anti-viral drugs help fight against the virus that causes this condition and are quite successful in shortening the duration of infection.
It is a highly contagious disease, so you should keep your belongings to yourself and prevent direct physical contact with others. The most important step that should be taken in this regard is consulting your doctor, as soon as the symptoms start appearing, preferably within 24 hours. It is caused by nerve damage and is marked by loss of sensation on the affected fingers.Tingling fingers is indicative of abnormal condition like paresthesia.
It can also develop due to inflammation of the fingers, infection or due to injury.Tingling fingers and toes should never be ignored because it is indicative of serious disease. Many diabetic patients will experience tingling fingers because of nerve damage (neuropathy).B6 vitamin can cause neuropathy if it exceeds normal level which may lead to tingling of fingers. It can be because of nerve compression or numbness caused by blocked blood-flow in the thumb or little finger. Lo studio ha inoltre evidenziato la maggiore velocita del trattamento con la capsaicina, che ha cominciato ad agire dopo appena una settimana, mentre per il Lyrica ci sono voluti almeno 36 giorni. CREATIVE COMMONS LICENSE 2.5 - Condividi liberamente senza modificare, citando sempre chi e autore. The external dust particles can make the condition worse and elongate the process of healing, so maintain your personal hygiene. The person affected by this disorder will feel burning sensation or prickling sensation in the fingers like pins and needles. In case of nerve pain, medicines such as topiramate, pregabalin, carbamazepine and phenytoin are prescribed.
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