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Kamel Khalili, who led the research, said that the findings are important on multiple levels as they demonstrate the effectiveness of the gene editing system in eliminating HIV from the DNA of CD4 T-cells and by introducing mutations in the viral genome, permanently inactivating its replication.
Khalili added that the study shows that the system can protect cells from reinfection and that the technology is safe for the cells, with no toxic effects. He noted that these experiments had not been performed previously to this extent, but the questions they address are critical and the results allow them to move ahead with this technology. While the experiments have so far only been carried out in human cells in the lab, clinical trials on humans could begin within three years, The Telegraph reported. According to Danish scientists from the Aarhus University Hospital, a cure is in the works and may debut in about four months. The cure entails the removal of HIV from DNA by forcing it to come onto the surface of cells.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. Giving drugs within hours of HIV infection is not a cure, say doctors treating a baby in Milan, Italy.The newborn infant cleared the virus from their bloodstream, but HIV re-emerged soon after antiretroviral treatment stopped. However, antiretrovirals merely clear the virus from the bloodstream leaving reservoirs of HIV in other organs untouched.
Shia Muslim activists who occupied Iraq's parliament on Saturday begin to leave Baghdad's government district after a call by their leaders. Jumoke Akinrodoye came to the United States last year from Nigeria specifically to give birth. For permission requests, contact author.If permission is given, provide credit to the author, do not alter the content and backlink to the original post.

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HIV babyDoctors at the University of Milan and the Don Gnocchi Foundation in the city have reported a case, in the Lancet medical journal, of a baby born to a mother with HIV in 2009. If your comment pertains to the posting and is free of ad hominem and vulgarity, rest assured it will be posted. Drug treatment started shortly after birth and the virus rapidly disappeared from the bloodstream.

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