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Two 4? adjustable soft foam MyoBalls provide a nice rolling massage to any part of the body.
Upon completion of the course material in the manual you have up to 1 year to apply for certification. Classroom CourseAttend classes at the American Institute of the Healing Arts (formerly the Claremont Healing Arts Center).
Your interest in wholistic health is part of a burgeoning, ever more visible mainstream that has begun to shake the very foundation of the American health care system as we know it. As wholistic health care professionals, we will do more than simply identify and treat a specific ailment.
At Wholistic Healing Arts, patients are not passive recipients of health care who are treated and sent home to continue the same destructive lifestyle patterns as before. We at Wholistic Healing Arts thank you for your interest and look forward to working with you on your journey to better health, and invite you to visit us at our clinic in Huntington, New York.
Hold the trigger point handles to use it like a rolling pin, or just lay on the FibroRoller and relieve back and neck pain. The book course guides you through various exercises step-by-step hands on healing techniques and tests to be documented for submission.

Our mission and aim is to educate and promote healing of others through alternative and complementary medicine. Wholistic medicine treats the entire family - from pediatrics, to adolescent health care, to allergy control, to pain management, to wholistic geriatrics - all with minimally invasive, natural approaches. We are trained to look at the various aspects of your lifestyle and health issues and to design a course of treatment to help you feel your best.
Ivy is a Life Integration Therapist, whose passion is to empower all of humanity to live a life of less stress, more purpose, joy, harmony, abundance and overall satisfaction.  She welcomes you into her world of Inner Peace and Emotional Blance, a sacred place for self empowerment and spiritual enlightenment. Click here to view the Table of Contents for a complete listing of all the topics covered in the course. After a combined forty years in the field of wholistic health, we have finally begun to see that the American consciousness is awakening. Whatever your reason for seeking treatment at Wholistic Healing Arts, you can feel assured that your care is resting in the hands of two of the country's most experienced and professional practitioners in their fields. Wholistic health is also concerned not just with the absence of disease but with a positive state of being. Patients are encouraged to be responsible for the daily care of their health through diet, exercise, lifestyle and attitudes about what constitutes wellness.

The philosophy of Wholistic Healing Arts focuses on teamwork - we offer our patients a truly integrated, multi-disciplinary wholistic approach to health care.
We combine the wisdom, traditions and disciplines of Eastern healing arts with the advances of modern Western medicine to achieve this ideal.
We support our patients every step of the way, helping them to make appropriate choices and to take responsibility for their well-being. Many disillusioned individuals are looking beyond a western medical system that relies heavily on invasive treatments like surgery and medications with many possible side effects, and are looking to replace or complement this approach with wholistic medicine and modalities.
Here you will meet caring and highly qualified health care practitioners who offer you a gentle and completely individualized approach to reaching your optimum level of wellness.

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