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Thyroid-related problems—both an under-active or over-active thyroid- can impact your energy levels, fertility, mood, weight, sexual interest and ability to think clearly. First of all, what is naturopathic medicine?  Naturopathic medicine is a holistic and natural approach to healing.  In naturopathic medicine, we use a holistic—a whole-person—approach to healing. When a wholistic, naturopathic physician is treating an individual with a thyroid disorder, they see a whole person in front of them and not just a thyroid gland! The thyroid gland plays a central role in maintaining energy levels, temperature, weight, clear thinking, the sensitivity of the body to other hormones and the synthesis of proteins.  It is located at the base of the neck and wraps around the front of the neck.
The most common form of hypothyroid is Hashimoto’s thyroiditis -an autoimmune disorder where the body is producing antibodies to the thyroid and leads to decreased production of thyroid hormones.  The most common cause of hyperthyroid is Graves’ disease—this is also an autoimmune disorder, but in Graves’ disease, the antibodies stimulate thyroid hormone production and you get too much. Minimize stress: Techniques used to modify stress include deep breathing exercises, yoga, tai chi, and biofeedback. If you are hypothyroid, avoid or limit certain foods that can affect the thyroid (goitrogens) such as cabbage, turnips, Brussels sprouts, rutabagas, broccoli, cauliflower and bok choy. Only use these botanicals with the advice of a qualified naturopathic physician.  Even natural products can cause harm if used incorrectly! The thyroid gland affects blood sugar and fatigue, among other body systems—it is important to remember, whether your thyroid is under or over-active, to make sure you are taking care of your whole body! It is also important to remember that many other chronic disorders may affect the thyroid as well. Karpathios T, Zervoudakis A, Theodoridis C, et al: httpMercury vapor poisoning associated with hyperthyroidism in a child.
Trivalle C, Doucet J, Chassagne P, et al: Differences in the signs and symptoms of hyperthyroidsim in older and younger patients. Benvenga S, Lakshmanan M, Trimarchi F: httpCarnitine is a naturally occurring inhibitor of thyroid hormone nuclear uptake. Diagnosis of overactive thyroid (Grave's disease) quickly leads to treatment with radioactive iodine to destroy the gland. Find health and lifestyle advices & Get answers!Share real-life experiences with more than 250,000 community members!
Pimple-like Bumps on Penis and Testicles Consequences Of Over-masturbation Implantation bleeding or period? It is estimated that in America, 90% of hypothyroid cases are caused by an auto-immune disorder called Hashimoto’s. The problem is that Hashimoto’s is a immune system dysfunction that leads to the hypothyroidism. We incorporate functional medicine with oriental medicine at The Holistic Wellness Center of the Carolinas and use different lab ranges then mainstream medicine. With any auto-immune disorder, one side of the immune system is polarized and hyper-functioning.
These same principles discussed above can be applied to many auto-immune disorders, as the underlying cause is a dysfunctional immune system. Using functional endocrine markers with a complete thyroid panel (which includes more thyroid markers than is tested for in conventional medicine) will tell us how the thyroid, pituitary gland, and liver are functioning, thus acting as a vital diagnostic test for other endocrine disorders from infertility to dysmenorrhea.
If you would like to discuss your case with us prior to making an initial consult you can book a complimentary 15m appointment at our clinic by clicking here. The Holistic Wellness Center's holistic practitioners utilize research based functional and holistic medicine. This practical troubleshooting guide addresses all thyroid disorders, including under active, over active, goitre, thyroid nodules, thyroid cancer, and disorders leading to infertility. Friday Harbor Holistic Health Friday Harbor Holistic Health is a clinic in Friday Harbor on San Juan Island.
Acupuncture as we know it today derives from ancient Chinese medicine, and from such texts as the Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Medicine (attributed to the Emperor Huang Di in the mid 3rd millenium BC) and the Nan Jing (25-220 CE).
Acupuncture is a component of Oriental medicine that combines with herbs and other therapies to treat internal medicine problems. Acupuncture really does not treat the physical body, it treats the energy flowing through the body, or the “energy body”. Because the needles themselves are simply crude devices customarily used to influence energy flows.

Most people assume that the energy channels spoken of in Chinese medicine run exclusively within the physical body. The patient will experience strong energy flows through their body, or else will fall into a state of deep relaxation (a theta or delta wave state).
This kind of acupuncture (Vibropuncture) also stimulates the electromagnetic field around the human body where the chakras and other subtle organs are located. Can be used as part of a combination protocol along with our herbal, nutrient, or FIR therapies.
What happens when it doesn’t work as it is meant to?  What is naturopathic medicine and what does it have to offer over conventional medicine? This article, for example, will examine problems related to the thyroid gland, a gland that is very important in overall health and well-being, and look at dietary, supplemental and herbal approaches.
A naturopathic physician will be very interested in prevention and will use primarily natural, holistic methods to treat thyroid disorders and will treat you with vitamins, supplements, diet, lifestyle changes and bio-identical hormone replacements rather than only with prescription drugs.  Naturopaths will also use certain drugs in the treatment of some thyroid disorders, but with the goal of minimizing the drugs used and maintaining thyroid function as much as possible. The two conditions that affect the thyroid are hypothyroid (an UNDERactive thyroid) and hyperthyroid (an OVERactive thyroid). Some thyroid disorders occur after or during pregnancy, after viral or bacterial infections or after long periods of stress . Also, if a patient has an objection to animal products or religious objections to pork products, this is a good solution. These are bio-identical thyroid hormones, generally derived from dried pig thyroids.  The advantage with these is that they contain the T3 and T4 in normal, physiologic ratios. Also, lab values should only be a guideline-I always tell my patients that how they feel is more important than the lab numbers. Diagnosis of underactive thyroid (hypothyroidism) quickly leads to thyroid hormone replacement. Most of these cases go undiagnosed because mainstream medicine does not treat Hashimoto’s. Until the immune system is treated, there will be a continuance of fluctuating thyroid symptoms and a constant battle to regulate TSH levels. It could be various allergies, infections (Viral or bacterial), reactions to chemicals or heavy metals, stress or blood sugar issues. Once the gluten molecules enter through the tight junctions in the gut and trigger an immune reaction, the immune system then looks through-out the body for other possible molecules which are similar – one of which is the Thyroid gland. Furthermore, he empowers his patients with knowledge so they can handle their condition indefinitely through dietary and lifestyle changes. We offer many services such as Lab work, Injections, Supplementation, Herbology, Acupuncture and support for auto-immune disorders, Diabetes, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and more. Patients will discover that thyroid conditions are most often caused by immune system disorders, and armed with this knowledge they can seek out the most appropriate treatments. Sandra Cabot is the author of over twenty books on health including the famous Liver Cleansing Diet book, which has sold over two million copies and is translated into six languages. In ancient India and in its medical system of Ayurveda, energy points were also discovered all over the body and these were called marmas. At Eclectic Healing Arts, we have developed a needle-free, non-contact form of acupuncture called Vibropuncture. These energy flows can be more effectively guided from outside the body at precise locations using precious metals, meteorites or crystal rods. Often eye movements, puffs of breath out the mouth or muscular spasms will indicate areas of inner tension being released. It penetrates more profoundly into the body-mind, accessing parts of the self coded into the chakras. There is a compatability with advanced Reiki, Pranic Healing, Quantum Touch, Reconnective Healing, Universal Lattice Calibration and other forms of subtle energy medicine. Theoretical physics has incorporated the principles of non-locality and entanglement theory into its post-quantum paradigm.
These are the types of questions you may be asking, and these are the types of questions that will be answered in this article. A naturopath will also be interested in maximizing your overall health while working to improve your thyroid function and finding, if possible, the cause of the problem.

Both hypo- and hyper-thyroid occurs predominantly in women starting at the ages of 30-40.  Some cases of Graves’ disease have been associated with heavy metals  and prescription drugs. Thyrolar is a synthetic product, but its main advantage is that it contains T3 and T4 in a 1:4 ratio, about the same ratio found in patients with a normal thyroid.
Since there is no treatment for Hashimoto’s, doctors will often not run antibody testing, leaving many patients diagnosed with simply hypothyroidism. The fluctuating thyroid lab ranges are instigated by the immune system, which attacks the thyroid and releases high levels of thyroid hormones into the blood.
This is important due to the millions of Americans having lab work performed, still suffering with symptoms, but falling between the large ranges used in conventional medicine. TH1 cells are the NK cells, cytotoxic t-cells and macrophages; TH2 cells are all the B-cells, which identify pathogens.
She graduated with honors in medicine and surgery in 1975 from Adelaide University, South Australia. Just as Buddhism spread from India through China and into other Asian countries, so did many medical and philosophical ideas. Actually, they also stream through a space outsidethe immediate physical body in the adjacent electromagnetic field, or aura. There is ongoing research into the phenomenology of consciousness and intention as it pertains to physical reality.
That cause may be stress, poor nutrition, a tendency towards inflammatory conditions or some other cause.
Including illuminating case histories, a special section for pregnant women, and an essential eating and nutrition plan, this is an authoritative manual for total thyroid health. During the 1980s, she spent considerable time working in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology in a large missionary hospital in the Himalayan foothills of India. The Japanese later developed their own schools of acupuncture based upon their own empirical experiences and interpretations of the classic texts. In effect, they exist in hyperspace, which means that acupuncture can even be performed at distances of thousands of miles, in real time and with immediate beneficial effects on the patient.
Research indicates roughly 35% of Hashimoto’s patients suffer with celiac disease and another 60% will be gliaden sensitive. She has lectured for the American Liver Foundation, the Primary Biliary Cirrhosis Society, and the Hepatitis C Council of Australia where she was the protagonist in the great debate Does the liver need a good cleanse?
Furthermore, depending on when you get your blood work you will see varying TSH and other thyroid hormone levels. At the Holistic Wellness Center, we know exactly what herbal immune tonics that stimulate TH1 and TH2 cells; thus, we are able to give the patient the opposite immune stimulants to balance out the immune polarity to reduce auto-immune flair ups.
There are many tests including blood and saliva testing which check for gluten intolerance.
This is a big difference and can help us identify thyroid patterns earlier in its progression. Furthermore, we know through years of research which supplements and herbs stimulate TH3 cells which balance out both TH1 and TH2 cells.
Alpha gliaden is only one of many varieties of gliaden’s that a patient could be allergic or sensitive to. Elimination diets must include all gluten cross-reactors until they are determined to be safe. All it takes for the immune system to identify another food or substance as the same as the original allergic substance is a 3 amino-acid chain. Foods such as dairy, corn, yeast, and oats which are popular on a gluten-free diet, fall under this category.

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