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Reading scholarly publications and new research about nursing is an important way for nurses at any stage of their career to keep up with the quickly transforming field.
Any nurse can find something of interest in these broadly applicable journals concentrating on everything from nursing education to clinical simulation, residential care, and other areas that RNs, LPNs, and other nurses with a Bachelor of Science are likely to work in. The Open Nursing Journal is an Open-Access online journal with articles, reviews, and letters spanning the entire nursing field. The International Journal of Nursing is a periodical that publishes articles centered around research and scholarship about health care delivery, management, workforce, and policy relevant to nursing. MEDSURG Nursing is a bi-monthly publication that features a variety of content with a focus on the obstacles that surgical nurses typically face. Applied Nursing Research provides plenty of examples on how theoretical nursing practices can be implemented and change the face of nursing.
The Nursing and Residential Care Journal is for professionals working in long-term care institutions, such as hospice or retirement homes. The British Journal of Nursing it the only daily journal for professional nurses in the United Kingdom and focuses on quality content to advance the professional in a productive manner.
The British Journal of Community Nursing is a monthly journal and is the only one that covers nursing from the home.
Nursing Times is a site dense with information for nurses, including sections on nursing practice, educational tips, information for nursing students, and even a section to help secure a job. Clinical Simulation in Nursing provides quality articles on how to improve nursing practice through the use of clinical simulations and educational tools. The Journal of Holistic Nursing is a peer-reviewed quarterly journal that focuses on western medicine, but with an influence of holistic conceptions. Holistic Nurse Online Magazine provides personal stories for growth, inspiration, and community for nurses. Nurse Educator is for faculty and administrators of schools of nursing and gives information pertaining to theories and practice of an education in nursing. The Internet Journal of Advanced Nursing Practice is a peer-reviewed journal that helps RNs and above with advice on how to be a successful nurse in the fields they are in.
The Journal of Advanced Nursing is a great tool for gaining a further understanding of complex nursing issues and their effects on the state of healthcare and practice.
The Online Journal of Issues in Nursing is run by the American Nurses Association and highlights the obstacles nurses many times must overcome. Evidence-Based Nursing is a quarterly publication that selects health-related literature research studies and reviews that report important advancements that help foster better nursing practices.
American Nurse Today is a monthly magazine that publishes on ways to continue education, work on your career as well as a comprehensive blog, eNewsletter, and quality articles on how to be a better nurse.
Evidence-Based Nursing is published quarterly and studies and reviews important advances to promote better nursing practice.
Journal of Nursing Scholarship looks at worldwide health and is the official journal of the Honor Society of Nursing and represents the society’s goal of improving nursing care across the globe.
Advances in Nursing Science is an innovative journal that is constantly presenting cutting-edge, stimulating breakthroughs in nursing. The American Nurse is the official publication of the American Nurses Association and has numerous sections from voices spanning the nursing community.
Nation Nurse Magazine is run by National Nurses United and covers their upcoming events and activities, along with nursing news and analysis on the current state of affairs in nursing. John Hopkins Nursing Magazine is operated by John Hopkins University School of Nursing and covers all the latest happenings in the nursing community from an educational perspective.
The Journal of Mixed Methods Research publishes articles on theoretical methods of practice across social, behavioral, health, and human sciences. Nursing Research and Practice focuses on content for researching nurses and those who work in theoretical practice. The Journal of Nursing Research looks at nursing practices in Taiwan and contemporary issues through in-depth articles. The Western Journal of Nursing Research is published twice a quarter and is an engaging resource for nurse researchers, students, as well as clinical practitioners, to have a forum for discussing issues in a scholarly manner. School Nurse News helps meet the needs that school nurses have for a publication with content devoted to addressing the issues faced many times in no other place outside of schools. The Oregon State Board of Nursing runs The Sentinel, a journal that reaffirms their commitment to public health and outreach for improving nursing education.
Wound Care Advisor is a journal devoted to detailing different methods of dressing wounds and how to dress a variety of wounds.
Journal of Wound Care is the leading source on tissue viability research, along with clinical information.
ISRN Nursing is a peer-reviewed, open access journal run by a large, international editorial board. Journal of Palliative Medicine covers medical, psychosocial, policy, and legal issues associated with end-of-life care, as well as how to assist patients with intractable pain. Nurses working with patients suffering from cancer may have a different relationship with their patients because of the drawn out nature of many cancer treatments, and the strain on the patient and patient’s family. The Clinical Journal of Oncology Nursing devotes all of their articles to promoting the advancement of cancer research and care.
Cancer Nursing focuses on the expanding field of Cancer Care and presents different approaches for nurses concerning a variety of areas related to cancer, even how to help families and mental obstacles cancer can impose.
Oncology Nursing Forum focuses on many different areas within cancer to give nurses all the tools needed to best assist in quality care. Journal of Gynecologic Oncology Nursing focuses their content on gynecologic nursing problems and is a source for news on the topic. CURE is a magazine devoted to cancer research and aims to take the complexity of different cancer topics and make them more understandable for the average person. Oncology Nurse Advisor is loaded with quality articles for assisting nurses who work in the difficult area of cancer care.
These journals concentrate on issues that will affect nurse practitioners, a growing class of nurses with more autonomy than RNs, and the ability to fill some of the need for primary care that is increasing too fast for physicians to meet on their own.

The Journal for Nurse Practitioners helps shape policy and improves practice in a variety of engaging ways. The American Journal for Nurse Practitioners helps deal with a variety of clinical challenges that may arise for nurse practitioners working as primary care providers or in a hospital or clinic. The Journal of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners publishes articles focused on clinical practice, clinical management, education, research, health policy, among other issues affecting Nurse Practitioners and other health care providers. The Clinical Advisor gives valuable advice for nurse practitioners that highlights the difficulties typically faced. Advance for NPs & PAs is a monthly journal with content designed for Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants in America. Nurse leadership and nursing workplace journals are applicable especially to nurses in leadership positions, from charge nurses to nurse managers and even service leaders who may not work as a nurse, but must manage a team of nurses. Nursing Administration Quarterly is a great source of resources pertaining to the administrative side of nursing. The Journal of Nursing Care Quality is a source for conveying the standards in nursing care and how the nursing world is working to make improvements. Nurse Leader publishes info on how to incorporate leadership tactics into nursing and make teamwork much more smooth and efficient in any nursing setting. The Journal for Nurses in Professional Development (JNPD) is a specialized source of information for nursing professional development (NPD) specialists in all healthcare settings.
The Online Journal of Nursing Informatics is an international publication, published for free, and looks at nursing informatics in all practice settings. Reflections on Nursing Leadership is a publication that publishes the accomplishments of nurses worldwide, so that the public may better understand the effectiveness of nurses in today’s healthcare environment.
Critical care nurses work with people who need immediate medical attention because of a life threatening injury or illness.
Critical Care Nurse focuses their content on high acuity, progressive, and critical care nurses to ensure they have the resources to improve quality in their respective field. The American Journal of Critical Care is a publication of the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses and focuses content on improving critical care practice. Crit-Nurse is a journal centered around all issues related to critical care and how to tackle them.
Critical Care Nursing Quarterly gives pratice-oriented information to help continue the education of critical care nurses. Critical-Care Research and Practice looks at different areas of critical care and provides in-depth analysis and commentary. International Emergency Nursing Journal delivers content that is peer-reviewed and concerned with nurses dealing with emergency care. The Journal of Emergency Nursing is the official journal of the Emergency Nurses Association and typically covers issues that emergency nurses face on a common basis. The Journal of Trauma Nursing is run by the Society of Trauma Nurses and is a peer-reviewed source for articles that will become standard care for trauma patients. There are so many specialized niches in nursing, and so many journals covering each one, that it would be impossible to list them all here. The Journal of Gerontological Nursing covers clinical articles relevant to gerontological nursing. The Journal of Infusion Nursing is published by the Infusion Nurses Society and presents new research, clinical reviews, case studies, along with information on developing professionally in the practice of infusion therapy.
The International Journal of Mental Health Nursing is an important resource because of the rapid growth the mental health field is seeing right now. Issues in Mental Health Nursing has an aim of expanding the amount of knowledge available on topics concerning psychiatric and mental health. Minority Nurse Magazine ensures that the content they provide covers a more reflective picture of the nursing community, so incorporates many different perspectives from diverse backgrounds.
The Journal of Neonatal Nursing is published bimonthly and covers professionals caring for neonates and their families. The National Association of Neonatal Nurses publishes NAAN Central, which is composed of tips, breakthroughs in the field, upcoming conferences, along with educational information, and news.
The American Nephrology Nurses’ Association publishes a bi-monthly nursing journal that highlights different outbreaks currently circulating, on-the-job tips, and much more information very integral to being a nurse. The Canadian Journal of Neuroscience is published by the Canadian Association of Neuroscience Nurses and publishes the latest news, career advice, and educational tips for nurses working in the field of neuroscience.
International Journal of Ophthalmic Practice is a bi-monthly journal that focuses on the role of nurses, orthoptists, and other professionals in ophthalmology. The International Journal of Palliative Nursing focuses content on palliative and hospice care since 1995. The Journal of Hospice and Palliative Nursing helps those working in the field with common issues and how to deal with complex obstacles when working in hospice care. Pediatric Nursing is focused on the care of children and many of the difficulties that must be taken into account when working with children.
The Journal of Pediatric Nursing chronicles the different issues and breakthroughs in the field of pediatric care and medicine.
Perinatal & Neonatal Nursing advocates for the practice of evidence-based perinatal and neonatal nursing through many different peer-reviewed articles.
AORN Journal is designed for nurses working in the operating room or other services relevant and their information is based only on scientific fact. Plastic Surgical Nursing is the official journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgical Nurses and provides a wealth of information on a bi-monthly basis that is pertinent to nurses currently working in the field. Archives of Psychiatric Nursing is a peer-reviewed journal that promotes the spread of information concerning psychiatric and mental health care nurses. The Journal of Community Nursing is a resource for those nurses who handle areas such as wound care, lymphoedema, dermatology, and continence. Public Health Nursing publishes many different case reports that analyze different developments in the nursing field and they also print articles on practice, education of public health nurses, theory development, as well as legal, ethical, and public policy issues in public health. Journal of Addictions Nursing is a crucial resource for those who work in rehabilitation or work with those battling addiction.

Bariatric Surgical Patient Care highlights issues commonly seen, along with clinical research, protocols, and practical tools for improving bariatric surgical patients. The British Journal of Cardiac Nursing is focused exclusively on nurses working in cardiovascular care and equips them with the resources needed to ensure optimal results in the field.
Gastrointestinal Nursing is a publication devoted to gastroenterology and stoma care and is the only one to focus specifically on essential readings for gastrointestinal nurses. Family & Community Health is a journal about health promotion and maintenance, which emphasizes prevention over treatment and offers articles on everything from how communities learn good hand-washing protocol to diabetes prevention.
The International Journal of Nursing in Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities helps nurses in the field with quality advice on helping those with disabilities. The Journal of Renal Nursing is a bimonthly publication, launched in 2009, that provides top tier content for nurses and healthcare professionals working in renal care. LPNtoBSNonline.org BlogFollow our blogger, Keith Carlson, RN, as he explores nursing education, career management, and job burnout prevention.
There are hundreds of nursing journals that cater to every possible nursing specialty, and some that are more general and relevant to nurses in every niche. Additionally, it informs of breakthroughs and interesting developments in the surgical community. The journal covers typical nursing topics, along with some of the more unique circumstances presented from working in a home.
The articles help give valuable advice to nurses currently practicing and a plethora of go-to resources. Using Twitter for the latest postings, they also categorize many of their articles to cover a wide range of subjects.
The journal presents alternative clinical practices, along with communicating nursing practice research.
Themes often covered include stress management for nurses, self-care, energy healing, age and life transitions, among others. It’s a peer-reviewed, bimonthly journal and informs nurses about the best practices while providing a great environment for a forum and to promote communication within the nursing community. Some subjects included are policies, procedures, curriculum, course, and faculty development, instructional methods and materials, and more. Book series and provides useful nursing information in a playful, fun way that is more intuitive to remembering. As one of the largest nursing journals in the world, content typically published covers a middle ground of policy and clinical work.
The journal aims to find the best methods of original research and reviews quality articles for improving health problems relevant to nursing. Each issue focuses on one research topic and delves into the various implications associated with upcoming advancements in the field. They cover a wide range of subjects, such as acute wounds, maggot therapy, leg ulcers, and diabetic feet. It has been around since 1992 and has content designed for nurses, doctors, and researchers. Cancer treatment is also the focus of a great deal of research and a nurse working with oncologists needs to keep up with new research in the field. Articles typically explain the complexities in treating cancer patients and the implications of work currently being done in the field. The journal aims to better educate people in gynecologic nursing and promote better means of communication among gynecologic nurses. Through informative articles and advice on how to cope with the stresses of the job, it’s a great resource for any nurse practitioner.
It was launched in 2010 to assist Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants with different challenges they will face in the rapidly changing world of healthcare reform. They provide news articles, a feed from the Nurse Practitioners Communications Network, a Top Articles section, along with columns, upcoming meetings, and other great resources.
These journals are not only about leadership in employment situations, but in the broader nursing community. The periodical aims to give nurses access to higher quality resources online through a variety of dedicated authors. The primary goal of critical care and emergency nurses is to stabilize a patient and get them past the initial threat of death or serious harm so that other doctors and nurses have time to treat them and bring them back to full health. Additionally, they provide up-to-date news and serve as the grounds for discussing different issues in the critical care nursing community. They have information from practitioners worldwide to promote a reader-base that spans the globe. The journal underlines the importance of trauma nurses in healthcare and provides a forum for discussing various healthcare legislation.
These journals cover everything from renal nursing to neurology, mental health nursing, and wound management. The journal tackles difficult issues and explains how to care for patients in increasingly difficult situations. Content promotes practice, management, education, and health promotion skills that are essential to the profession. They provide up-to-date information on clinical trends, health policy updates, and breaking news on drugs, devices, and complementary therapies. Reading a broad range of journals and publications on nursing is a great way for students to choose their eventual area of specialization as well.
Those who write and edit research papers on nursing are thought leaders themselves, and those who organize nursing organizations and associations have a great deal of power and responsibility to steer the profession in the right direction. By following the research trends and innovations in various fields, a student can see which specialties have the most interest and growth potential for them.

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