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If you have tried to improve your diet and lifestyle but are not seeing the health results going Paleo may be the answer. I know many people are either confused or frightened by what they have read about what a Paleo way of eating actually is – I certainly was! Paleo Shift teaches you how to find the degree of Paleo Lifestyle that is right for you and only you! Paleo Shift is a four-month program that helps you transition to an ancestral way of eating in graduated steps. I know from experience that making changes and adopting a new lifestyle can be a challenge for most people so I designed my program to ease you from one transitional step in the process to the next so you don’t feel deprived and aren’t confused about what to eat during each stage. If you have tried unsuccessfully to change your diet or are just plain confused about what to do next, Paleo might be worth a try. Disclaimer: The materials and views presented here are not intended as diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure for any disease, mental or physical, and are not intended as a substitute for regular medical care. Natural skin care, natural hair care, natural bath and body, natural baby and child, natural cosmetics, elephant dung paper, natural home and laundry care and more for sale. The square foot gardening foundation is a non profit foundation dedicated to ending world hunger. Handmade natural soap, no artificial colors, local and organic ingredients, recycled and re-used packaging, all contents disclosed. Living Holistically means incorporating all aspects of yourself--your mind, body, spirit, community and environment.
An artist at heart, Cindy loves to use her creative powers to find solutions for life's obstacles. To Be Nourished Nutrition and Wellness uses a holistic approach to help you reach your health, wellness, and lifestyle goals through whole foods nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle guidance.

Through proper guidance, coaching, and inspiration you will begin a journey to discovering a happier, healthier you in a way that is flexible, fun and rewarding.
After all, what good is any way of eating is it is not realistic, individualized or sustainable for you?  I call this more traditional way of eating a Paleo Shift because it eases you into making healthier food choices that work for your lifestyle instead of being based on someone else list  of perfect foods.
This program is specifically designed to uncover what degree of Paleo is right for you so you can adjust to each transitional step effectively and maintain a healthy Paleo Lifestyle. And even if you’re still on the fence, remember that transitioning is the key to being successful at any of the changes in your life you want to make.
Nor is any claim made to diagnosis, treatment, prescribe or cure for any disease, mental or physical, and as such is not intended as a substitute for regular medical care. Puresha sources their luxury organic skincare from carbon neutral, eco-friendly products and fairtrade companies.
A Certified Nutritional Practitioner, knowledgeable and kind, Cindy's approach to nutritional consulting includes getting to know your personality, evaluating your symptoms and clarifying your health goals. Axe has had a long and successful career as a physician, prolific writer and public speaker.
Axe will be speaking on a€?Why Leaky Gut Causes Tooth Decay and 5 Ways to Cure Ita€? at this year’s Holistic Oral Health Summit.
Axe’s presentation will examine the link between an unhealthy oral dental microbiome and a host of ailments. Instead of creating restrictive lists that define good or bad foods, To Be Nourished will provide the necessary tools and empower you to become your very own health advocate. Always consult with your personal physician before beginning any new program or making any changes on your own.
Cindy takes her role as Healer seriously, and believes all solutions can have an element of fun!

After studying the complexity of health and human body with great focus on the digestive system, Cindy was delighted and excited by the simplicity of the Bach Flower Essences.
He received his doctorate in chiropractic from the Palmer College ofA Chiropractic, and is a certified nutrition specialist from the American College of Nutrition. During his time working with the Wellness Advisory Council and professional swim teams, Dr. The event will run from from September 28 through October 5, and can be accessed online for free. Cindy had heard of these remedies from other healers in the past but didn't take flower essences seriously until she came across them in the Herbal Medicine course notes at IHN.
Axe provided nutritional advice to several professional athletes, including Ryan Lochte and Peter Vanderkaay.
He has written several books and programs including The Real Food Diet Cookbook, The Secret Detox and Healing Leaky Gut.
Bach, an imaginative thinker with a passion for the healing powers of nature, saw emotions as being linked to physical disease and created flower essences to treat the whole person and not the symptoms of disease alone. This intrigued Cindy as she has always had a keen interest in what makes people unique; she spent several years studying psychology with the ultimate goal of being able to help others be at peace with and within themselves.
If genetics strongly influence how a person looks, then why do some siblings look nothing alike and how can unrelated strangers appear nearly identical? Cindy began teaching herself the art of face reading and while studying she came across facial diagnosis and cell salt deficiencies.

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