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If left untreated, canine worms may cause severe weight loss, vomiting, coughing, low energy, dull coat, and skin irritations. This all natural product features a unique combination of herbs that help prevent canine worms and keep the GI tract clean and healthy. Key ingredients include pumpkin seed, slippery elm bark, fennel seed, thyme, ginger, pomegranate fruit, and propolis. GI CleanUp Gold is made with powerful herbs that strengthen the immune system and enhance the absorption of nutrients.
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Do you have a dog that often gets jumpy, nervous or maybe high strung around other people or pets? Maybe your dog shakes a lot, or gets very stressed out when you leave him or her alone for a long time.
If so there are great all natural, holistic and herbal dog anxiety remedies out there, like Anxietrex. In fact it’s a lot more gentle than strong chemical anxiety pills and as such has no side effects whatsoever.
Pink eye, or Conjunctivitis in dogs symptoms and best treatment productsPink eye in dogs, otherwise known in clinical terms as conjunctivitis, is common.
Dog pink eye is an inflammation of the membrane that covers the back of the eyelids and around the whites of the eye.
In most cases dog pink eye treatment is easy with one of the common online products you can find here. For infections Terramycin from Healthy Pets is a good dog conjunctivitis treatment, while their Vetericyn pink eye spray is easy to apply and kills bacteria and viruses.
Nettle-Eyebright Gold for pink eye Nettle-Eyebright Gold, all natural dog pink eye treatmentClick here for all natural herbal Nettle-Eyebright Gold dog pink eye remedy today! Vetericyn pink eye spray for dogsVetericyn Pink Eye Spray for dogs, conjunctivitis treatmentClick here to buy and learn more about Vetericyn pink eye spray now! If your dog has pink eye due to an infection or virus, Vetericyn pink eye spray is the best thing online. Treatment of dog pink eye and best conjunctivitis products to useDog pink eye treatments, conjunctivitis treatmentTreating dog pink eye is often a simple matter, however it depends on what is causing it. When a dog has conjunctivitis, or pink eye, the membrane that coats the back of the eyelid and whites of the eyes becomes irritated. All natural, holistic dog treatment remedies from Pet WellbeingHolistic, all natural herbal dog treatment remediesBesides making holistic dog pink eye herbal treatments, Pet Wellbeing also makes a full line of all natural herbal dog remedies. You can find an all natural treatment formula for the most common dog diseases and problems.
Common questions and answers about dog pink eye symptoms and treatmentQuestions and answers about dog pink eyeI thought I'd make a page about the most common questions people have about dog pink eye and give the answers to them. Vetericyn dog pink eye spray Made by the folks at Healthy Pets, this dog conjunctivitis spray has powerful ingredients to kill bacteria, fungus and viruses in the eye. Return to top of pageCopyright 2011 Dog Pink Eye Treatment • Pink eye in dogs, otherwise known as Conjunctivitis in dogs can be serious.
A Natural Herbal Parasite Cleanse will effectively kill and eliminate parasites in the human body. The extended colon-parasite cleansing program is the most effective way to rid the body of intestinal parasites. A holistic colon parasite cleanse is necessary for removing the old, impacted poop lining your intestines. An acute parasite infection may involve abdominal distress with cramping, foul-smelling gas, and frequent diarrhea resulting in excessive fluid loss.
As the parasite infection moves into a chronic stage or as parasitic worms continue developing in the host's body, other symptoms appear. People are often misdiagnosed with the following diseases, when the true problem may be an underlying parasite infection.
For instance, roundworms can travel throughout the body and end up in the lungs, liver, and heart.
This image of a parasite infestation is a post-op picture of a section of resected bowel from a 5 year old child. Children under the age of five are especially susceptible to parasite infections since they explore by touching or putting things in their mouths. Children attending day-care centers, where parasite infections run rampant, are particularly vulnerable to giardia and cryptosporidium. If you consult a health professional about a possible parasite infection, be aware that there are conflicting opinions about the best way to detect eggs, cysts, or worm segments in stool samples.
Some parasites don't live in the intestines at all, but can be in the blood or other tissues. Many intestinal parasites won't show up in the stool because they are embedded in the intestinal mucosa.
Since the warning signs of a parasite infection can easily be confused with symptoms of other health conditions, a travel and lifestyle history should be part of the diagnostic protocol.
Her book will also provide much more detailed information on parasite diagnostic procedures, treatment, and prevention. Once the immediate crisis has been handled, consider also doing the more natural colon-parasite cleanse program.
It's also recommended that if one family member is infected with parasites, the whole family, including the pets, should do a parasite cleanse to avoid cross-contamination and reinfection.
Many parasitologists estimate that at least 50% of the US population has some type of parasitic disease.
My choice for a natural parasite cleanse is the same as for a colon cleanse, because the programs are all-inclusive.
The formula will also kill parasites outside of the intestines but, if you suspect other organs are involved, consult your personal health professional first.
There are many colon cleansing supplements available, however most products do not address both cleansing the colon and eliminating parasites.
Remember that a diet high in simple carbohydrates such as sugar, white flour products, and other processed foods will provide an environment where parasites can thrive.
Transmission of Parasites ~ How Do We Acquire Parasite Infections and What Are The Parasite Prevention Guidelines? We all want to believe that all dogs are friendly and obedient, but unfortunately there are dogs that are hostile, aggressive, and dangerous. Older dogs may also become more aggressive because they have more aches and pains in their bodies. Senior dogs with cognitive dysfunction may fail to recognize their own family members and friends, and may display aggressive behavior as a result.
If a dog is on a poor-quality diet, he may become aggressive because he is not getting the proper nutrition for his brain to function properly.

Undersocialized puppies and those who have had traumatic or fearful experiences during socialization period are more likely to develop fear- and aggression-related behavioral problems when they become adults.
Dogs that have been abused, punished excessively, or neglected in the past also tend to be aggressive. Sometimes, overly-active children with unpredictable behavior toward the dog may also trigger aggressive responses in the dog.
As well, improper training and inconsistent leadership can lead to dominance-related aggression in dogs.
Usually, the aggressive acts are directed toward one or several family members whom the dog regarded as "low-ranking" members in the pack.
If your dog sudddenly turns aggressive, especially if he starts snarling or growling at you while you are trying to pet or groom him, take him to the vet for a check-up. As mentioned above, his aggression may be due to pain caused by some sort of physical problems. If you have a dog that shows signs of aggression, you should make sure that you are feeding him food that is nutritive and wholesome. Sometimes dogs with behavioral problems have too much energy and they also want some badly needed human attention.
It is advisable to start a training program with a professional animal behaviorist - for both your dog and you! Many natural remedies, such as herbs, flower essences, and essential oils, can calm down an excitable and aggressive dog. If you have an aggressive dog with unpredictable behavior, it is advisable to keep him on a leash at all times, even at home. Also consider using a muzzle on your dog (especially when going outside or when you have company!). Until you receive professional help, avoid all interactions that trigger your dog's aggression. Even if your dog acts aggressively toward you or other family members, do not use physical punishment as this can only aggravate his aggressive behavior. Keep your dog confined in a separate room (especially when you have company or children are present).
Yeast infections affect many women; the Global Healing Center has assembled some of the most common yeast infection home remedies.
There are several great home solutions for treating hot spots on dogs: * Epsom salts are an ideal application for hot spots. Dog Cancer Prognosis, Treatments Conventional and Natural, Dog Cancer Case Studies with Positive Outcomes.
Yeast infections can be painful, even agonizing, but instant relief from a yeast infection is not currently possible. Information, holistic prevention & natural treatment of ear infections in dogs and cats. Dear Friend, This natural remedies web site is dedicated in helping you cure your infection without the use of drugs and medicines. Discover natural cures for yeast infection in dogs, an increasingly common pet health concern: skin, digestion etc.
The very popular dog pink eye treatment I highly recommend, and a highly effective dog diarrhea herbal treatment called BM Tone-Up Gold.
If your dog has kidney disease, Kidney Support Gold will help with kidney stones and kidney failure. For dog heart disease Young at Heart will Guard against canine heart parasites, is great for overall health and more. Dog cough medicine helps your dog with kennel cough, helps ease breathing, especially with short nose breeds and has natural anti-inflammatory action. Thyroid Silver supports healthy thyroid function in dogs, helps improve your dogs coat quality, encourages thyroid hormone production in your dog.
Pet Wellbeing has been making all natural dog remedies for years and has perfected just the right herbal ingredients in all these great treatments. So check out these great holistic dog treatment remedies for your pooch and see how well they work.
Cushing's Syndrome { Disease } is often a complex disease is terms of diagnosis and treatment for both vets and owners alike. If you can grasp the following points you will be well armed with the basics of the disease and in a good position to talk things over with your vet and make an informed joint decision as to the best way to treat your dog. The Basics : This disease is also called Hyperadrenocorticism and it's root cause is where the adrenal gland produces too much cortisone.
The Symptoms : While the symptoms can be variable but an owner may note lethargy, weakness, increased thirst, increased appetite, a distended abdomen and areas of hair loss and sparse coat and calcium deposits in the skin.
The Diagnosis : Diagnosis can be difficult to due to the nature of this disease and there is no one precise definitive test but a vet will normally take the clinical signs and the dog's age and breed into account in combination with various blood tests and laboratory tests. While interval and duration of treatments vary, the procedure generally lasts from 10 to 20 minutes, although a 1 hour appointment is initially scheduled to provide time for a comlete physical along with a thorough history. The good news is that there are several great all natural products on the market which can help prevent intestinal parasites.
GI CleanUp Gold will improve your dog’s overall health and maintain a healthy gastrointestinal tract. These plants contain active ingredients that support the body’s natural ability to get rid of worms.
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Natural remedies do take a bit longer to work, so it’s recommended to go with a 90 day program to see the best results. All their holistic pet products are in liquid form so it’s easy to give your pet the dose they need by dropper, in their food or drinking water.
You can view the ingredients of each product before you buy and they have an online chat line so you can ask them any questions you may have. It promotes calmness and balanced energy levels in your dog, eliminates mood swings, nervousness and un-natural fear, relieves stress and separation anxiety symptoms. It’s the best holistic, all natural formula in a liquid form you can find for dog anxiety. It is often caused by irritants, allergies, infections, injury of the eye or objects in the eye. Dog conjunctivitis symptoms include red or pink eyes, with tears or a discharge around the eyes.
Like Nettle-Eyebright Gold, an all natural herbal dog conjunctivitis eye drop remedy from Pet Wellbeing.
While dog pink eye can often be treated at home, if you see blood or a puncture in the eye seek veterinarian care immediately. That causes blood vessels in the membrane to break and swell, hence the pink color of the eye and why it's called pink eye.

However there are basically two different types: non-contagious eye injuries and contagious viruses and bacteria types. In fact all of their pet treatments are Doctor of Veterinary Medicine formulated using the highest grades of herbs and nothing more. They have a very loyal customer following and are so sure you will be happy, they have a 90 day money back guarantee!
This will ensure that every cycle of their development is impacted and the breeding ground is cleaned out. This will not only kill the worms and other parasites, it will eliminate the putrid environment where they thrive.
This acute reaction is often the result of infections from microscopic protozoa such as the giardia, cryptosporidium, or entamoeba organisms. Unfortunately, many of these symptoms mimic more common diseases and a diagnosis identifying a parasite infection may be overlooked. They produce varying symptoms depending on where they are in their cycle and their current location in the body. They mostly reside in the intestines and can grow to over a foot long, sometimes clumping together to create obstructions in the pancreatic and bile ducts, or blocking the intestinal tract.
More than 400 roundworms, Ascaris lumbricoides, were surgically removed from the intestine. Some children have a habit of eating dirt and grass and become infected via contaminated soil at home or in parks, schoolyards and playgrounds. Serious complications involving the eyes, spinal cord, brain, or other organs should be dealt with more aggressively in partnership with your personal health care professional. Medical treatment generally just focuses on the elimination of the parasites, without addressing the cleansing and healing of the intestines or the restoration of normal intestinal flora.
Louis Parish MD, an investigator for the Food and Drug Administration, reported that an estimated 20% of the world's population is infected by protozoa, the large majority without symptoms.
Both use the highest quality, all-natural non-GMO vegetarian ingredients in the most effective combinations. It's gentle and quite easy to do and you will not be running to the bathroom with diarrhea. If you have a chronic, persistent candida yeast infection (both intestinal or systemic), then use grapefruit seed extract (GSE) in addition to the colon-parasite cleanse. The scripts within this file all do something in the site, such as run your facebook or social widgets, Google analytics, fluid resizing and other functions. As time goes by, we are adding treatments of symptoms as sent in by our readers, or as discussed on the Holistic Dog List. Like pink eye, dog diarrhea, dog heart disease, dog liver disease, kidney disease and many more. Besides helping to maintain liver health in dogs, Milk Thistle will help your dogs health if on drugs for chemotherapy, heart worm prevention or pain medication. Nu-Pet wafers are full of grass greens high in vitamin C, iron, B12 and many more vitamins your dog needs. Echo Gold soothes the itch and pain, reduces the inflammation and guards against future ear infections. They don’t have any chemicals or additives that can hurt your pet or cause harsh side effects. Give your best friend safe, effective herbal treatments and leave all the harsh chemicals and side effects behind! It is this excess cortisone production which produces the symptoms and where the danger lies. These include the ACTH stimulation test, measurement of ACTH, the dexamethasone suppression test and many more. Adrenal dependent hyperadrenocorticism - Sometime surgery on the adrenal gland is possible, this is major surgery but if successful it can be curative, it is in fact rarely carried out. With the iatrogenic form you simply taper off and then stop the cortisone being given in drug form and formulate a different drug regime.
The holistic options - There are a number of alternative treatments out there which you will read about on the internet many of which may not be of much use, so beware! Other common symptoms include visible worms in fur, pot bellied appearance, and blood loss. Eye easy for dog pink eye from Pet Wellbeing is a holistic and all natural treatment for dog Conjunctivitis. A holistic approach to parasite elimination will facilitate a more complete rejuvenation and healing. If you're generally constipated, you'll be having more frequent bowel movements, but they will be soft-formed and without urgency.
It has a bitter taste and you may want to mix it with a few ounces of vegetable juice instead of water.
They are always happy to answer any questions you have; make sure you check out the user reviews! Blood Sugar Gold for dog diabetes Helps manage blood sugar levels, eye health, aids circulation and eases symptoms of dog diabetes. If your dog has been diagnosed with cancer, Life Gold helps promote better quality of life, supports the healing process and eases the pain. Agile Joints is an all-natural herbal tonic that calms join inflammation and other maladies of dog arthritis.
If your dog suffers separation anxiety, is hyperactive or for new puppies coping to a new home, Lesstress will calm them.
A range of conventional treatment is available but also consider your alternative and holistic treatment options.
It is more common in female dogs than males and usually affects older dogs, and while it can occur in any dog  it is statistically more likely in some breeds such as Poodles, Boxers and Dachshunds for example.
Where surgery is not possible for whatever reason then drugs such as Lysodren and Nizoral can help. However the one I have found most credible is the use of flaxseed lignans and melatonin for the treatment of Cushing's syndrome in dogs and there are studies which support it's efficacy. A positive response is often noticed within the first 3-4 treatments, sometimes earlier, depending upon the condition treated. Also try Terramycin for infections and Vetericyn pink eye spray, both from healthy pets and great dog Conjunctivitis treatments.
This is a disease which can be difficult to diagnose because of it's variable causes, gradual onset, often vague symptoms and problems related to the diagnostic tests which are used. This tumour produces too much adrenocorticotropic hormone { ACTH } this in turn affects the adrenal glands to produce too much cortisone.

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