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There are various ways which were taught when you were in school where in you can conserve the water such as rain water harvesting, constructing dams, etc.
Don’t take bath with shower because it uses 20-30 gallons a water at a time instead you can take bath with a single bucket.
So these are some of the ways using which you can prevent wasting of water and can conserve it for future purpose and hope you would also share it so more and more people would save water which will be helping us in future.
Well thought out plantings can cut your summer cooling and winter heating costs dramatically.
Replacing your old central air conditioner with a new ENERGY STAR® qualified model can reduce your cooling costs by 20%.
Modern washing machines use less water to get clothes just as clean, and spin faster, squeezing more water out and reducing drying time.
ENERGY STAR® qualified appliances use 10% to 50% less energy and water than standard models. Recycling two aluminum cans saves the amount of energy it takes to power a PC for one workday. Holiday lights using light-emitting diodes (LEDs) use one-tenth the energy of typical mini-lights and are cooler, which reduces fire risk. If you replace 25% of your lights in high-use areas with compact fluorescent light bulbs, you can save about 50% of your lighting energy bill. The clothes dryer uses more electricity than every appliance after the refrigerator, and costs about $85 to operate annually.

Water heating is the third largest energy expense in your home (after space heating and cooling). Switch off your second fridge, except when you really need it or get rid of it altogether and you may receive a rebate. Turn the tap off when you are brushing your teeth or shaving rather than leaving the tap on. Prevent taps from leaking by turning them off tightly and replacing washers as soon as they begin to leak. With the correct planning, plant selection, soil improvement and mulching you can create a garden that requires minimal water and maintenance. If this sector don’t get water in required proportion and on time then it will directly affect the food sector.
Here are a few tips from our Sustainability Captains to help you start living sustainably at home. You can also install flow restrictors or tap aerators to reduce your tap’s water use. The shower can be one of the biggest uses of water in your home, and easy to reduce using a water efficient showerhead.
Where can more energy be saved with simple changes?What low cost changes will be a good return on investment? Still in such high tech and modern generations people have to go far away to collect water for their daily uses.
While taking bath, brushing teeth, washing hands and clothes you should close the tap if not in use. Most are rated on a scale of A to G, the only exceptions are refrigeration products, which now go up to A++.

We have daily use of water in many ways such as Drinking, bathing, washing, agriculture, transportation, fire extinction etc.  There are almost all the places where water is required. While doing so count number in your head and then see how much water you save daily because your routine is same every day.
By law, retailers and manufacturers must display these labels on all new domestic appliances.
Buying a more efficient model doesn't mean you're losing out on performance, but it does mean it will be cheaper to run and better for everyone. The percentage of the fresh water access to people has been increased but as the use of it has increased we should conserve the water for our future. If in any hotel, waiter serves you water before you demand will be a crime and is liable of punishment. These is the first step towards water conservation which can be easily implemented and think of it how much water would be saved. Excess moisture in fridges will make the compressor work harder. Freezers should be filled as tightly as possible. Frozen produce already in the compartment will aid the freezing process of food introduced to the freezer. This enables foods introduced to the freezer to reach the desired temperature a lot quicker.

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