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Members of the Boise City Council are (back, L-R) council members TJ Thomson, Ben Quintana, Lauren McLean, Scot Ludwig (front, L-R) Council Pro Tem Elaine Clegg, Mayor David H.
The Mayor works full-time, managing the day-to-day operations of the City and providing leadership and policy direction to the City Council. The Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group (SMFG), as an integrated financial services group, offers its customers optimum financial products and services.
By offering a full range of payment methods through leveraging its variety of products, services and know-how throughout each business, Cedyna has forged its path as a finance company offering comprehensive payment solutions which no company offers. To cater for drastically changing business- and life-styles, we will constantly challenge ourselves to tap into new fields and develop new products and services. We believe that a credit card is not simply a means of payment, but also a marketing platform to offer lifestyle improvements to our customers by collaborating with our affiliated partners.
We constantly use our data mining techniques so that we can offer the products and services to each cardholder when they need it. Using big data on its credit card members, Cedyna introduced database marketing earlier than competitors and has built up its technological expertise. One example of this expertise is the personal messages that appear on monthly card usage statements.
The cards can be issued without credit check, and can therefore be used as a means of capturing an even wider customer base, such as minors who are ineligible for credit card issuing.
Cedyna offers an e-money payment service which allows its business partners to handle all the major electronic money issued by Japanese transportation companies or groups. Through this service, users of e-money can shop at its business partners, which can offer improved service and attract more customers.
Secure and convenient credit in all manner of everyday scenarios - department stores, TV shopping, internet shopping, schooling and medical bills - this is Cedyna's shopping credit.

Responding to our customers' needs, Cedya offers a variety of payment methods such as installment payment, one-time payment at bonus season, two-time payment at bonus season.
For our affiliated stores, cash collection risk is removed and, as payments are collected in one lump sum, collection times are shortened.
As well as our auto loans for new and second-hand cars, motorbikes and maintenance for safety inspections, we have a range of products that allow customers to purchase upgraded vehicles with the same budget, including auto loans with residual value and auto leases.
We give our customers the financial support they need to realize their ideal home improvements, from home extensions to refurbishing kitchens and bathrooms. We are strengthening our approach to eco-friendly products related to solar power generation and storage which are likely to play a big role in next generation energy sources. Utilizing our assessment know-how that we have honed over many years, we have developed a guaranteeing service for financial institutions. We guarantee specific loan products such as car loans and student loans as well as card loans and by supporting financial institutions' retail loan systems side-on, we are helping customers to bring their dreams to life.
Cedyna was first in the industry to commercialize the Digital Pen ECO — a digital pen device that can be used easily by anyone to apply for credit 'in writing'.
We provide factoring services whereby we make advance payment for the business merchandise sold by clients or purchase their accounts receivable; the services also include end-to-end cash collection processes, right from invoicing customers to sending payment reminders.
Under this service, Cedyna makes a lump-sum payment to the rental management company by receiving the rent and management fees for residential properties from the tenants through automated monthly payments from their bank accounts. As Cedyna also offers reminder services for tenants in arrears, the management company can streamline their entire rental management processes from invoicing to arrears demands. We pay the receivables owed by business counterparties in one lump sum, and then invoice and collect funds from the counterparties. The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) recently announced that it has initiated a program that could help you pay for home energy improvements.
PowerSaver loans will be backed by the FHA, and up to 90% of the loan amount will be insured by FHA mortgage insurance. Examples of energy efficient improvements include duct sealing, new doors and windows, water heaters, HVAC systems, solar panels, insulation and georthermal systems.
Your accounts will continue to be protected through advanced device forensics that seamlessly authenticates your computer and various devices.
If we don’t recognize the device, we may ask you to answer a Security Challenge question to ensure your identity.
You can always enter your credentials with the assurance that if your browser address bar is green, your connection is safe. We analyze a vast amount of data on the purchasing behaviors and attributes of approximately 18 million cardholders and use this to systematically plan and propose sales expansion strategies in collaboration with Cedyna to our affiliated business partners.

These messages are optimally useful to customers because they are created based on an analysis of each customer's attributes and usage habits. We also alleviate the burden on our affiliated stores by becoming the issuing agent and carry out all the necessary and onerous procedures at the time of issuing the prepaid card. Moreover, e-money enables speedy settlement, eliminating waiting time at cash registers and the handling of change, thereby lowering costs. When an individual customer receives a loan from a financial institution, Cedyna becomes the customer's joint guarantor, in a credit enhancement system that makes the loan process smoother.
Applications can be made on-line for student loans, automobile loans, and life support loans. We offer consumer factoring and rental payment services aimed at individuals, and business credit aimed at corporates.
For the individual customer, the payment process for recurring costs is simplified; for the business distributor, they can minimize their cash collection risk by streamlining their collection services. By using this service, the business customer can streamline the collection process and minimize credit risk.
Cedyna can collect those fees from the customer instead of the business distributor, and make a bank transfer of fees collected in one lump-sum to the business distributor with the debiting results attached.
This program will grant loans, called FHA PowerSaver Loans, to credit-worthy borrowers up to $25,000 to make energy efficient improvements of their choice. Lenders will be chosen to participate in the program based on commitment and ability to provide energy saving loans.
The six members of the City Council work part-time, holding budget and policy-setting authority for the city. The business customer can therefore reduce their cash collection costs and focus on their primary business.
Interest rates will be low and borrowers must have at least some equity in their homes, but it is not yet clear exactly how much and whether it will be a case-by-case basis.
City Council members are elected to a specific Council seat, but the seats are not determined geographically.

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