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The British Herbal Medicine Association was founded in 1964 to advance the science and practice of herbal medicine in the United Kingdom. Company members of the BHMA are committed to the manufacture and supply of high quality herbal medicines.
Thursday 10 December 2015: The BHMA endorses the views held by the European Herbal and Traditional Practitioners Association (EHTPA) and detailed in their recent press release that the Government inaction on statutory regulation of herbal practitioners is a significant risk to public health.

If you would like to contact the British Herbal Medicine Association or discuss joining the organisation as an individual, practitioner, student or company member, please click here. Not only was this product misrepresented as "ready to assemble," meaning completely in pieces, but they charged a 25% re-stocking fee to return it.
Google Scholar is a subset of Google that indexes more formal and scholarly literature in the public domain.
The decimation of wild medicinal plants could threaten the health of millions of people around the world who rely on traditional medicine to treat serious illness, according to scientists.
Alan Hamilton, the author of the report, said protecting medicinal plants is not only important for human health but for the surrounding ecosystem. Plantlife, the conservation charity, point out that traditional medicine is the primary source of health care for more people worldwide than western medicine – often because it is the only affordable treatment available.

However around 15,000 species are under threat from pollution, over-harvesting and habitat loss, including Himalayan Yew, known as a source of anti-cancer drugs.
It promotes the use of herbal medicinal products manufactured to pharmaceutical standards to ensure consistently high quality and effectiveness for the consumer. For example plants in east Africa are used to treat malaria and opportunistic infections caused by HIV Aids. The decimation of the plants is not only leading to a loss of traditional knowledge but could prevent a breakthrough in treating conditions like migraines, fever and even cancer.

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