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Natural Home Remedies For Severe Constipation Honey You can consume honey (1 tablespoon) 2 times in a day to treat severe constipation. Water You can consume water 8 to 10 glasses everyday to treat dehydration and reduce the problem of severe constipation. Lemon Juice You can consume lemon juice mixed with warm water 3 to 4 times in a day to treat various symptoms associated with severe constipation. A mixture of lemon juice (1 tablespoon) and olive oil (1 teaspoon) can also be consumed on a daily basis to obtain effective results.
Buttermilk Buttermilk is considered as an effective home remedy for treating severe constipation. Vitamin C Rich Fruits You can consume Vitamin C rich fruits on a frequent basis to cure severe constipation within a short span of time. Vegetable Juice You can consume spinach juice diluted with water 2 to 3 times in a day to treat severe constipation. Oatmeal Intake of oatmeal (2 – 3 small bowls) on a regular basis can help in the treatment of severe constipation. Ginger You can consume a cup of tea prepared by boiling ginger in water several times in a day to cure severe constipation.
Basil Consumption of tea created by boiling fresh basil leaves in water 2 to 3 times in a day can help in reducing stomach pain, gas formation and abdomen bloating resulting from severe constipation. Always need to bring my LO to the doctor whenever her tummy is bloated and get medication for her constipation problem..
I encounter the same prob previously and one of my friend introduced Mamil to me last year and now I nvr encounter such probs anymore. Compared between Mamil and Friso milk still I will pick Mamil because it can contain of much nutrition than Friso. Constipation is one of the most common of the digestive system that is experienced by every person in one or other phase of their life. Water kept overnight in a copper vessel should be taken in the morning with your stomach empty. Orange juice when taken empty stomach in the morning would be beneficial in treating constipation.
It significantly causes difficulty for people while passing stools as well as even strain people excessively for passing their hard stools. Common causes of severe constipation include slow movement of stool through the colon tract, fiber deficit diet, dehydration, hormonal imbalance and so on.
A glass of warm milk containing honey (2 teaspoons) can also be consumed 2 to 3 times in a day to obtain the desired results. Intake of a glass of buttermilk in the morning (empty stomach ) can provide relief from severe constipation. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.

My DS bowel is healthy & I know that mamil has prebiotics and contains no sugar at all which is fantastic in preventing children constipation leh. After that I was continue attempted others remedies until he get fever and went to hospital.
I notice that the Mamil are good in prevent constipation because of the prebiotics oligosaccharide that helps maintain a good intestinal environment. After washing them in hot water, three or four dried figs can be soaked overnight in water. Constipation is also the cause of many problems which occur due to it like appendicitis, rheumatism, arthritis, high blood pressure, cataract, etc. In our daily routine, we often avoid conversations about our Potty problems, rather we are comfortable in sharing about our sore throat.
You can also consume a glass of buttermilk containing triphala powder (1 teaspoon) on a regular basis.
I could say no more constipation problem, it might due to the ingredient inside because Mamil support stronger gut protective barrier and will increase good bacteria. Low fiber diet, low intake of fluids, weakness in abdominal muscles & low motility in intestines are prime causes of Constipation.
Obviously, don’t expect people to announce about their potty problems in public if they haven’t pooped from the past few days.
Severe constipation may result in hard or dry stool, gas formation, indigestion, loss of appetite, stomach pain, bloating and so on. Please, If anyone know that where to seek for proven or effective remedies to deal with constipation?
But, constipation is not something for which you need to be embarrassed or laugh at, because it impairs the vitality and strength within you.
It is advisable for an individual to consult a medical professional if the problem of constipation lasts for a period of more than 4 to 5 weeks.
So, before quickly running to drugstore to have a quick-fix laxative for curing your constipation, here I am with the best home remedies for constipation. The problem of severe constipation can be resolved with the use of different home remedies. These remedies will simply help you in relieving from the discomfort caused due to constipation and prevent it from occurring again.Home Remedies for ConstipationSesame SeedsSesame Seeds contain oils which significantly help in moisturizing the intestines, in case of dry stools. You can add the sesame seeds in your salads or cereals and even can grind them into powdered form to sprinkle as a seasoning on your food. This is one of the favourite home remedies for constipation for Chinese folk healers.MolassesDuring the bed time, consume 1 tbsp of black strap molasses, which will help in easing the problem of constipation by the next morning. Also, by soaking the particles in water, which adds volume to the stool, giving the GI tract muscles a strength to grab on for moving the food particles.

If you consume additional fibres and suffer with constipation, then drink more water for keeping the stool in a soft moving position for easy pass.Ginger Tea or Mint Ginger Tea or Mint, both are the best home remedies for constipation as well as for other digestive problems.
A warming herb, Ginger generates heat in the body and helps in speeding up the slow digestion.
You can consider Dandelion Tea.Healthy Fats Avocados, olive oil and nuts, all contain healthy fats, which help in lubricating the intestines as well as provide relief from the pain caused by constipation.
Good options include 1 tbsp of natural nut butter or a handful of nuts or simple olive oil, food dressing or salads rich in green leafy veggies. Healthy fats are extremely important for carrying the basic body functions as they help in keeping you satisfied with the least consumption.Lemon WaterLemon is the best citric fruit which helps in stimulating the digestive system as well as helps in flushing the toxins.
This not only helps in refreshing the digestive tract, but also helps you in drinking more water every day. Also, it is one of the best natural remedy for curing constipation and helps in improving the long-term digestion.CoffeeCoffee helps in stimulating the speed of yours for trips to your bathroom. It is important to drink more water, because coffee also tends to increase the flow of urine, which can worsen the problem of constipation.RaisinsRaisins are high in fibres as well as containing tartaric acid, which has an effect of a laxative. Other than raisins, apricots and cherries are also high-fibre fruits which help in curing the problem of constipation. For added benefits, you can have these fruits along with a bowl of yogurt.PrunesPrunes are fibre-rich fruits which help in smoothing your digestive tract.
Along with fibres, prunes are rich in a compound which helps in triggering the contraction of the intestines. Prunes do cause bloating, but you can have figs instead of prunes.Castor OilCastor Oil is considered to be the oldest home remedies for constipation. It acts as a laxative, where it helps in breaking down the substance, which helps in stimulating the intestines.Move your body15 to 20 minutes walk every morning can help in moving food through the bowel quickly. If you feel a little heavy after having a meal, then before lying down on your bed, prefer to move around a little. Large meals often followed by painful, full feeling, so jumpstarting the process of digestive can help you in avoiding the same.YoFactorThough there are numerous causes of constipation, including lack of physical activity, insufficient water intake, laxative abuse, weakness of abdominal muscles, poor diet, intake of medications and much more. But, the problem of constipation is quite frustrating and causes discomfort.I have mentioned the best home remedies for constipation which will help in enhancing the digestive system functionality as well as provides relief from constipation.
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