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U moet JavaScript geactiveerd hebben om de volledige functionaliteit van deze website te kunnen benutten. This classic manual, combining both Materia Medica and Repertory,  has justifiably been the most popular homeopathic reference work in the world for decades. More than 50 important new remedies have been added, reflecting the discoveries of leading homeopaths of our generation such as Rajan Sankaran, Jan Scholten, Massimo Mangialavori, and Louis Klein. For the Repertory, the content has been preserved, complete with Repertory Index and Therapeutic Index. Blending the best of established knowledge and up-to-date insights, this represents an ideal reference work with a special extra flair!
I have always placed a spare copy of the original 1927 Boericke in 3 or 4 locations in my house and even have the one my father used in my Synagogue seat box, in case I have a need to look up a remedy for some rapid first aid.
On the page with your wishlist the internetaddress which you can share with friends and family is clearly marked. What's In the Veterinary Materia Medica?A photographic index featuring over 100 key, common, and minor homeopathic remedies and their symptoms that are used in the homeopathic treatment of dogs, cats, horses, birds, cattle and wildlife diseases.Each remedy of the veterinary materia medica details the source, veterinary uses, and the factors that improve or worsen the symptoms treated (these are called modalities).

After taking the case, reportorizing the symptoms and selecting the most fitting remedies, the Materia Medica is where you will go to choose the most similar remedy to the case. Systematic in it’s representation of relevant data, a must have in every homoeopathic library. Within a single compact volume, it has offered unrivalled coverage, full yet concise, of a very wide range of remedies, including both polychrests and a substantial number of rare and lesser-known substances.This new edition is also the most comprehensive version of the book. Bringing the total number of remedies to over 1,200, these are marked with a ‘+’ sign for readers’ convenience. However, the rather idiosyncratic arrangement of rubrics and sections has been streamlined to match the more familiar structure and sequence used in The Complete Repertory.
With this address anybody can read your wishlist but of course only the owner can change the items in the wishlist.
The use of this term in MeSH was formerly restricted to historical articles or those concerned with traditional medicine, but it can also refer to homeopathic remedies. The remedies are arranged by Latin name and contain the personality types of pets that may fit and help to confirm the remedy choice in treatment.

It has been revised and expanded to meet the needs of the modern homeopathic community.All the minor remedies originally mentioned either in the appendices or within the text for other remedies have been included in alphabetical order in the main Materia Medica section.
Some minor adjustments to rubric wording have also been made to help readers access symptoms more easily. The soft leather cover, delicate Bible paper and superb binding makes it pleasant to handle. They are clearly marked with an asterisk, enabling readers to locate this information quickly and easily for the first time. Valuable notes on remedy names and identities have been added, including  modern botanical, zoological and chemical nomenclature and classification. A handy Remedy Index incorporates both scientific and common names, and a separate list of Plant Families offers a useful summary for relevant entries.

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