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Currently there are three thousand substances used as homeopathic remedies to treat everything from colds and cough to arthritis and cancer. A second principle of homeopathy is that you should give the least amount of medicine necessary to evoke a healing response. Safe: Homeopathic Medicines are possibly the safest medicines known, used safely by MDs and homeopathic doctors worldwide for the past 200 years. Effective: Homeopathic Medicine, prescribed by trained homeopaths are not only safe, but are extremely effective for both acute and chronic cases, for all age groups.
Affordable: Due to the extreme dilutions homeopathic medicines undergo, Homoepathic Medicines are very affordable, for example 80 pellets of most medicines cost under $10.
Onsite Dispensary: We carry hundreds of Homeopathic Medicines, in addition to Neutraceuticals, and Botanical medicines. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Homeopathy is a medical method, science and art that centers on a comprehensive view of the individual, which allows treatment and healing on the deepest possible physical, emotional and spiritual levels. Hahnemann also detailed the precise method for making these remedies, which involves a series of steps for diluting the original substance to be able to gain all the good effects while avoiding any toxic side effects. The homeopath’s job is to select and prescribe one precise remedy for an individual’s illness based on that person’s physical, emotional, and mental characteristics.
There is a great deal of variation in the way that homeopathic medicine is utilized by doctors and practitioners.
Observe and evaluate all physical, emotional, mental and spiritual characteristics and patterns of the patient.
The “constitutional” remedy is taken daily or periodically at a specific dosage and potency that is adjusted as healing occurs. Homeopathic remedies can also be given for acute situations such as a cold, cough, sore throat, food poisoning, after an injury or after surgery to assist healing.
The full benefits of “constitutional” homeopathy occur over time; it is a process that takes understanding and patience.
The correct “constitutional” remedy needs to be prescribed by a well-educated and experienced homeopath. We offer a variety of popular supplements derived from plants that provide a natural alternative in treating various symptoms.
Gabriel Garcia Marquez (1927-2014), the Colombian novelist and journalist who won the 1982 Nobel Prize in Literature, passed away on April 17, 2014. In Love in a Time of Cholera, the godfather of the novel’s protagonist is a homeopathic doctor, and ironically, the protagonist is fighting for the affections of a woman who is married to a conventional physician.
In the book Gabriel Garcia Marquez: A Life, an authorized biography, Garcia Marquez slept with the wife of a military man who, upon discovering him in the act, forgave him out of gratitude to his homeopath father. In his most recent writing of non-fiction, Living to Tell the Tale (2003), Garcia Marquez chose to incorporate elements of his own life with some fictional twists.

Homeopathy, holistic medicine, herbal medicine, acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine will acquire the same status as conventional medicine by May 2017 when it comes to health insurance. Poison ivy causes redness, intense itching, burning, blistering and sometimes stiff muscles. When you are stung by a bee you feel a burning, stinging pain and the tissues surrounding the area swell up. This is called the “Minimum Dose”.  We all know that normal medicines can cause side effects, leading to much suffering or even death. Homeopathic Medicines are FDA and Health Canada regulated, and are safe to take with other medications.
Levy uses MacRep 8.0 the most up to date software dedicated to prescribing the best Homeopathic Medicine for each unique and individualized case. Levy is using an Electronic Medical Records (EMR) cloud based system, in order to properly document your initial intake and follow up visits.
Levy purchased the 12 volume Homeopathic Materia Medica, in addition to extensive library of Homeopathic books, as references for some of the unique and peculiar cases.
It is based on the principle of “like cures like,” which has a documented history of application dating back to Hippocrates, and even 2,500 years ago to Moses and the Old Testament. He did this by conducting clinical trials that he called “provings”: giving a particular substance to healthy people with no symptoms and observing any effects that occurred.
Each particular “remedy” is made into a liquid dilution that is then placed onto and absorbed into small white pellets, which are then taken by dissolving under the tongue. The homeopath should also take into account the spiritual patterns that are reflected in that individual’s life. Some use the remedies in a superficial way, aiming them at symptom relief much as a medical doctor would use a pharmaceutical drug. This one single (“constitutional”) remedy is the substance that best matches all of the individual’s characteristics.
Come see our Pharmacists for more information on a particular alternative medicine you may have heard of, or learn about others! He is considered one of the greatest South American writers of the 20th and 21st centuries. Just as conventional physicians and homeopathic doctors have been at odds for 200 years, Garcia Marquez positioned these two sides against each even if it was only symbolically oppositional in this romantic relationship. Historically, homeopathy’s strongest advocates have included royalty, religious leaders, and high ranking military.
If you are having an attack of hay fever with watering eyes and a burning nose, a homeopathic remedy made from onion can relieve it. Homeopathically it has been used for everything from herpes and burns to eczema and arthritis. In an effort to prevent side effects, Hahnemann began successive dilution with agitation of his medicines, to find the point at which they would be therapeutic, but not toxic.

Levy has been using Homeopathic Medicine since 1997, shortly after he graduated from the prestigious National College of Chiropractic (currently the National University of Health Sciences), with a doctorate degree in Chiropractic Medicine (DC), Since then Dr. All rights reserved.Please note that the information on this site is not a substitute for in-person medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. The one single correct remedy prescribed by the homeopath is called a “constitutional” remedy. Then, struggling in poverty when her husband abandons her and her eleven children, she seeks to make a better life for her family by making a living as a homeopathic pharmacist. Likewise, several renowned European literary greats were also homeopathic supporters, including Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Fyodor Dostoevsky, Charles Dickens, W. In simple words, it means that any substance, which can produce symptoms in a healthy person, can cure similar symptoms in a person who is sick.
If you had swollen tonsils with burning and stinging pain relieved by cold, a homeopathic remedy prepared from the same source could cure. Levy pursued two additional doctorate degrees in Medicine-2006 (MD) and Naturopathic Medicine-2011 (ND) all greatly expanded his wealth of clinical knowledge, scope of practice and overall outcome success. It has the potential, over time, to treat all aspects of the individual and heal the deeper emotional and spiritual disturbances that usually lie at the origin of physical symptoms and disorders. It is important to find a homeopath who is trained in “Hahnemannian Homeopathy” and prescribes homeopathic remedies from a constitutional perspective. 6 days ago View on FacebookIrish School of HomeopathySepia is made from the ink of the cuttlefish and is a brilliant remedy for exhausted Mothers (or Fathers) everywhere. This idea is referred to as the “Law of Similars“, and was understood by Aristotle and Hippocrates and mentioned in ancient Hindu manuscripts.
Homeopathic Medicine is an integral part of Naturopathic Medicine curriculum and all ND students must attend in residence courses in Homeopathic Medicine, integrate Homeopathic Medicine in their internship program, and later pass the NPLEX board exams, where a dedicated section is devoted to clinical Homeopathy.
Because his father was trained as a pharmacist who practiced homeopathic medicine, this medical subject has been a part of several of his novels and short stories. 5 days ago View on FacebookIrish School of HomeopathyGreat news for Homeopathy - The Swiss interior ministry has announced plans to give five complementary therapies including homeopathy the same status as conventional medicine. They will probably be cranky and snappy especially to those you love and will often feel tearful and anxious. Since raising 5 children on homeopathy and becoming a registered homeopath in England, Genie Rows… 1 week ago View on FacebookIrish School of HomeopathyThinking of a career change? We have also introduced a one year Foundation Course in Homeopathy suitable for those who are looking for a more in depth introduction to Homeopathy.

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