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South Valley Animal Clinic and Equine Wellness is raising awareness about the importance of medicated flea and tick prevention.
South Valley Animal Clinic and Equine Wellness provides comprehensive animal care for South Valley and Los Lunas pets. William Heite is urging pet owners to take adequate steps to protect their animals against fleas and ticks. A flea infestation can cause painful scratching, which may lead to a secondary skin infection.
The medication then migrates along the surface of the skin, providing protection from fleas, ticks and other parasites.

Heite also recommends that pet owners purchase spot-on treatments directly from their veterinarian.
The veterinary hospital emphasizes the importance of proactive wellness care, including annual vaccinations, wellness exams, pet dental care and preventive medication.
Donna Trent-Heite, spot-on parasite preventives protect animals from flea and tick infestations. Fleas are also carriers for disease, including other parasites, tapeworms, and the "cat scratch" disease Bartonella. According to the small animal vet, direct purchase is the best way to ensure that pet owners receive the correct product.

Fleas and ticks are more than just pests -- these parasites can cause serious health problems for animals.
Ticks may carry Lyme disease, which can cause serious health problems for infected animals.

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