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If you want to create a video presentation from photos and pictures, check our tutorial about creating slideshows. If you want to make a video presentation of an application, site or web service, check our tutorial about creating video guides. PowerPoint is still a popular tool to add a graphical element to speeches, business projects, and thesis presentations. Movavi has an easy solution for this problem – a tiny application that converts PowerPoint presentations to popular video formats. Download Movavi PowerPoint to Video Converter to create a video presentation from a PPT yourself.
In the Presentation settings tab, you can choose the resolution of the output video file, as well as the mode and the speed of slide transitions, in the Advance slides menu below.
This Create New Presentation tutorial will review the many ways in which a PowerPoint presentation can be created. It will offer several options for the number of pictures you want to include on the slide and the amount of text boxes to use. See also the Non-Linear PowerPoint Tutorials for a way to make a great user centered presentation. This Audacity tutorial will show you how to use the basic tools and procedures in the open source audio editing program, Audacity. This Excel 2003 Tutorial will introduce you to the basics of using the Excel 2003 spreadsheet program. This Podcasting tutorial includes a step by step guide that will show you how to record, publish and promote your podcast.
This LCD Projector Guide will assist you in the use and purchase of a digital LCD projector or DLP projector.
This Microsoft Word 2007 Workspace tutorial will acquaint you with the new tools and features in the Word 2007 Window.

There are a variety of ways of creating your PowerPoint presentation, and one of them is to start from scratch. If you want to sacrifice flexibility for speed, you may prefer instead to create a presentation using a template.
But the PPT format requires that the viewer has a Windows PC with PowerPoint installed, which is not always convenient. Making a video presentation is easier than you think – just follow the simple instructions below!
Change the Destination folder below if you want to save the output video to a different location. You can configure the settings manually, specify automatic transition every few seconds, or keep the original timing set in the PowerPoint file itself. If you choose your computer’s speakers, the program will capture the sounds that play on your PC while recording the PowerPoint file to video. If you plan to watch the output video on a mobile device, click More presets for devices and select your device’s brand and model from the list. It will cover everything from creating a simple blank presentation to one that is created from your favorite photograph.
When the wizard is finished, it will build a presentation for you according to your responses to the questions. When you are done making your selections, PowerPoint will build a slide design based upon the photo you selected. If you choose the microphone, you can record your own voice giving a commentary to the presentation.
Note that the conversion is done slide by slide in real time, so the presentation should be played from the beginning to the end to retain the logic and sequencing of the original.
The Same New Presentation Task Pane is also used to create new presentations in several other ways.

The Task Pane will change to the Slide Design pane and thumbnails of slide designs will appear in the scrolling window.
A wizard will appear in the workspace and walk you through a series of questions about what kind of presentation you need. The Photo Album dialog box will appear and ask you what picture you want to use for the presentation. You have the narrator’s video on one side of the pane while the other half displays the corresponding slide and these slides auto-advance as the video progresses.
If your presentation assets are already available on YouTube or SlideShare, you may directly fetch them into Zentation as well. You get an easy-to-use web interface to individual slides with the video points and once you publish the changes, anyone can view the video presentation using a browser. In the case of VCasmo, you may even embed your synced video on external sites while Zentation only offers a full-screen player for free accounts. Microsoft Producer for PowerPoint will give similar output expect that in this case, you don’t have to worry about the hosting part. Also see: Adding YouTube Videos to PowerPoint Tweet Comments are closed but if you want to respond, please send me an email or tweet.
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