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Early signs for HIV cure are 'promising' as Danish scientists begin test on humans Clinical trials are underway in Denmark, where researchers at the Aarhus University Hospital are using a 'novel approach' to fight the HIV virus.
Danish scientists claim theya€™re on the brink of a a€?promisinga€? breakthrough to cure HIV. Researchers at the Aarhus University Hospital in Denmark said they're now conducting clinical trials on humans using a a€?novel strategya€? that has worked in lab tests, Londona€™s The Telegraph reported. The Danish trial uses a treatment that forces the HIV virus from so-called reservoirs it forms in DNA cells, bringing the virus to the surface, according to The Telegraph. Once the virus is exposed, the bodya€™s natural immune system can destroy it with the help of a vaccine. While the procedure appeared to work using human cells in a lab, whether it will prove successful in a human body remains to be seen, said Dr. Fifteen people have been signed up for the trial, which was awarded a new round of funding from the Danish Research Council worth about $2.1 million.
Similar research is being conducted in Britain through a collaboration of five universities focusing on people who only recently were diagnosed with HIV. Sogaard said that the research in Denmark would be a cure for those already infected, but wouldna€™t prevent HIV or AIDS. Finding a cure a€” one that is also widely accessible and affordable to the public a€” took a hit in the United States when experimental shots failed to reduce the amount of the AIDS virus in the blood, the National Institutes of Health said.
Ita€™s a strategy known as a€?prime-boost.a€? A DNA-based vaccine made with genetically engineered HIV material is given to prime the immune system to attack the AIDS virus. The idea: Train immune cells known as T cells to spot and attack the very earliest HIV-infected cells in someonea€™s body. A safety review last week found that slightly more study participants who had received the vaccine later became infected with HIV. When researchers examined only participants diagnosed after being in the study for at least 28 weeks a€” long enough for the shots to have done their job a€” there were 27 HIV infections among the vaccinated and 21 among the placebo recipients.

The NIH said Thursday that it is stopping vaccinations in the study, known as HVTN 505, but that researchers will continue to study the volunteersa€™ health. Both approaches need continued research funding, said Mitchell Warren of the international AIDS Vaccine Advocacy Coalition. Know about snacks that can actually destroy your body’s ability to fight against infections!
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This depends on the strength and sensitivity of individual immune systems,a€? Sogaard told The Telegraph. Half received dummy shots, and half received a two-part experimental vaccine developed by the NIH. Then a different vaccine, encasing the same material inside a shell made of a disabled cold virus, acts as a booster shot to strengthen that response. The hope was that the vaccine could either prevent HIV infection, or help those infected anyway to fight it.

A 2009 study in Thailand is the only one ever to show a modest success, using a somewhat different prime-boost approach.
Hubert Walinski, a doctorate in Laboratory and Pathology Medicine from the University of British Columbia. If you are one of these clients, you will be able to get all of your invested money back within a very short period of time! WASHINGTON: A compound shaped like a tweezer that blocks HIV and breaks up proteins in semen that boost infection may lead to the development of a safe vaginal gel to prevent transmission of the virus, scientists say.
The lesser-known fruits and their health benefitsSocial community support can help trauma-stricken kidsWish to boost your memory? Newer research suggests another approach a€” to try creating powerful antibodies that could work a step earlier than the T-cell attack, before HIV gets inside the first cell.
He is also the director of science at a pharmaceutical company as he manages a group of 30 researchers working to find out useful MRSA treatments. Overall, there were 41 HIV infections in the vaccinated group and 30 among placebo recipients.
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