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Please answer the questions as best as possible below to see if you have angular cheilitis*. Researchers at Northwestern University have submitted their invention for FDA approval of human trials.
The intravaginal ring helps to prevent pregnancy and releases low doses of an antiretroviral drug that lowers the risk of both HIV and genital herpes.The ring was devised by Patrick Kiser, an associate professor of biomedical engineering, obstetrics and gynecology at Northwestern University.

Kiser developed the dual-purpose ring to offer women more control over preventing both disease and pregnancy.
The medications used in the ring are low dose, but have a proven history of being safe and effective. The anti-HIV drug tenofovir is the first HIV-prevention drug approved by the FDA, and because the contraceptive ring releases it at the exact site where transmission of the virus would occur, lower doses than the pill form of the drug are effective.Excellent results through extensive testing on animals have lead the team to submit an Investigational Drug Application to the FDA.

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