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Termites are most active in spring as termite swarms gather for reproduction and new colony formation. Termites Spring Into Action When Should You Use a Termite Control Professional? You Got A Problem With Me, Well You Can Take That Up To My Big Brother Im Sure He’ll Fix The Problem. Even though we hear more about these unfortunate events in the news than we do termites, it’s the tiny pests that do the real damage. You’ll typically find termite tunnels on top of brick, concrete, or other hard surfaces (like your foundation). If termites are present in your home you might spot trails of frass or sawdust left behind by a hungry colony of termites. They don’t get very far before their wings fall off – which you’ll find often en masse near windows, doors, or light fixtures. Termites enter your home through wood-to-ground contact such as doorframes, deck posts, and porch steps.

In fact the National Pest Management Association, to which we belong, estimates that termites cost American homeowners $5 billion in damage each year! We’ve experienced firsthand, over and over, the type of damage termites can do to your home. If you spot even one mud termite tunnel on the outside of your home you have termites and should immediately consider investing in termite control. Termites prefer dark and humid environments so they typically eat wood from the inside out. Frass is often encountered in small piles and it looks like tiny wood pellets or salt and pepper colored sawdust.
An important aspect of effective termite control is to know how to spot termites even when they aren’t swarming. Hollow logs around your lawn are one thing, but also look for soft or hollow sounding wood in your walls and door frames. You just have to know a little bit about termite control and how to spot them, treat them, and keep them away.

We have tremendous local knowledge, award-winning customer service, and a passion for enabling peace of mind in your home through effective pest control. We treat roaches, bed bugs, brown recluse spiders, carpenter ants, ladybugs, termites, squirrels, raccoons, voles, moles, mice, birds, pigeons, skunks, rats, chipmunks, geese, bees, yellowjackets, and more. Louis termite control we’ve seen the harsh realities of undetected termite activity that had been going on for years.
Louis termite control expert today and let us partner with you in your battle against termites!

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