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I got a call telling me that my dad had been in an accident and was no longer here on Earth. I don't know when I will return to blogging- I don't know if it will feel good to write again or if I just can't yet. Kandee, my heart is aching for you as you experience your first father's day without your dad.
I love this blog , you are sooo strong i totally understand how it feels too lose a parent as i lost my mother a few years ago. I started to be your subscriber a little bit ago but I love how you are a truly inspiration for those who have had a bad time in life. Kandee I am so sorry for your loss, I just l just lost my dad 3 months ago and it hurts just as much every day as it did in that day in march. Emma Watson has been Hollywood’s sweetheart ever since she first appear on the big screen as Harry Potter’s brainy friend Hermione Granger. I cannot say much more, because my eyes have cried more than they ever have, my heart hurts more than it ever has, and the feelings inside are ones I cannot even describe in words.
I don't know when I'll feel back to writing again or making my videos- it may be sooner because my dad was so proud of how I could encourage others, but after I write this, I feel like I can't say when because my heart still hurts.
He's your guardian angel now watching over you smiling, saving a spot next to him in paradise with you. This will be my 8th significant year without my daddy and my heart still feels just as broken. Praying for you and your family in this time of sorrow, but now Jesus has a great side-kick to guide you and your sister through everything. When I was 17 I lost my father to a pill overdose 2 months after I turned 18 I gave birth to my daughter.
I know there are not enough words or even the right words to say to you and your family that will make you feel better. My heart goes out to you and your family.Take comfort in knowing how proud your dad was and is of you.
I’m a feminist, but I think that romance has been taken away a bit for my generation. When I started dating I had this kind of Romeo and Juliet, fateful romantic idea about love which was almost that you were a victim and there was a lot of pain involved and that was how it should be. I could be 100 years old and in my rocker, but i’ll still be very proud that I was part of the Harry Potter films. Funnily enough, In the first Harry Potter film, you can see me mouthing Harry and Ron’s lines as well because that’s just how I was. You can’t go to the pharmacy without someone saying, “Hey, you’re the girl from Harry Potter!” and I’m like “Yeah!
I wish I could just cry with you, because sometimes when your pain is so great- words don't help.
Part of what we all love about you is that you are a ray of sunshine giving hope to people not just to LOOK good, but to FEEL good, too.
Take your time to recover and remember that we love you and will be there for you when you're ready. It will be a personal battle but as long as you have him in your heart he will always be with you! I lost my grandma one day before my birthday a few years ago and at the funeral I saw my dad cry for the first time in my life and it broke my heart. A little while ago I was reading the bible and started to ask where the angel are or even if they live between us. Throughout her time in the public eye, she has never showed an affinity for fame and attention, which is refreshing considering how fascinated we are by her.
I want to be the person who feels great in her body and can say that she loves it and doesn’t want to change anything. I think what people connect with in novels is this idea of an overpowering, encompassing love — and it being more important and special than anything and everything else. Just like playing a song, picking up a book again that has memories can take you back to another place or another time.
Hopefully one day you will start to heal and come back to what you love so dearly - I know of your dad was supportive of you he would want you to return to what makes you happy. I pray that Heavenly Father wraps you up in heart mending love and that He comforts and soothes your aching heart, in Jesus name amen.Love you Kandee. Every second someone touched your heart will be another lifetime they stay with you always.

I found an article where it say that yes, they live between us, and they are just special and you can just feel it. I wish I could say something to make you not hurt anymore, but I know that is not possible.
Your father is a great man and You, Tiffany, Jordan, Allani, Blakey, Sydney, Elyse and tiny Audrey are a testament to him!
So I don't know if it will make sense but I think you are an angel and your dad as well.
And I promise you I would not have made it this far if or weeny for myguardiqn angel my father. My mom found a quote that said that the best memorial for a person is in the hearts of the ones left behind. Take as much time away from everything that you need and spend it with your children and mom and other family members.
I had no father in hearth because he never wanted me and he rejected me, and I know how painfully is this feeling but I feel truly bless because I have a real father who took and take care of me and he is always for me he is not just my father but my best friend, his name is Jesus and he is the best lovely kind father.You are in my prayers Kandee and may Jesus give you a comfort and heal your heart. Some people call me lucky for knowing so I can prepare, but I wasn't prepared and I feel like I did everything all wrong. It may prove to be a very stupid idea, but this article is my attempt to talk reasonably about a topic that has so far spawned 100% unreasonable flamewar-filled bikeshed discussions.
In my defense, I have chosen to believe the problem has more to do with people who can discuss better and simply don’t, than anything to do with the subject matter. I feel your pain and it breaks my heart knowing other people have to go through this type of pain. What should be plainly obvious from this chart is that the iPhone 4S is not at all competitive with web browsers around the time that Google Docs did real-time collaboration. The solution is obviously just to make ARM 10x faster, so it is competitive with x86, and then we can get desktop JS performance without doing any work!Whether or not this works out kind of hinges on your faith in Moore’s Law in the face of trying to power a chip on a 3-ounce battery. There are only a handful of 22nm fabs that people are even seriously thinking about building in the world, and most of them are controlled by Intel.In fact, ARM seems on track to do a 28nm process shrink in the next year or so (watch the A7), and meanwhile Intel is on track to do 22nm and maybe even 20nm just a little further out. In fact, mobile CPUs is currently hitting the same type of limit that desktop CPUs hit when they reached ~3GHz : Increasing clock speed further is not feasible without increasing power a lot, same will be true for next process nodes although they should be able to increase IPC a bit (10-20% maybe). I have consulted many such qualified engineers for this article, and they have all declined to take the position on record. This suggests to me that the position is not any good.The software angleHere is where a lot of competent software engineers stumble.
In the interests of having a reasonable conversation, I ran Octane (a Google benchmark) on some old versions of Chrome, and it does show some improvement:In my opinion, this magnitude of performance gain over this period is much too small to support the claim that JS will close the gap in any reasonable amount of time. But to me, these numbers confirm the larger hypothesis: these gains are not the order-of-magnitude that will close the gap with native code, in any reasonable amount of time.
End updateThe thing is, JITing JavaScript was a 60-year old idea with 60 years of research, and literally thousands of implementations for every conceivable programming language demonstrating that it was a good idea. Now JSBench has some cool names behind it including Brenden Eich, the creator of JavaScript. But unlike traditional benchmarks, the way JSBench works isn’t by writing a program that factors integers or something. Instead, JSBench automatically scrapes whatever Amazon, Facebook, and Twitter serve up, and builds benchmarks out of that. On the other hand, if you are writing a spreadsheet program, or a game, or an image filter application, it seems to me that a traditional benchmark with e.g. Suggesting that some of the optimizations that work well on Sun Spider do little for amazon. If you come from Ruby, or Python, or JavaScript, or Java, or C#, or really any language since the 1990s, this should strike you as really odd.
And that is exactly what we are not going to do… Unfortunately garbage collection has a suboptimal impact on performance. Garbage can build up in your applications and increase the high water mark of your memory usage. And the collector tends to kick in at undeterministic times which can lead to very high CPU usage and stutters in the user experience.
But it produces better and more predictable performance, and that’s why we have chosen it as the basis of our memory management strategy. Because out there in the real world, high performance and stutter-free user experiences are what matters to our users. However, garbage collection’s performance degrades substantially when it must use smaller heaps.

With three times as much memory, it runs 17% slower on average, and with twice as much memory, it runs 70% slower. For instance, pseudoJBB running with 63MB of available memory and the Lea allocator completes in 25 seconds.
With the same amount of available memory and using GenMS, it takes more than ten times longer to complete (255 seconds). This seems like a lot (213mb should be enough for everyone, right?) but as a practical matter it isn’t. If you want to write software that runs on a comparable display, you have to convince somebody to shell out $700 just for the monitor.
Or, they could spend $500, and get an iPad, with the computer already built in.Will we get more memory?
So the problems with getting more memory on ARM are actually very analogous to the problems of improving the CPU, because at the end of the day it boils down to the same thing: packing more transistors on the CPU package. Memory transistors are a little easier to work with, because they are uniform, so it’s not quite as hard. What this means is that to have more memory, you need either a process shrink or a bigger die. It may be that we could move away from PoP architecture and toward separate memory modules like you have in computers. The middle of SoC can’t be used to add RAM lines due to the way the packages are stacked. The original Windows Phone devices were pretty slow and we had to spend a lot of time optimising the app to get a descent frame rate. The biggest bottlenecks were garbage collection and the weaknesses of the GPU.”Totally unprompted, the developers bring up garbage collection as the biggest bottleneck. While I was able to render these images in a couple of hundred milliseconds on my desktop, they were taking almost two orders of magnitude longer on the device!
Each time your Java application gets a preview image from the system a new chunk of memory is allocated.
When this memory chunk gets freed again by the Garbage Collector the system freezes for 100ms-200ms. This is especially bad if the system is under heavy load (I do object recognition on a phone – hooray it eats as much CPU power as possible). If you browse through Android’s 1.6 source code you realize that this is only because the wrapper (that protects us from the native stuff) allocates a new byte array each time a new frame is available.
At Facebook, one of the biggest performance problems we deal with is GCs pausing the UI thread.
If you’ve kept the heap nice and simple …, the GC will run nice and fast and this likely won’t matter.
Much simpler, assuming you can do it, is to limit or even eliminate all allocations during gameplay.With garbage collection, the winning move is not to play.
A generational garbage collector with per-thread allocation pools for temporary objects can make allocation cheaper, but allocating memory is always more expensive than not allocating memory.
The concurrent garbage collector introduced in Android 2.3 helps, but unnecessary work should always be avoided. Fewer objects created mean less-frequent garbage collection, which has a direct impact on user experience.Still not convinced? You know, the person whose job it is to know this stuff.However, with WP7 the capability of the device in terms of CPU and memory drastically increased.
Games and large Silverlight applications started coming up which used close to 100mb of memory. As memory increases the number of references those many objects can have also increases exponentially. In the scheme explained above the GC has to traverse each and every object and their reference to mark them and later remove them via sweep. So the GC time also increases drastically and becomes a function of the net workingset of the application.

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