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Simply enter your postcode and how much you pay per quarter for electricity (even an estimate will do) and our compact solar calculator will display a recommended system. The follow image displays grid connected solar panel systems suitable for various household sizes – and an estimate of what each system will power. Please note: the above assumes energy-efficient appliances in most instances and average use (or use as indicated). If you would prefer to determine what type and how many solar panels you’ll need for your home through an obligation-free phone consultation with our friendly solar experts, we can be contacted on 133-SUN (133 786). Our team will assess your requirements, power consumption profile and consult satellite imagery to view your house’s rooftop in order to customise the best possible system for your situation.

This will include details of how many solar panels you’ll need to slash your electricity bill by at least 50%, inverter sizing and estimated financial benefit.
As an alternative, try our quick solar quote application or call our friendly team on 133-SUN. You’ll see a range of systems with a recommended size depending on the number of people in your household.
For example, a low quality panel may provide less output than labelled and may also deteriorate faster.
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Energy Matters only supplies quality components from reputable tier 1 and 2 manufacturers, such as REC – who, like Energy Matters, is a multi-award winning company.

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