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When we arrive at the Waianae Harbour we quickly gather up our belongings and head to the dock to find our boat called Island Spirit. Other snorkel tours are starting to arrive and with the addition of other snorkelers the Dolphins are harder to spot so we climb back onto Island Spirit and sail off to our next destination, the Green Sea Turtle Spa. Once again Wild Side has gotten us to the location before any other tour groups, so we have the entire reef to ourselves. There is only one thing left to do for us, and that is to return to our car and drive back into Waikiki. What I appreciate about Wild Side Specialty Tours is their passion for what they do and their respect for the Ocean and the creatures that call it home.
Marc Smith is a single, 45-year-old, gay urbanite, living in high-rise heaven in Vancouver’s chic Yaletown neighbourhood. Facebook quotes sayings, Facebook quotes and sayings, Facebook quotes & sayings, quotes and sayings Facebook, sayings and quotes for Facebook, quotes and sayings on Facebook, quotes & sayings for Facebook, quotes and sayings for Facebook status, Facebook status quotes and sayings, sayings and quotes for Facebook status, Facebook quotes and saying and Facebook saying and quotes. In my own personal journey of trying to be a better person, I realised that it was all about aiming to be happy. The second realisation is that happiness comes from shedding the unnecessary in life, as in you need to stop caring about certain things. They don’t let this ever-increasing number define who they are and what they do.  They just do whatever it is they want!
On a more candid note, I know of friends who are happy because they date people younger than them. With that, they know that the nervousness and anxiety that supposedly comes with fear are not real. The happiest people I know simply focus on trying to make the world a better place, one small step at a time. Ever had to deal with an annoying friend or somebody who’s just really self-destructive?
Yes Toxic people are not healthy but when the toxic people are your loved ones you cannot simply abandon them. Very much agree, having time for people who may be be self destructive but have other strengths is all about being accepting and caring for people despite their faults! I don’t want to be one of those people randomly commenting on someone’s post with disrespectful and hurtful things but I have to ask, why?
I work night shift, there are only a handful of us who work together every night in a nursing home.
I understand what the article is trying to say but just as SM said, it was poorly articulated. I did ventured all these factors in the past few yrs, they all sound pretty unrealistix and more like sugar coated advices, but you dont have to take it all at once. Try one by one, feel the intrinsic power of not giving shit about some things then proceed to another. I agree with you and am a self professed, intelligent, unconventional, very happy, not wealthy mid 50’s hippie!
Your idea of a happy life is sad to me…I only say that because it sounds like when you have those things that you idealize (family, travel etc) that is when you will have happiness, or that that is your perception of what a happy life is.
I’m not talking about jumping into an aquarium with them or watching them swim by the boat.

Wild Side Specialty Tours sails out of Waianae Boat Harbor which is about a 1 hours drive from Waikiki where we are staying.
How to walk around the Catamaran, proper lifejacket procedures and what to expect from our day on the water. Gently we all enter the water and follow Elizabeth as she guides us to the best locations to see the Dolphins. With their knowledge and familiarity of the reef, they can point out a wide variety of fish and explain what we are seeing. You can go on a snorkel tour with 30 to 40 other people and have a nice time, or you can be 1 of 10 with Wild Side and get an education and personal attention. After a ten-year career as one of Vancouver’s pre-eminent event planners, he decided it was time for a change and posted on his Facebook page “I am ready for a change.
They recognise that the words of others are never accurate and should never judge them for who they are and what they’re capable of. They don’t allow such false illusions to get in the way of what it is they want to do or how they feel. Allowing your job to take over any of that would only mean you’re allowing a label to define who you are. They block it out, get out of their comfort zone, feel a little crazy and just do what they want anyway. War, protests, riots, animals going extinct or innocent people having bad things happen to them. They may not be able to create a revolution overnight, but they know that by showing a little kindness and compassion to our fellow man, the world is that much more positive already. He keeps it real at his blog when it comes to personal development and motivation, meaning to say, he’s pretty straight forward and he cuts through the fluff. If you are really felling bad, please go and talk to someone: a friend, your doctor, a counsellor or call a service like Lifeline. I always feel like one of those self destructive toxic kinds and feeling so makes me isolate myself further from my loved ones .
After years and years of abuse, I decided I no longer had a family about five years ago, and the past five years have been some of the best years of my life. At the same time please understand that there is a world of difference between cutting off people who abuse you and cutting off people who are emotionally stuck in their negativity, especially considering that’s usually just a bump or hurdle that they will eventually come out of. They are no more important than people around just because they share a few genes in my opinion. My residents have helped open my eyes to things in life I wouldn’t have always appreciated.
The adventure begins at 8:30 am sharp and the boat will leave without us if we are late so with a fresh coffee in hand it is time to hit the road. Spinner Dolphins rest in the shallow water near Waianae Harbour and it is the perfect spot to swim with them. We not only found NEMO but we saw dozens of different types of fish and at least ten Green Sea Turtles.
They’re instead, grateful for what they have and then they try to find the solution with a positive mindset. I feel like I spend my life wondering if I am the only person who realises negativity is a choice!

The strategies listed in the article are good steps to take on the path to feeling better about yourself and life but if it all looks hopeless then you do need some help.
They have supported me so far but now I just think I should be alone and sort myself out to be around them and others . Its sad to say but they have been the reason why I had so many problems.They allowed me to be molested and abused as a child that I never learned how to set healthy boundaries and assert myself. Let her know you are concerned that she seems unhappy or maybe depressed, and that her attitude comes across as negative and affects your mood. Before we put 0ur gear on Elizabeth goes through some important tips on how to get the most from the experience.
But hey I have also been there for a lot of friends when my life was good so yeah karma maybe ?? .
Well, do not get me wrong, you have to try, but after a while, well, sorry, I have given enough and done enough. There is a healthy amount of fear, social standards, care for what others think, and understanding of where you’ve been and where you are going needed in order to live a successful and happy life for many people. Since 1996 Wild Side Specialty Tours has been sharing the magic and wonder of Dolphins, Green Sea Turtles, and anything and everything that swims off the coast of Oahu.
Lunch is included on this adventure, and it consisted of Kahlua Pork Sliders, Potato Salad, and fresh fruit. My idea of a happy life is one in which I have a family, can travel, help others, and support my family and parents when they age.
This isn’t your standard snorkel adventure where you are one of 30 to 40 people in the water. It does not mean you don’t love them, it means you love you enough to walk away and not let them continue to cause you more harm. You are not loving people to let them repeatedly control and abuse you, or disrespect you; you are actually playing the fool. Of all places, she works in a nursing home, you think she would understand that all these petty things she worries about are nothing compared to the big picture. It is intimate, educational and an absolute WOW experience you have to cross off your bucket list.
I have peace and joy more than ever, and once I learned that, that became my new norm and no one will take that away. I believe in letting people vent their problems, but when I am a target of their rage or abuse they have got to GO!
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