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A panel of 60 positive and 40 negative patient sera was tested with a reference rapid Dengue Test, Dengue Duo Cassette (Panbio, Australia).
Herpes Simplex Virus is a common pathogen and its primary infection is usually asymptomatic. For more information about ELISA Kits, Rapid Tests, IFA Kits, CLIA Test Kits, or Serology tests, please see our website home page, or contact our Customer Service Representative at 818-591-3030.
This is the main define statement for the page for english when no template defined file exists. Our test products offered are ISO 9001, CE, GMP and TUV-approved, therefore they are reliable and safe to use. If you credit card account is in a currency other than US Dollars, you may be charged at a different exchange rate than what is quoted on our website.
Dear Australia Home Test, Your online site was easy to follow once the kit was received by me.
Although we believe that people should be able to do initial rapid private screening tests, we do strongly recommend and urge all clients to have a "positive results" followed up and verified by laboratory testing or to contact their medical practitioner.

Information contained on this website is for general information purposes only and must not be used to treat or diagnose medical conditions, and all health problems must be referred to a health care professional.
The assay is used as a screening test for Dengue viral infection and as an aid for differential diagnosis of primary and secondary infections in conjunction with other criteria. Diluted patient serum is added to wells, and the HSV IgG specific antibody, if present, binds to the antigen. The STD, Herpes, HIV home test kits are different from any other unknown China manufactured test kits that you might come across online as we are fully certified and approved by major bodies. This means if you choose to check-out in AU Dollars or EUR, you will see the total amount in AU$ or EUR, however the actual transactions will be carried out in USD.
Your feedback is important to us as we strive to improve our products, services, and overall customer experience. Statements made regarding the products and general information have not been evaluated by the FDA, or any other health authority, and should not be seen as health counseling, advice or statements. HSV 1 is generally associated with oral infection and lesions above the waist, and HSV 2 is associated with genital infections and lesions below the waist.

Sent in a standard anonymous envelope, there will be no marking or writing which indicates the content of the envelope for privacy purposes. Any manufacturing errors are unlikely therefore the home test kits will give you very accurate and reliable results. Clinical cases primarily are 1) eczema herpeticum with eczematous skin changes with numerous lesions, 2) Gingivo-stomatitis and 3) Herpes sepsis, almost only found in newly born of premature infants. Exchanging rates are synchronized with the "Daily Conversion Rate" from the European Central Bank.
We are not responsible for the exchange rate of any charges your bank or issuing credit card company may charge you.
The intensity of the color generated is proportional to the amount of IgG specific antibody in the sample.

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