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If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration. But refrigeration efficiency is as variable as the efficiency of a family car which changes from one car to the next and depends on the design of the engine, operational conditions and how well it is looked after. Refrigeration efficiency is measured in terms of the Coefficient of Performance (COP) - the ratio of cooling energy supplied to the amount of electrical energy used.
In a recent Potato Council-funded project*, refrigeration systems were tested to establish their efficiency and what could be done to improve them. So, there is great potential to improve the efficiency of some refrigeration systems and it pays to have your system checked out to assess its current performance.
There is also more than just sound economic and environmental reasons to carry out an inspection –it is in fact a legal requirement.
The Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD), January 2003, requires that all air conditioning systems greater than 12 kilowatt cooling output be inspected for safety and performance by January 2011, and thereafter every five years. Both sets of regulations place importance on ensuring equipment is as efficient and well maintained as possible. So, an inspection every year or two will both ensure legislative compliance and show what you can do to keep your refrigeration system working efficiently, saving both energy and money.
Here is our checklist to help you understand the range of possible improvements, their likely effect and level of cost involved. Look after your solar panelsSolar panels have a reputation for being very low maintenance once they are fitted. The garage is often the most overlooked area of a home when it comes to home improvement and energy efficient projects. The easier it is for thermal energy to seep through your garage walls into your home, the easier it is for any fumes and contaminants to get in and reduce your home’s air quality. One of the fastest ways that hot and cold air seep into your home from the garage is through the connecting door and the actual garage door. Even if there are seals and a threshold already in place, they do breakdown and need to be replaced periodically. Although your garage floors are made of cement, the constant change in temperature can cause them to crack.
Adding carpets, rugs and mats to your garage can help to prevent changes in the temperature and also add an aesthetic appeal to the area. Heating and cooling your garage with a portable heater or air conditioner can quickly add up. You can also use solar panels to passively heat and light your garage when it is chilly outside. In addition to pests, clutter can make it harder for you to keep the temperature comfortable, affecting the overall garage energy efficiency.
If you have a habit of leaving the lights on in your garage, invest in a light timer that you can program to turn the lights off for you to save even more money.
If you run an older model appliance such as a spare refrigerator or freezer in your garage, it may be a good idea for you to get rid of it. If your garage has windows, be sure to replace them with energy efficient ones or storm windows to prevent air and moisture from seeping inside.

There are many things you can do to your garage in order to increase its energy efficiency.
We have been providing excellent customer service since 1999, from 24x7 phone support, a world-class website and learning center, and faster home delivery. Talk or chat with one of our friendly Austin, TX experts and ensure you order the right product for your needs. We are competitively priced everyday but if you do find a better deal at another authorized dealer let us know. NASSAU, Bahamas, March 31 2015 – Hoteliers from throughout The Bahamas are participating in the Caribbean Hotel Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Action-Advanced Programme (CHENACT-AP). The objective of the CHENACT-AP, in The Bahamas, is to improve the competitiveness of small and medium sized hotels (with fewer than 400 rooms) through improved use of energy, with the emphasis on renewable energy and micro-generation. The first phase of the programme involves energy audits of participating hotels and recommendations on how to improve energy savings.
Energy-related costs represent 15 to 20 percent of a hotel’s operating budget, according to the Bahamas Hotel and Tourism Association (BHTA). The project will aim to bundle the carbon emission reductions from all three countries, The Bahamas, Barbados, and Jamaica, as a result of the energy efficiency measures and renewable energy applications. The programme is funded by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and it is being executed by the Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) with the technical support of the Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association (CHTA) and Caribbean Alliance for Sustainable Tourism (CAST).
However, staff harassed householders with repeated sales calls despite being told they were not interested. Fined: Last month, the ICO fined a company made famous by a BBC reality TV series A?225,000 for harassing families with nuisance calls.
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Many think you simply install it and run it and that it performs in a set or given way over time, with little difference between one system and the next.
Also, the Fluorinated Greenhouse Gases Regulations 2009 (FGG Regulations 2009) state how refrigeration systems containing these gases should be maintained and inspected to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.
Most of their requirements can be met by ensuring your system is kept in good condition and annually checked for leaks, energy efficiency and correct operation. Regardless of whether you use your garage for storage, as a place to park your car or as an extra room, your garage is a part of your home that can affect your energy usage and bills. When there is a lack of insulation in your garage, cold and hot air can circulate back and forth from the garage into your home through the shared walls.
Make sure that your connecting door and garage door are properly sealed with weather stripping or a threshold barrier to keep the elements out. It doesn’t matter how big or small those cracks are; they drastically reduce your ability to control the temperature in the area. This is especially appropriate for those who use their garage as another room instead of for their cars or for extra storage space. Adding solar panels to your garage is an excellent way to reduce energy use and costs inside of your home. On days when you want to lower the temperature inside of your garage, simply cover your solar panels to keep the heat from the sun out.

Clean out your garage, invest in storage solutions or add a shed to accommodate your need for space without compromising your garage energy efficiency, safety and comfort.
It often times costs more money for you to operate an old appliance than it does for you to invest into a new energy star appliance. Replace all caulking and weather stripping on the window panes as needed to prevent unnecessary thermal energy loss. By implementing even one of these tactics, you are doing your part in reducing your carbon footprint on our fragile earth.
The energy audits will then be transformed into financial proposals that could be presented to international or local financial institutions to obtain funding for implementation.
The project will develop a Programme of Activities as climate finance instruments to bundle the CHENACT-AP reduced emissions and sell these in the international carbon markets.
Householders effectively take out a loan to cover the cost of the work, which is paid back over a number of years through their energy bill, which should come down.However, take-up of the scheme has been woeful. Whether or not your garage is attached to your house, you can make modifications to it to make it a safer, more enjoyable and energy efficient place. This makes it harder for you to control the temperature inside of your home and is often why you need to adjust your thermostat more often than not. Make sure that your garage walls are properly insulated to prevent thermal energy seepage and accidental carbon monoxide exposure and poisoning.
Depending on your garage’s structure and your needs, some installation methods may be more desirable than others.
It is hard to see where there are holes or gaps in your weather stripping and threshold, so you may want to use a thermal energy leak detection kit. Also, when those cracks are exposed to moisture from rain and snow, they expand beneath the surface and ultimately interfere with your garage door’s ability to close completely. Use solar panels to gather and store energy from the sun to be converted into electricity for the garage and the rest of your home.
Solar panels do require a bit of an investment upfront, however, the amount of money they can save you greatly outweighs the amount of money you’ll spend to purchase and install them. If you are not ready to replace your spare appliance, at least unplug it when it is not in use to save money on your electricity bills. The programme will fund energy audits up to a total amount of $1 million for participating hotels in the Bahamas. Here are 8 energy efficient garage tips you can use to reduce your overall carbon footprint and energy expenses.
You can also use a smoke machine to see where the weather stripping and threshold is not intact and take appropriate action to seal the deficiencies.
Having clutter around makes it easy for these critters to move in, breed and gain even further access to your home.
Even though these areas are incredibly small compared to the rest of your garage, a great deal of thermal energy can escape through them.

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