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The Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra is a future-oriented organisation that promotes Finland's competitiveness and the well-being of the Finnish people. By ordering Sitra newsletters you will receive current information about upcoming events, latest publications and news. Encouraging energy efficiency through legislation will help take advantage of well-known tools and best practices that, for multiple reasons, have yet to be deployed on a broad basis.
While focusing the executive branch on improving energy efficiency and reducing energy costs across the federal government, S.
Examples of these best practices include installing advanced metering infrastructure, applying efficient data center strategies, improving IT asset-utilization levels, implementing energy-management plans, and deploying secure telework and travel substitution tools. Update the 2007 Report to Congress on Server and Data Center Energy Efficiency to include new technology advancements.
Codify the existing Data Center Energy Practitioner (DCEP) Program at the DOE, which trains practitioners to inspect and evaluate the energy efficiency of data centers.
Establish an open data initiative for the purpose of making data about federal data center energy usage publicly available in a way that helps empower further data center innovation while protecting national security interests. Require the DOE, in close collaboration with the private sector, to develop a new metric to measure overall energy efficiency of data centers and to work toward harmonizing international metrics for data center energy efficiency. Newmark is a member of the Board of Directors and Treasurer of The Green Grid, a non-profit, open industry consortium of end users, policy makers, technology providers, facility architects, and utility companies that works to drive effective and accountable resource efficiency across the entire ICT ecosystem.
It’s a real pity that more companies have not used cloud computing to combat CO2 emissions and saving energy. Community Energy Storage Storage for Cleaner, Lower-Cost ElectricityNRDC’s Robin Roy explains why community energy storage has gained support from electric trade associations, environmental advocates, utilities and manufacturers.
Traffic signals and advertisements are pictured from inside an automobile in Los Angeles on April 27, 2005. Some of the world's largest cities are improving their energy efficiency, a report said Thursday, while nations struggle to forge a global response to climate change. Cities are taking action to reduce their carbon emissions and better manage their water strategy, said a report by the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), which runs a platform for companies and cities to measure, disclose, manage and share environmental information. The 110-city report from the London-based organisation follows the G8 summit of world leaders hosted by Britain this week. Cities that took part in the study included Toyko, Seoul, Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh City, Jakarta, Singapore, Sydney, New York, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires, Johannesburg, Moscow, Paris and London.
The study found that the European cities surveyed produced $12,502 gross domestic product per metric tonne of carbon dioxide emissions, with South American cities producing $6,816, East Asian cities $5,831 and North American cities $5,550.
The report found that one out of every two actions cities take to reduce emissions are focused on efficiency. It found that 62 percent of such actions had the potential to attract new business and investment.
Meanwhile it found that 55 percent of the cities studied were undertaking initiatives to reduce emissions that promote walking and cycling.
London Mayor Boris Johnson said: "Saving energy and using our resources more efficiently is absolutely vital to the sustainability, diversity and full recovery of this city's economy.
Mayor Boris Johnson outlined plans to make London "the cleanest, greenest city on earth" by the 2012 Olympics and called for commitments from other world cities at a climate change conference. We hear and read a lot about our human carbon footprint but what do we know about our urban footprint?
India's cities are becoming more polluted and unhealthy, according to a new survey published Monday showing growing concern about the impact of high economic growth on the environment. High-frequency antennas transmit radio waves across vast distances and even over mountain ranges using very little energy, making them ideal for military communications. Virtual reality, oddly enough, isn't immune to the problems that arise in practical reality. Apple is edging its way a little further into health care with the release of new iPhone apps that patients can use to manage their own medical conditionsa€”from diabetes to pregnancy and even depression.

It's now possiblea€”though neither easy nor particularly convenienta€”to buy stuff on Facebook via automated messaging "bots." But it's far from clear that people really want to go shopping on the social network.
How will you discover your best prospects from the companies affected by the imminent Energy Savings Opportunities Scheme (ESOS)? The Department of Energy and Climate Change indicate earlier this month that it will publish the final requirements for compliance with ESOS.   As a result both affected companies and potential suppliers of consulting services and energy efficiency innovations will be awaiting these important details with great interest. In our last blog we reviewed how the new ESOS regulations) will mark the beginning of a new wave of investment in energy efficiency technologies, resource management and sustainability innovations that will catalyse large new markets for suppliers.
For many businesses investment in Sustainability is still at a relatively early stage, often motivated by compliance or measurement of resource usage e.g. Today the pursuit of greater understanding of the use of energy by the organisation is not just motivated by compliance or cost reduction, but increasingly by considerations of energy security and the organisations direct environmental impact and through it supply chains.  The focus of energy efficiency within a business will be affected by the relative importance of these factors to the client.
Given this adoption backdrop Suppliers must ensure that they focus on those parts of the ESOS market defined by either industry sectors or customers that are most suited to their offering.  Those businesses who understand which parts of this market are most interested in their offers can obtain a significant advantage over their competitors. So by now you might be thinking, what is this guy on?  4,500 is an awful lot of companies, how the hell does he expect me to do the research on all of them and then craft a customised message to each of them? What if you could target a segment of the 4,500, companies based on the industry sector that they operate in or their comparative interest in terms of energy efficiency versus sustainability?
This would help target a selection of messages that would be more likely to resonate with the client’s context and interest.  What’s more it would differentiate your initial offer from an obvious scattergun approach.
So, how can you obtain that initial understanding of your client, so that they are more inclined to give a hearing to your proposition? In thinking about this problem, Cambium’s market research team has begun to identify a list of key markers that might help the sales and marketing team of a supplier to develop a meaningful segmentation of the market and to then target messages accordingly. Environmental ROI, an index of the extent to which sustainability initiatives are quantified by each business by attaching a financial value to their environmental benefits. What are the top four Sustainability markers that would be most valuable to your business in targeting the ESOS opportunity? We would welcome your contribution to this debate and look forward to your views on the most valuable data to help you segment those companies affected by ESOS. My contributions are biased towards identifying opportunities rather than dwelling on our challenges.
By recruiting this powerful army of talent to this cause I hope to play a small part in accelerating the migration of business to less profligate, more sustainable, business models that will better serve all stakeholders in an increasingly constrained world. Applicants who have successfully completed the energy audit process are eligible for five-year, low interest loans to finance the recommendations of the audit. Submit the completed application to the Department of Economic Development for review and approval. Funding for this project is provided through The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grants, U.S.
In Part III of “Improving energy efficiency in Baltimore County,” information about the BGE efficiency program will be provided.
Note: If you would like to know when articles are posted to the page, please click the subscribe button above. Anna RenaultBaltimore Environmental News ExaminerAnna Renault, editorial columnist for THE AVENUE NEWS, is an eight-time cancer survivor and freelance reporter for the paper.
Fossil of mom cradling a baby unearthed: Stone Age maternal bond frozen in timeResearchers were taken back as they looked down at the fossil of a mother cradling a baby during an excavation in Taiwan that unearthed 48 humans fossilized in time. Trump Tower on lockdown, six people isolated after suspicious white powder foundEver since announcing his candidacy for president, Donald Trump has been in the headlines for making controversial and questionable comments on the campaign trail. Consumers are in need of knowledge and skills,  empowerment, and tools and services for making energy saving a part of their daily life. We anticipate societal change, try out new operating models and accelerate business activities aimed at creating sustainable well-being. Congress, the Senate has the chance to advance bipartisan legislation that strives to combine both business and sustainability objectives.

The business and sustainability benefits from deploying these established management practices are there for the taking, making this an especially important opportunity given the central role that information technology and data centers play in advancing our nation’s economic and environmental health. 1261 can help improve the cost and energy efficiency of federal data centers, and lay the foundation for broader adoption of energy-saving practices and technology in the private sector. She is also vice president, Intelligent Energy Efficiency Strategy, Office of Sustainability, at EMC Corporation. Los Angeles managed annual energy savings of $13 million - largely by retro-fitting traffic signals and street lights. More than half of the world's population lives in urban areas and over 70% of global GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions can be attributed to cities. Loans will be awarded based on the order applicants successfully complete the financial underwriting and approval process.
Specialists in the Department will meet with the applicant to review the application and federal requirements of the loan program. Department of Energy, in cooperation with the Baltimore County Department of Economic Development, Office of Sustainability, and Department of Public Works. She has volunteered with the American Cancer Society for nearly 30 years and also serves on the Patient Advisory Board for Franklin Square Hospital (Baltimore, MD). If you were to get ready for winter your inclination would be to buy insulation wouldn't it? In seeking to boost energy efficiency while cutting costs within the federal government, the Energy Savings and Industrial Competitiveness Act of 2014, S.
Without data centers, the Information Age grinds to a halt, and the information and communications technology (ICT) industry cannot continue evolving.
1261 emphasizes energy efficiency of federal data centers, including measures that will lay the groundwork for private-sector improvements in data center energy efficiency. At a time when data centers are increasingly recognized as the foundation of our economy, understanding the effects of such a proposal ensures that the ICT industry continues evolving in step with sustainability. To meet federal grant requirements, all funds must be obligated by June 2011 and are subject to federal requirements.
Researchers are welcomed to the conference to present their research findings and experiences to authorities, companies and organisations working with end-user groups.
1261, proposes several innovative measures specific to data centers that warrant close examination. An old adage warns that “you can’t manage what you don’t measure.” The Green Grid has seen this truth in establishing the Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) metric, which IT organizations have used to show the change in data center energy efficiency activities. We particularly welcome examples of successful and practical product and service innovations that promote energy efficiency among consumers and other end-user groups.The conference brings together research and practiceThe conference aims to gather some 150 participants working on energy efficiency and behaviour from research institutes, authorities, companies, organisations and networks throughout Europe and beyond. 1261 would require the federal Office of Management and Budget to collaborate with each federal agency to create a strategy for the maintenance, purchase, and use of energy-efficient and energy-saving ICT best practices.
Either cool air conditioned air is lost to the outside during the summer or cold winter air is finding its way into your home during the winter.Where does a home lose the most heat energy every day? The EPA further claims that data center energy consumption will continue to grow at a rate of more than 9 percent per year through 2020, from a base of 200 trillion end-use British thermal units (BTUs) in 2008 to 600 trillion end-use BTUs in 2020. Although less heat is lost there than the walls, it is much less expensive to insulate the attic than the walls.Do It Yourself Home Energy AuditHere is a great source of information on doing an energy audit on your home and finding ways to improve the energy efficiency of your house.
Heat is lost to infiltration and air loss by over 3 times the amount it is lost due to ceilings. This comprehensive checklist provides you a way to evaluate your home and identify and prioritize potential energy efficiency upgrades.

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