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Energy undertakes no obligation to publicly update or revise any forward-looking statements, whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise. 2005 as Deer Holding Corp., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Duke Energy Corporation (Old Duke Energy, for purposes of this discussion regarding the merger). Cinergy merger, and references to amounts for periods after the closing of the merger relate to New Duke Energy.
Carolina, western South Carolina, southwestern Ohio, central, north central and southern Indiana, and northern Kentucky.
Exchange Commission (SEC), including annual reports on Form 10-K, quarterly reports on Form 10-Q, current reports on Form 8-K, proxies and amendments to such reports.
CASTLE ROCK —After one year of operation, the Plum Creek Water Purification Facility has exceeded Castle Rock's expectations in terms of efficiency as it plays an important role in the town's long-term renewable water projects.
The cornerstone of the project: the installation of a “super-insulated shell” on the building exterior that also will visually transform the property. Castle Square, in Boston’s South End, is described as “one of the city’s most critical resources for affordable housing.” The property’s 192-unit mid-rise building is the site of the energy retrofit. Before: A view of the Castle Square Apartments prior to the start of the “Deep Energy” retrofit project.
The energy improvements are being made as a part of a comprehensive property-wide green renovation to be completed in March 2012. The mid-rise building was originally constructed with no wall insulation, a design that yielded an abysmal R-3 rating. In addition to the energy-savings payoff, the exterior cladding—supplied by Kingspan Insulated Panels—will provide a significant aesthetic transformation, with primarily beige-colored panels to be accented with highlights in red and other hues. Clark said extensive air-sealing measures in all the residential units will also play a central role in the energy-efficiency program. Serving a pivotal role in the retrofit program is Building Science Corp., which provided consultation on details of the wall assembly and weather-sealing systems, Clark said.

HUD is providing $6.7 million in funding for the project through the department’s Recovery Act Green Retrofit Program. Larry Curtis, WinnDevelopment president, said the project “will result in unprecedented energy savings that ultimately benefit the residents of Castle Square and the city of Boston. Participants in the project team also include Elton+Hampton Architects, Peterson Engineering Inc., and CWC Builders Inc. Could you describe the mineral fiber drainage plane in more detail and its approximate cost per square foot? Now get the durability and protection of two components in one can: Amercoat® ONE, PSX® ONE and Sigmadur™ ONE. Concretal® Stains are translucent and penetrate forming permanent bonds that will never peel.
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Duke Energy’s chief operating decision maker regularly reviews financial information about each of these business segments in deciding how to allocate resources and evaluate performance. In addition, DEGS engages in the development, construction and operation of wind energy projects. It conducts operations primarily through Duke Energy International, LLC (DEI) and its activities target power generation in Latin America. DukeNet develops, owns and operates a fiber optic communications network, primarily in the Carolinas, serving wireless, local and long-distance communications companies, internet service providers and other businesses and organizations.

Its principal executive offices are located at 526 South Church Street, Charlotte, North Carolina 28202-1803.
In addition, municipal and cooperative customers who purchased portions of the power generated by the Catawba Nuclear Station may also buy power from a variety of suppliers, including Duke Energy Carolinas, through contractual agreements.
Peak sales of electricity occur during the summer and winter months, resulting in higher revenue and cash flows during those periods. Combined with a “super insulated” solar-reflective roof, high-efficiency windows and extensive air sealing, the retrofit program will increase the insulation value of the building by a factor of 10, the developers say.
Highlights include a vibrant street facade and retail promenade on Tremont Street and the construction of a community center where Castle Square Tenants Organization will expand its program offerings, such as youth education and leadership, a technology learning center, a computer repair clinic, senior programs, multimedia production, and a teen center. Installation of the new exterior wall system and a sheet-membrane solar-reflective roof will get under way this summer, Clark said. She said this “compartmentalization” of the units—sealing of new windows and of any gaps and penetrations for plumbing and wiring—will account for an estimated 40% of the energy savings. In addition to energy savings, the new exterior will change the look of the buildings, “creating a vibrant street facade and retail promenade,” the developers say. Capitol Solar Energy designs, installs and services some of the most efficient solar systems in the country. Franchised Electric and Gas also transports and sells natural gas in southwestern Ohio and northern Kentucky. Additional energy savings will be achieved using small high-efficiency cooling and heating equipment, LED and CFL lighting, Energy Star appliances and solar hot water.
Our solar thermal systems address your heating loads: hot water heating, space heating through your existing forced air furnace or through separate fan-coil radiators, space heating through baseboard heaters or radiant floors, heating spas or pools.

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