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A heavy breakfast takes far too long to digest, while a juice is light and preserves your energy.
Biscuits, cakes, most cereal, lollies and other high carb snacks should be banned from your household. A great way to refresh your energy levels in the afternoon is to do a 10-minute stretching session.
I like this one because you can do this at work without being caught by your fellow workers. Since humans are made up of around 70 percent water, we need water to keep our life sustained.
Conventional suggestions tell us to drink at least 2 liters of water a day, but this has been the cause for many discussions, because people who live in a hot climate need a lot more water than those who live in colder regions. Repeating the same behaviors everyday but expecting a different result is a fool’s game.
What do you (or will you do) to kick your energy levels back into gear when the afternoon slump hits you? As time strapped entrepreneurs the days are short, your energy level gets depleted and you feel exhausted throughout the day. A solid lunch is defined as a well balanced meal consisting of protein, fat and healthy vegetables. With a well balanced lunch you will intake fuel needed to get you through the rest of the day.

On my Sony Xperia Z1 compact, the same app (uncalibrated) shows 40dB while I'm sitting 5m away from my TV, which is not loud at all.
Yes, we’re talking about the afternoon slump that occurs because something has sucked out every bit of energy you had. You might not think of the obvious cause, but if you consistently feel tired in the afternoon and lack energy, it could be due to lack of sleep. Even worse, they get us addicted to all the crappy low fat produce on the supermarket shelves. Not only will you feel better by cutting out those fake foods, but your waste line will also thank you for it. Sit on a chair with a straight back and breathe deeply while you focus on your breath going in – going out.
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The reason your energy levels are low has less to do with how busy you are and all to do with what you do and consume throughout the day. You should predominately be in a ketogenic state thus the fat will be your fuel through what is known as ketogenesis. Most of us start to crash around 2 so eating a solid lunch will ensure you keep the energy depleting foods from entering your system.
I’ve recently started to drink about 20oz of water when I first get up and it really does work.

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Often a small adjustment of your sleeping habits can already do wonders for your energy levels. Today, I’m a coffee lover instead, meaning I have to have one good brewed coffee a day to get my fix. Natural sugar as it is contained in fruit is so much better for you, but even so, everything should be in balance.
When we stretch and release our muscles, we allow the blood to flow unhindered through the body, allowing us to energize within minutes.
Her blog Freelance Writing helps new freelance writers to get started in this exciting industry. Fat is highly underrated and incredibly important for regulating your system, including cognitive function. I am a business professional, as well as a fitness enthusiast with over 10 years experience in training and nutrition.
Vegetables will give you a minor amount of carbohydrates but they will give you a much greater degree of micro nutrients.

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