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Food only provides some energy – and if your diet is not as healthy as it should be, you are not getting the right nutrients anyway, and certain foods can actually lower your energy. Another thing I like to take into consideration, as many of you might know, is my love for motivational videos and things that get my mind right.
When you start to exercise, your body has to make some changes in order to keep up the level of exercise.
When you stop exercising, it takes a while for your body to return back to its normal, resting state.
Overall, the amount of time your body takes to recover will depend on how fit you are and how hard the exercise was! This graph shows the difference between the heart rate of a fit person who exercises regularly and someone who does not exercise. Aerobic exercise, is submaximal exercise which gets your heart rate and breathing rate up, over a sustained period. Your heart grows bigger (hypertrophies) and the walls become thicker so it can pump more blood with each beat. Difficulties in your life are caused by a blockage of kundalini or vital energy in the body! We’re used to looking at physical energy in terms of resources like oil, food, electricity, etc. Every time you sink into negativity or allow negativity to dominate your thoughts, you are blocking energy.
Life is about expansion and evolution but we often create resistance to the natural order of life with our thoughts.
If you believe that “the way you are” is cast in stone and that you can’t change, you are shutting off the valve of abundance and well-being.
You can’t expect any different results in your life unless you improve your skills and learn new, better ways to do things – and if you improve the ways you think and feel! Increase your levels of love, enthusiasm, joy, purpose, creativity, trust and positive attitudes.

Make this your default mode by taking to heart the lessons you will learn in the Love or Above Spiritual Toolkit. If you are tired you may think that you don’t have enough energy to workout, but research has shown that strenuous exercise increases energy levels. Place yourself on a sleep schedule and avoid taking naps more than 10 minutes in daytime since they can cause problems when going to sleep at night.
One of the most common foods that can give you an energy boost is a banana, a great source of natural carbohydrates and potassium. With football season coming up, usually around this time of the year you will find a resurgence of great hype videos.
This is to help clear away the waste products of exercise, such as Carbon Dioxide and lactic acid.
And, did you know that you actually get more energy from the infinite energy of the universe than you do from food or other people?
You may feel energized in the presence of certain people, but when you’re alone, do you feel tired or does your energy remain constant? These resources are  But what about the difference in your physical energy levels when you’re depressed and your energy levels when you’re happy?
Did it really matter what you ate, or did even the healthiest and most comforting foods leave you still feeling sad and lethargic? You may have felt that food was not a necessary part of life and you could exist on pure love. If you embrace change, though, you open the gates to abundance, happiness, purpose and a truly meaningful life. Bring even more spiritual energy into your life – the energy that never, ever runs out and never costs you a single penny!
In the long run, exercise not just provides you more energy, but additionally enhances your general health and self-confidence.
It’s very easy to become dehydrated since every day an individual loses water via simple activities like breathing, moving and urinating.

If you’re a breakfast person, a good serving or oatmeal can also give you a good energy kick in the morning. I found an awesome pump up video that I have been watching lately, and I wanted to share it. Time ceases to exist, and you can easily get through an entire day without once going near the fridge. Your thoughts and emotions will raise your vibration and then, your physical reality will quickly start to change as well! Yoga is a superb demonstration of low-impact exercise that doesn’t just energizes, but also enhances your cardiovascular health and flexibility.
A good guideline to ensure you’re adequately hydrated and energized is to drink a minimum of eight glasses of water daily. Oats have complex carbohydrates which are continuously released in the body for a constant supply of energy. Whether it is before my workout, or before my work, I watch this video in order to get the blood pumping. You are buzzing with vital energy and somehow, despite the lack of food, you not only survive but thrive. You are human, and you are entitled to feeling unhappy about things; but do you have to hang on to those emotions and allow them to fester and block your energy? The dreadful tasks of daily life can result in wear and tear on the body if you’re too worn out and fatigued to engage in them fully.
Yes, it is football based, but whether you are a sports fan or not, this should still do the trick.
Possessing more energy through the day can improve our productivity, provide us with the best outlook, and make us a happier individual.

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