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Increased 2014 exit production rate guidance to approximately 40,000 boe per day as a result of the budget expansion. Estimated 2014 annual average production of 34,000 boe per day, representing 32% growth over the 2013 annual average of 25,829 boe per day and 27% growth on a production per common share basis. Proceeds of $49.7 million realized from the exercise of warrants, resulting in the issuance of 5,986,699 common shares.
Entire 2014 budgeted capital expenditure program (excluding acquisitions) of $390.7 million, expected to be funded wholly out of internally generated funds flow and proceeds received from the exercise of warrants and options.
Approximately 40% of Birchcliff's natural gas is hedged at an estimated wellhead price of $4.35 per Mcf from July 1 to October 31, 2014. Phase IV expansion of the Pouce Coupe South Natural Gas Plant ("PCS Gas Plant"), increasing processing capacity to 180 MMcf per day from 150 MMcf per day for a cost of $11.6 million, starting up in September 2014, on schedule and on budget. Average production of 31,178 boe per day, an increase of 29% from 24,141 boe per day in the second quarter of 2013. Total cash costs of $11.33 per boe (operating, transportation and marketing, general and administrative and interest), a decrease of 17% from the second quarter of 2013. Regarding renewable energy results, renewables’ share of electricity generation increased from 9% in the second quarter of 2011, to 9.6% in the second quarter of 2012.

In England, the region with the largest renewable capacity is the East, where over half comes from bioenergy and 31% of capacity is from wind. The next-generation Nest thermostat introduces refined design, more energy-saving capabilities, and increased compatibility, now covering 95% of low-voltage heating and cooling systems. Greece plans a new tender for leasing of geothermal fields after the great interes the first tender that was held earlier this year. Situated in farm neighborhood, the owner wants a simple and practical house for single man. White corrugated metal siding clads become the exterior of the modern farmhouse, while locally sourced pines from local lumberyard in Austin, Texas, United States become interior wall of this simple gable roof house.
The interior of this modern farmhouse design also has practical structure, such as stair treads become bookshelves, subfloor is exposed as flooring and ceiling, shiplap pine separates interior rooms.
The $100 million budget increase is expected to be wholly funded by budgeted funds flow and proceeds received from the exercise of warrants. DECC has also revealed that electricity and gas prices kept on increasing, with a 5.5% and a 13% rise respectively. When combined, the South East, North West and East regions account for nearly two-thirds of England’s renewable capacity.

Worth mentioning is that the first tender was focused on Nestos river, Evros river, Samothraki and Chios islands. Beside the main structure, every elements inside this house carefully selected so it’s achieve energy-efficient and low maintenance concept, including the system inside such as: plumbing systems, electrical systems, mechanical systems (stand-alone dehumidifier and an energy-recovery ventilator). In the second storey that is attic roof space for bedroom, the roof space increased by creating dormer. Birchcliff also announces a $100 million increase to its 2014 budget and an increase in exit production guidance to approximately 40,000 boe per day. The simplicity but practical design and materials bring durable construction for this farmhouse architecture.

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