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Feng Shui is fascinating to me and I am interested in learning more about how to improve the energy in our homes through interior design. Cristin Zegers {yep, spelled just like me!} is a Feng Shui Consultant and Mom of three based in the Atlanta, Georgia area. Feng Shui has been around for centuries and the essence of this ancient practice is just as applicable today as it has ever been. Being mindful of these five Feng Shui guidelines in the arrangement and everyday inhabitance of your home can result in abundance you haven’t recognized before. I enjoy working with energy in rooms, houses, work spaces and landscapes.The combined energy within these spaces and an energetic personality are a winning combination for a designer to have.
I feel like #2 spoke to me about a set of breakfast chairs I had custom made (read: non returnable and expensive) that have always BOTHERED me and make me cringe. The ease with which electrons can be removed from an atom is an important indicator of the atom's chemical behavior. The second ionization energy, I2, is the energy needed to remove the second electron, and so forth, for successive removals of additional electrons.
A second important feature of Table 7.2 is the sharp increase in ionization energy that occurs when an inner-shell electron is removed.
We have seen that the ionization energy for a given element increases as we remove successive electrons.
Within each group, the ionization energy generally decreases with increasing atomic number. The representative elements show a larger range of values of I1 than do the transition metal elements. The periodic trends in the first ionization energies of the representative elements are illustrated in Figure 7.7.
Figure 7.7 First ionization energies for the representative elements in the first six periods. We can readily explain the trends in ionization energy by considering the factors that affect how strongly an electron is attracted to an atom. Referring to a periodic table, arrange the following atoms in order of increasing first ionization energy: Ne, Na, P, Ar, K. SOLUTION We will use the relative positions of the elements and the trends to predict the order of the ionization energies of the five elements. This site contains some fancy animation, but your computer can't quite handle it so it has been automatically disabled. I have mentioned in previous blog posts that being healthy, happy, and loving yourself includes using healthy coping strategies. Many studies have shown that smiling releases endorphins, natural pain killers, and serotonin.
Mmmmm…smiling can be a very effective coping strategy, and, it also makes you look beautiful. She believes that our homes are our havens and should embrace us, reflect us, and inspire us.
Looking upon your place and your belongings with gratitude creates that positive glow you recognize.

One of the amazing things about Feng Shui, intuition and design is that they work as a team. When you lift the energy to an elevated level with clients and their spaces everyone benefits. The ionization energy of an atom or ion is the minimum energy required to remove an electron from the ground state of the isolated gaseous atom or ion. For example, consider silicon, whose electron configuration is 1s22s22p63s23p2 or [Ne]3s23p2. The red dots mark the beginning of a period (alkali metals), and the blue dots mark the end of a period (noble gases).
What trends do we observe in the ionization energies as we move from one element to another in the periodic table?
The alkali metals show the lowest ionization energy in each row, and the noble gases the highest. Generally, the ionization energies of the transition elements increase slowly as we proceed from left to right in a period. The ionization energy generally increases from left to right and decreases from top to bottom. The energy needed to remove an electron from the outer shell depends on both the effective nuclear charge and the average distance of the electron from the nucleus. For example, the decrease in ionization energy from beryllium ([He]2s2) to boron ([He]2s22p1) occurs because the electrons in the filled 2s orbital are more effective at shielding the electrons in the 2p subshell than they are at shielding each other. One of my favorite strategies to use when I am feeling negative or off balance is smiling or laughing for no other reason than to effect change in my biological state. Using the ancient practice of Feng Shui and her own intuitive guidance, Cristin strives to empower people with the knowledge they need to create spaces that nurture them and support the work they do within themselves every day. We can’t quite put our finger on it, but it’s welcoming and comfortable, and lingering for hours in this space just leaves us feeling good. When you lay in bed, sit at your desk, and relax in your favorite chair, make sure you can see the entrance to the room.
It makes people want to be there, and it’s an environment that supports your goals and dreams. Especially the sitting, lying down part, the clutter and the keeping things in order!Beautiful images! The first ionization energy, I1, is the energy needed to remove the first electron from a neutral atom.
This trend arises because the positive nuclear charge that provides the attractive force remains the same, whereas the number of electrons, which produce repulsive interactions, steadily decreases. The f-block metals, which are not shown in Figure 7.6, also show only a small variation in the values of I1.
Either increasing the effective nuclear charge or decreasing the distance from the nucleus increases the attraction between the electron and the nucleus. This is essentially the same reason that in many-electron atoms, the 2p orbital is at a higher energy than the 2s (Figure 6.24).
When you feel your eyes fill with the energy of your smile, begin to send your smile energy down throughout your body.

Everything you own should lift your spirits, and if it doesn’t, pass it along so maybe it can do that for someone else.
As a result, the effective nuclear charge experienced by the remaining electrons increases.
As this attraction increases, it becomes harder to remove the electron and thus the ionization energy increases.
The decrease in ionization energy on going from nitrogen ([He]2s22p3) to oxygen ([He]2s22p4) is due to repulsion of paired electrons in the p4 configuration.
The words Feng Shui actually translate to wind and water—kind of like the unseen and the seen. The greater the effective nuclear charge, the greater the energy required to remove an electron. The large jump in energy occurs because the inner-shell 2p electron is much closer to the nucleus and experiences a much greater effective nuclear charge than do the valence-shell 3s and 3p electrons.
As we move across a period, there is both an increase in effective nuclear charge and a decrease in atomic radius, causing the ionization energy to increase.
Because Ne is above Ar in group 8A, we expect Ne to exhibit the greater ionization energy (I1 decreases as we move from top to bottom).
A cluttered home equals a cluttered mind, so start purging with abandon and see how much freer you feel. So if you’ve been looking at that coffee table and cringing for years, here’s your permission to take it to the curb (or the donation center). Every element exhibits a large increase in ionization energy when electrons are removed from its noble-gas core.
However, as we move down a column, the atomic radius increases, while the effective nuclear charge remains essentially constant.
Similarly, K is the alkali metal directly below Na in group 1A, so we expect I1 for K to be less than that of Na.
This observation supports the idea that only the outermost electrons, those beyond the noble-gas core, are involved in the sharing and transfer of electrons that give rise to chemical bonding and reactions. Thus, the attraction between the nucleus and the electron decreases in this direction, causing the ionization energy to decrease. Feel the energy in your lungs as you breath, your heart as it beats, your stomach and other internal organs, etc. The inner electrons are too tightly bound to the nucleus to be lost from the atom or even shared with another atom.
After doing this for a bit, with a smile, meditate on and feel gratitude, love (love for all humanity and every living thing, and self love), and peacefulness.

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