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The Integrated Student Health Center, located at the main campus in Klamath Falls, provides general medical care for illnesses and accidents, medical referral, counseling and wellness programs.
Spectrum Health Medical Group is using architecture to help facilitate service integration and nowhere is that more apparent than at this facility, the Beltline Integrated Care Center, BICC. A switch-back monumental stair, located in the open lobby next to the elevator, under a large skylight visually connects all three floors and the lower level, increasing the transparency from level to level as it brings natural light deep into the building. Innovations: Continued evolution of architecture to facilitate “true” integration of services. Mission The mission of the Oregon Tech Integrated Student Health Center is to support students by providing tools which encourage them to be knowledgeable about and actively invested in the benefits of self-care and choosing well to maintain their physical and emotional wellness. Please be reassured that we do not share information with anyone unless you give us permission.
Pram as a result of her lifelong desire to share the benefits of a natural lifestyle with others.

Floor to ceiling window walls welcome abundant daylight and offer views into the neighboring woods.
The treatment philosophy is based on working with you as a whole person rather than simply a patient with a collection of symptoms. Adaptations for this project include randomly spaced panels of clear and frosted glass on the building’s 320-foot long facade. Improved support for collaborative and coordinated care and increased patient privacy as providers’ charting, and care records are separated from patients. In addition to increasing patient satisfaction and provider efficiencies, the facility is also designed to enhance care-giver interaction.
In addition to offering visual interest as they emulate DNA code, they provide privacy and minimize glare. It utilizes architecture to shift the care-giver culture from solo, silo practices to an integrated team model as team pods located across the “back of the house” connected with each other through an open hallway running the length of the building.

Patient satisfaction surveys are conducted bi-annually and constructive suggestions are incorporated into our operation. Abundant natural light clear sight lines from the parking lot to patient waiting areas and easily navigated check-in kiosks all combine to reduce patient anxiety; one of the facility’s main goals.
If you have concerns relating to the quality of care or service provided, let the Integrated Student Health Center know immediately. All concerns will be reviewed in an effort to improve and enhance the quality of care and services provided.

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