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Integrative Thinking is a decision making approach for complex problems based on finding new, creative solutions rather than merely choosing the best solution from a list of alternatives. The concept of Integrative Thinking originates from cognitive psychology and from several contemporary business leaders and management thinkers. Many people consider integrative thinking as a consequential criticism to formal Strategic Planning.
Similarly to the earlier Lateral Thinking and Design Thinking approaches, Integrative Thinking is also based on Abductive Reasoning.
In his 1999 article The Art of Integrative Thinking, Roger Martin, Dean of Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto argues the main limitation of critical or analytical thinking is the impossibility to provide new creative ideas as long as managers are focused on analyzing contexts already known to them.
Often decision making is not only related to finding the best solution by choosing the most suitable alternative. Martin came to this concept in his attempt to map how decisions have been taken by successful contemporary business leaders. Your imagination capacity: just like when you are dreaming, when thinking to a solution let your brain explore any new opportunity and try to envision future directions they could take.
In today's dynamic environment, to stay competitive continuous innovations and new ideas are important.
This presentation focuses on creative thinking as a useful tool for dealing with complex business issues. This comprehensive presentation clearly outlines the different models used in reasoning processes.
This presentation explains the most common thinking mechanisms for efficient problem solving along with examples. Therapy, counseling, & psychotherapeutic treatment works by learning to open up and talk about difficult problems, process painful emotions, and to explore areas of vulnerability while trying out new behaviors. After you begin to explore difficult problems and emotions, then other techniques or approaches might be used to make changes.
Curriculum Challenge: How can we improve students’ ability to integrate, apply and adapt their learning in different contexts? One solution: Create an Award that will value integrative learning and encourage students to show how they are integrating and using their learning in a range of contexts across the whole of their experience while they are at university.
Fostering students’ abilities to integrate learning—across courses, over time, and between campus and community life—is one of the most important goals and challenges of higher education. Integrative learning does not just happen, although it may come more easily for some students than for others.
Four brief essays explore ways in which colleges and universities can foster integrative learning through curriculum, assessment, pedagogy, and faculty development, using examples from campuses participating in the Integrative Learning Project. Editors Mary Taylor Huber, Cheryl Brown, Pat Hutchings, Richard Gale, Ross Miller, and Molly Breen (January 2007). Tip: To turn text into a link, highlight the text, then click on a page or file from the list above.
Traditionally, researchers in different fields have banded together, leading to ever-evolving but separate lines of work. This kind of integrative research is highlighted in a recent article published in Current Directions in Psychological Science, whose authors Annie Bernier, Celia Matte-Gagne, and Andree-Anne Bouvette-Turcot (University of Montreal) have reached across cognitive, biological, and social-emotional fields to investigate the connections between relational experiences and neural maturation in early life.
Using a variety of methods and measures, the researchers examined direct and indirect associations among children’s quality of sleep, their executive functioning (EF), and their caregiving relationships.
From a broader perspective, these results indicate that if children can establish secure attachments with their caregivers, these relationships may help their biological development to unfold naturally.
The findings also point to several factors that may protect children from genetic vulnerabilities or the effects of less than ideal environments. The authors stress that the next step will involve moving toward longitudinal designs and observational measures with genotyping, brain imaging, and intervention studies, underscoring the need for future work and further integration in this and all areas of psychology. This work by Bernier and colleagues is just one example of integrative research that has added to our understanding of psychological phenomena.
Throughout her distinguished 30-year career, Past APS Board Member Varda Shoham was deeply involved in improving the training for the next generation of clinical scientists. Traditionally, there are three branches of methodology: quantitative (numeric data), qualitative (observational or interview data), and mixed methods (using both types of data).
In the blossoming world of open science, what’s the best way to help other scientists review your data and attempt to replicate your findings? Integrative Psychotherapy embraces an attitude towards the practice of psychotherapy that affirms the inherent value of each individual. Integrative Psychotherapy also refers to the bringing together of the affective, cognitive, behavioral, and physiological systems within a person, with an awareness of the social and transpersonal aspects of the systems surrounding the person. The aim of an integrative psychotherapy is to facilitate wholeness such that the quality of the person's being and functioning in the intrapsychic, interpersonal and sociopolitical space is maximized with due regard for each individual's own personal limits and external constraints. Within this framework it is recognized that integration is a process to which therapists also need to commit themselves. The Institute for Integrative Psychotherapy is approved by the American Psychological Association to sponsor continuing education for psychologists, by the National Board of Certified Counselors for counselors and by the American Board of Examiners in Pastoral Counseling for pastoral counselors.
I was talking last week with one of our pharmacy students who is interested in complementary medicines, an area of therapeutics that recognizes integrative health approaches developed outside of mainstream Western, or conventional, medicine. Then, over the weekend, I encountered what might be an example of a potential complementary therapeutic modality – – the Emerald City Supporters.
We met the ECS group outside the stadium during the tailgate time prior to the game – a little beer and a lot of fan talk about which players would make it to the game.
The National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health studies which complementary medicine approaches are most popular among adults. Our series on SOS would not be complete without a discussion of the ever-popular coconut oil.
With its reputation as a quick energy fix and weight loss aid, coconut oil seems to do it all. And did you know that your DNA may actually be a contributing factor to how your body gains and loses weight?
This is part two in our SOS series, which explores the use of sugars, oils and salt in our diet. While we have all heard about its addictive, negative qualities, the topic of sugar is still a confusing one.

Integrative medicine is the MOST advanced form of medicine, which is currently available today. It seeks to identify and address the root causes of disease, and views the body as one integrated-interconnected system, not a collection of independent organs divided up by specific diseases or medical specialties.
The true power of Integrative medicine comes from the fact that it is based on a philosophy that neither rejects conventional medicine nor accepts alternative medicine uncritically, because both have strengths and weaknesses. For example, if someone is diagnosed with hypertension, it doesn't mean you know what's really wrong with you!
So, if you go to your doctor, and they discover you have high blood pressure, most likely you will end up with an anti-hypertensive medication. Integrative medicine does exactly that, seeking to identify and address the root causes of disease. INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE practitioners usually spend time with their patients, listening to their histories and looking at the interactions among genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors that can influence long-term health and complex, chronic disease. Unfortunately, the reality is that there's a huge gap between research and the way doctors practice. Integrative medicine physicians seek to narrow that gap and to offer cutting edge treatments to their patients without having to wait for traditional medicine to catch up. In 1994 Henry Mintzberg in his book Rise and Fall of Strategic Planning, argues that key to complex problem solving is Synthesis instead of mere analysis. Other influences on the development of Integrative Thinking as a management methodology, comes from Argyris and Schon’s concept of Organizational Learning.
In other words, when we are faced with a complex problem, what we can expect from a analysis is the generation of a definite number of solutions structured according to our existing knowledge and experience.
In fact, the majority of complex issues require an innovative solution that draws just in the middle of the most suitable alternatives.
He interviewed a group of around 50 CEOs of innovative companies across many different industries, trying to identifying common behaviors in their decision making process. Attentively explore causal relationships between salient factors for your decision and eventual choices. At this phase you have to decide what is in and what is out, in terms of elements necessary for a decision and their priorities in a timeline.
Effective therapeutic treatment and counseling often requires going into these areas to experience true healing.  In my Santa Rosa psychotherapy practice, I always make it my first priority to create a warm, safe, and nurturing place for true therapeutic treatment.
This side can facilitate presence, observation, and curiosity about internal experiences or reactions to situations and events (rather than getting caught up or stuck in the reaction, they pass through you). From this perspective I might help orient you to the here and now of what you are experiencing in the moment. The undergraduate experience can be a fragmented landscape of general education courses, preparation for the major, co-curricular activities, and “the real world” beyond the campus. Significant knowledge within individual disciplines serves as the foundation, but integrative learning goes beyond academic boundaries. Whether one is talking about making connections within a major, between fields, between curriculum and co-curriculum, or between academic knowledge and practice, integrative learning requires work. Integrative Learning in the Sciences: Decision Making at the Intersection of Science Knowledge and Student Beliefs and Values. However, there is now an increasing awareness that much can be learned by combining knowledge across a wide range of psychological and biological disciplines. Their findings showed that secure attachments between parents and children lead to better sleep, which in turn leads to better EF (including the regulation of behavior and emotions).
Good-quality sleep may serve the same function, as the researchers found that infants with more mature sleep patterns exhibited better EF performance 4 years later — even when controlling for prior EF and general cognition. For instance, mature sleep patterns appear to buffer children against the effects of low maternal sensitivity, and high-quality parenting improves the impulse control of children in low-socioeconomic-status households.
The increasing interest in bringing together varied fields of research has led APS, in conjunction with an international network of scientists and scientific organizations, to spearhead a new international convention highlighting and encouraging integrative psychological research.
It is a unifying psychotherapy that responds appropriately and effectively to the person at the affective, behavioral, cognitive, and physiological levels of functioning, and addresses as well the spiritual dimension of life. It refers to the process of integrating the personality: taking disowned, unaware, or unresolved aspects of the self and making them part of a cohesive personality, reducing the use of defense mechanisms that inhibit spontaneity and limit flexibility in problem solving, health maintenance, and relating to people, and re-engaging the world with full contact.
These concepts are utilized within a perspective of human development in which each phase of life presents heightened developmental tasks, need sensitivities, crises, and opportunities for new learning. The psychodynamic, client-centered, behaviorist, cognitive, family therapy, Gestalt therapy, body-psychotherapies, object relations theories, psychoanalytic self psychology, and transactional analysis approaches are all considered within a dynamic systems perspective.
The Institute for Integrative Psychotherapy maintains responsibility for this program and its content.
Integrative health and medicine seeks to coordinate these complementary approaches with conventional treatments to improve patient care. He, my daughter and grandson visited us in Denver over what happened to be the weekend when the Seattle Sounders were playing the Colorado Rapids. And when Seattle finally scored – which only happened once later in the game – we sang our team songs and cheered for Seattle. The first in this series discussed sugar while today we turn our attention to the subject of sugar substitutes. It is an intelligent combination of conventional medicine with alternative medicine to help patients achieve optimal health and wellness. You can take all the medication you want, which usually just masks your symptoms, but doesn't treat the underlying problems.
A great deal of emphasis is on preventative medicine and treatments that will have positive long-term effects on your health. The gap between emerging research in basic sciences and integration into medical practice is enormous-as long as 40 to 50 years!
At MCCI we are constantly striving to provide the best that is offered in the field of medicine.
To generate such solutions it is important to eliminate barriers to creativity (fed by rational analysis) and think of new, not yet explored, ideas. The outcome was that most of this people based their decision on creating new models and ideas instead of choosing the appropriate ones among those already existing. When we are modeling, the more variables there are, the more complexity and work is introduced.

Do not limit your analysis to linear relationships but extend it to non-linear causality and multidirectional causal relationships. An approach suggested is similar to that one used by painters: still considering the whole, bring the most relevant parts in the foreground and put the secondary ones in the background. To facilitate this process, as a professional psychologist, I accept and never judge what you discuss.
But an emphasis on integrative learning can help undergraduates put the pieces together and develop habits of mind that prepare them to make informed judgments in the conduct of personal, professional, and civic life. Indeed, integrative experiences often occur as learners address real-world problems, unscripted and sufficiently broad to require multiple areas of knowledge and multiple modes of inquiry, offering multiple solutions and benefiting from multiple perspectives. Of course, students must play the most important role in making this happen, but their success depends in large part on commitment and creativity from professors, staff, and administration.
Public Report of the Integrative Learning Project sponsored by the Association of American Colleges and Universities and The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching. This new focus on integrative work is especially evident in the growing body of research showing that our brains, biology, and environments are not independent — each influences, and is influenced by, the others. The inaugural International Convention of Psychological Science (ICPS), which will be held March 12–14, 2015, in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, is a first-of-its-kind international conference. Each provides a partial explanation of behavior and each is enhanced when selectively integrated with other aspects of the therapist's approach. However, although a focus on personal growth in the therapist is essential, there needs also to be a commitment to the pursuit of knowledge in the area of psychotherapy and its related fields. They dressed me up as a Seattle Sounders fan, complete with an official green and blue fan scarf.
Then we marched into the stadium singing a collection of fan songs set to some traditional tunes.
It was less about winning and more about the struggle, being with friends, and keeping the faith. It is also not meant as a substitute for seeking out medical advice from a medical professional for diagnosis or treatment. Treating the symptom, high blood pressure, without addressing the root cause, is not true healing. For this reason quite a few managers arrive at the wrong decisions as they try to reproduce a simplified model of reality to test their decisions.
When sequencing try to avoid breaking problems into sub-problems, as it may mean losing some relevant causal relationships indispensable for the whole problem resolution.
Compassion and understanding have been the principles guiding my Santa Rosa Psychology Practice for over 20 years. From this perspective I often borrow from my training at the CG Jung Institute in San Francisco, where I completed my internship.
While reflection is welcomed and encouraged, I can be interactive and practical in my approach. Edited by Mary Taylor Huber, Cheryl Brown, Pat Hutchings, Richard Gale, Ross Miller, and Molly Breen.
ICPS will feature a wide range of integrative science symposia, skill building workshops, and poster presentations.
Through integration, it becomes possible for people to face each moment openly and freshly without the protection of a pre-formed opinion, position, attitude, or expectation.
The psychotherapy interventions used in Integrative Psychotherapy are based on developmental research and theories describing the self-protective defenses used when there are interruptions in normal development. There is a particular ethical obligation on integrative psychotherapists to dialogue with colleagues of diverse orientations and to remain informed of developments in the field. We went to the game early so we could meet up with the Emerald City Supporters, or ECS, the Seattle Sounders fan group. KLIX, LLC -- Easy Drug Card does not recommend or advocate any prescription medication, specific pharmacy or other information that is shared on our website.
If you do not address all the root causes, you most likely will never attain true optimal health: continuing to depend on medications can potentially have long term negative side effects. Their attempt to reduce complexity results in the ignorance of certain information and variables which may be relevant for the problem solving. I do not just sit there saying nothing while you feel uncomfortable and do not know what to say.
Using psychodynamic techniques you discover and work through past issues to address the underlying ones that are still active. Rice is a professor of Pharmacology emeritus at the East Tennessee State University Quillen College of Medicine and Professor of Clinical Pharmacy at the University of Colorado Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences.
Integrative thinkers suggest instead to embrace complexity and consider as many variables as possible.
I help search and explore what is going on inside to get to the heart of things, to find answers. Includes sections that refer to projects at Carleton (Carleton's Integrative Learning Team and Trish Ferrett's integrative seminar pedagogy ).
Every so many rows, someone would stand on their seat and turn around to lead those further up the stands.
Managers should not limit their job only to inclusion or exclusion of variables, but establish also relevance of those factors salient for their decision.
A few rows ahead, a fan named Sarah – a true fan has Sounders tattoos – was leading us and barely got to watch any of the game.
He is a Board Certified Pharmacotherapy Specialist and practices in the ambulatory care and community pharmacy settings. Relying on their ability to perceive – sensitivity - and on their capacity to compare and contrast – discrimination - they should try to spot and assess salient factors. Professor Rice is the author of Understanding Drug Action: An introduction to pharmacology (APhA, 2014) and is a fellow of the American Pharmacists Association.

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