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How to measure your wind resistance while cycling, so that you can see how hard you're really working!The Arduino reads the real-time airspeed as measured by a compact Pitot tube + airspeed sensor connected to analog input 0, and reports it back to the iOS app using Bluetooth LE. Protect gardens and yards from common animal intruders.Keep these unwanted visitors away with a motion activated sprinkler system. As a fanatical gardener or a professional farmer, knowing the environmental conditions of our soil is invaluable. People working in sewers and underground mines or other mining industries often have respiratory disorders due to the type of air present in the working atmosphere. We've all seen those big 'wrought' iron weather vanes that you stick on the top of your house and annoy the whole village with their squeaky nerve grating motion. Version 30-April-2016What is this instructable about?The aim of this project was to construct a simple and inexpensive device that allows the measurement of the color composition of a solution, i.e. It feels awesome sleeping in front of Evaporative Air Cooler as everyone prefers natural Air. Are you like me interested in technology and always wanted to use one of those heavy chips called FPGA's? In this video i will be showing you how to build a circuit that will switch on a light when it gets dark. Project Introduction:This is an instructable to demonstrate how to use bare conductive ink with the bare conductive board. The idea of this project is to detect whenever a person leaves a room empty and if the fans or lights are on then he will get a ping on his smartphone through an app . This project can be used mainly in kitchen to detect any gas leakage if there and give an fire alarm if any fire detected.(built on bolt iot)#boltiot#techniche Materials required 1. This Instructable shows how to build a car safety system which restrains people from drunk driving and immediately requests an Uber by providing them your accurate GPS location. The Objective:This project was carried out to help monitor the health and well being of bees in a remote beehive location that could in theory be located almost anywhere in the world.

Imagine if you never had to worry about running out of your favorite things, because a new package of them would arrive just before you did!That's the idea of NeverOut - the internet connected scale. This tutorial covers how to import and process data recorded with the 'Sensorsteam IMU+GPS' application developed by Axel Lorenz. This Distance Alert uses ultra-sonic to measure distance between the ultra-sonic and the obstacles faces it or what you may uses a led connected to an arduino uno board,as the obstacles be in range the led will light up. Power.Tune Electricity Saver , Plug n Saved - Here is a smart way to save 10% - 25% of your electrical bill. HydroCoolSave helps minimize 20-30% of your electric bills (for air conditioning machines only) . HB500 series is one of our latest fuel saver save your fuel by generating hydrogen gas.The hydrogen gas will replace part of your fuel to save your petrol bill.
XPOWER ENGINE UP, ( save fuel 15%-40% )OPINION of CONSUMER ABOUT PRODUCT of X POWERX POWER TYPE XP-4000, Mr. Do not post business enquiry here, click Get a quote to contact the supplier if you want to buy it. As soon as they step into your lawn, a passive infrared motion sensor detects the intruder and turns on the sprinkler to chase them away. For example, In my country the workers often have to enter manholes or sewers to clean them. Are you interested in vision and robotics?My goal was to bring FPGA vision to the people, accessible to everyone.
I also explain how the circuit works.If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.Check my youtube channel for more awesome projects!!
Also, the lights and fans can be switched off by using the app itself rather than going back inside the room. This project was a part of a workshop conducted by BOLT IoT at IIT Guwahati sponsored by Techniche. There are a couple of different variables that we are monitoring but will only cover light in this segment.

Just try this !This instructable gives you a way to detect if there is a live wire nearby without contact. If you need help with recording and saving data with this app, click here to read my previous post. This specific app can be used to collect basic data such as GPS coordinates, accelerometer values, gyroscope values and many others. Through collection and analysis of data, we discover historical trends to make predictions about future events.
We started by drawing a pixel, and from there we were able to draw lines, rectangles, squares, and circles.
For make these palaces secure many peoples keep guards and many people prefer electronic security systems.
While you thank this marvel of engineering hold your horses, It might be trying to Kill You !!!!. It can communicate with other chips using either SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface) or I2C (Inter-Integrated Circuit) communication protocol. And Another Step in Theft Protection with this Ultra Simple Project Measuring only 4cm Length.
The device will automatically adjust the electric unit by slower the meter, stop the meter, reverse backward the meter, retard the movement. B4-88 End User device is very intelligent knowing how to help you save electric bill each month.

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