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H1b visa 2015 lottery predictions - uscis data, trends, Big question, “will there be h1b visa 2015 lottery?” h1b 2015 season is over. While i am not a fan of the website, i have many clients that use visa bulletin priority date estimator to guess at movement within the visa bulletin.. Copyright © 2012 Autos Post, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. The Department of Health and Human Services has issued the 2016 federal poverty guidelines.
Department state releases september 2015 visa bulletin, The september 2015 visa bulletin shows a large retrogression of visa numbers for eb-2 china and india.
January 2016 visa bulletin prediction - trackitt, With the december 2015 bulletin out, let's predict for the next bulletin. January 2016 visa bulletin official insights and predictions, January 2016 visa bulletin official insights and predictions.
On December 14, 2015, USCIS released an updated Visa Bulletin chart listing the dates to file adjustment of status applications starting in January, 2016. AILA regularly checks in with Charlie Oppenheim, who is the Department of State’s expert on Visa Bulletin numbers into mid-2010 before the end of this fiscal year in September 2016. The Department of State’s (DOS) January 2016 Visa Bulletin showed minor movements in the employment-based visa categories.

Tagged with: dos visa bulletin january 2016, dos visa bulletin january 2014, dos visa bulletin january 2015, dos visa bulletin january 2013, department of state visa bulletin january 2014, department of state visa bulletin january 2015, department of state visa bulletin january 2013, us department of state visa bulletin january 2014, us department of state visa bulletin january 2015. If you are one of the large number persons negatively affected by these changes, you can console yourself by thanking God that you were not born in either Mexico or the Philippines, where the waiting times are considerably longer.
There will be no similar retrogression in the employment-based categories come January, probably because the U.S.
Will the Congress be more sympathetic to legal immigrants who remain separated from their spouses and parents for years simply because they are abiding by the rules? Nothing on this website or associated pages, documents, comments, answers, e-mail, articles or other communications should be taken as legal advice for any individual case or situation. Please visit the Department of State website for full details.If you have a question for an Albany immigration attorney about the Department of State Visa Bulletin or other immigration matter, please contact the Law Office of Brian Wang.
Department of State (DOS) released its January 2016 Visa Bulletin highlighting the processing dates for employment- and family based green card applications. The US Visa Bulletin for January 2016, issued by the Department of State (DoS), showed movement in dates to allow for earlier processing of employment based immigrant visas in some cases. The most significant movement was in the Indian EB-2 category which advanced by another 8 months, to Feb. Those movements have resulted in a dramatic increase in the level of applicant demand received in recent months.

If you are a permanent resident and wish to sponsor your husband or wife who was born in Mexico, be prepared to be separated nearly 6 years. The responses and information are intended to be general and should not be relied upon for any specific situation.
The story is much, much worse in the 2A category (spouses and children of permanent residents), where the wait expands from a mere 4 months to 3 years, a 9-fold increase. This has required the retrogression of many Family preference cut-off dates for January in an effort to hold number use within the various numerical limits. For Filipinos, most of the waiting times for family members will be an incredible 12 to 23 years come 2011. Join over 60,000 persons in more than 150 countries in subscribing to our FREE monthly e-mail newsletter. Further retrogressions cannot be ruled out should demand continue at the current levels” (emphasis added).

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