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In Reiki 2nd degree you learn additional applications, for example how to address psychological issues. At the core of the training, and unique to this practice, is a series of initiations, also called empowerments or attunements, which are believed to connect the student to primordial consciousness, the intelligence that permeates creation, maintaining life-sustaining functions and directing complex cellular processes, and which is the source of subtle Reiki vibration.
Perhaps the changes and the exclusion of certain techniques in the West have even been necessary to enable millions of people from another culture have access to this tool. The success of the Western Reiki seems to confirm that the modifications applied did not hurt the system; at least this applies to the schools that have adhered to the contents of the Western or Takata Reiki.
For many years of Reiki practice, regardless of the merits and achievements through the regular Western Reiki treatments I kept wondering about the original context, the Usui Reiki Ryoho. With Chiyoko Yamaguchi's son Tadao I have learned the first and second degree in the Usui Reiki Ryoho in 2008. The presentations, usually lasting 1 - 2 hours, are a great way to find out more about Reiki and the master who is presenting them. In the course you get a thourough overview of the Reiki philosophy and the historical background. You get an insight into the Japanese culture and Japanese Buddhism, where it is relevant to Reiki. You learn techniques for enhancing the sensitivity in your hands, and how to apply Reiki in cases of emergency. Then we go in detail into the Byosen concept, which describes the accumulation of waste products and toxins in the body. You get an overview of the different types of symbols used in Japan and you learn the first Shirushi (which is a symbol that is drawn by hand). In group treatments, as a practitioner you learn to sense Byosen, as a receiver you can observe and enjoy the effects of Reiki onto your body and mind. Prerequisite: Shoden course with a teacher who has been approved by the Jikiden Reiki Institute. During the seminar you will receive Reiju, the original form of Reiki attunement, for 2x more times. To better understand the context of the advanced techniques, we make a further digression into Buddhism, Tantric Buddhism.
You learn the second Shirushi (symbol) in its original form, which stems from a Siddham style Sanskrit syllable and which is also drawn with the hands, and an associated multi-line mantra.
To become an approved Shihan (Teacher) of the Jikiden Reiki Institute, it is first necessary to become a certified Shihan-Kaku (Assistant Teacher) by attending the Shihan Kaku Training course. On achieving Shihan-Kaku status, students are expected to develop their skills by holding Shoden level Jikiden Reiki seminars. On passing the interview and subsequently attending the training course for Shihan, students will be authorized to hold Shoden and Okuden seminars. On a more personal note, you should agree with the objectives of the Jikiden Reiki Institute and honor its regulations and principles. It is an exciting experience for both parents and children, if the own children may treat the adults, an unusual role, in which both sides experience deep confidence and devotion. According to the legend founder Mikao Usui was searching for a tool helping to change what could be changed and helping to accept what could not be changed (the recipe for a happy life).

This connection is then available at any time, regardless the student's health, mental state or intention. The symbols and initiation rituals are not the same Usui Sensei and Hayashi Sensei have used. Undoubtedly this is related to the great importance of focus and intention, the core of every ritual and every symbol. The rules of the society are also strict and clear that no member shall publicly teach Reiki. Chiyoko Yamaguchi was taught the Usui Reiki Ryoho by Chujiro Hayashi, she became Shihan (teacher), and after the death of Chujiro Hayashi she decided to teach Reiki in public. I am deeply convinced that the Usui Reiki Ryoho healing art deserves to be passed on unchanged in all its mystery. We look in detail into the life of every representative in the Jikiden Reiki lineage (the direct transmitted, the authentic Japanese Teaching): the founder Mikao Usui, the researcher and physician Chujiro Hayashi and the Yamaguchi family with Wasaburo Sugano, uncle of Chiyoko Yamaguchi and coordinator for Dr. We deal with the background of specific Japanese syllables and phrases related to the teaching.
With a single such ritual you will get permanent access to Reiki for the rest of your life, however during Shoden you will receive it 3x.
Usui considered the five Reiki principles and the understanding of Byosen the most important aspects of the beginner level.
The first Shirushi has its origin in Shintoism and it serves the sole purpose of dissolving Byosen. You also learn Kekko, a massage-like treatment taught by Mikao Usui and further enhanced by Chujiro Hayashi because of his medical training.
Okuden is about treating the mind or psychological issues and also treating an absent person over distance. You are shown how to use these to treat bad habits or, in other words, do a mental treatment.
For this you get the original form of a jumon which is made up of five Kanji that are jammed into one another.
Around 6-12 months later, students who wish to continue will be required to attend an interview to asses their suitability to become a fully qualified Shihan, and to continue to work in the field of Jikiden Reiki. You should have the desire to actively participate in the promotion of Jikiden Reiki throughout the world. Where adults have a hard time to understand, kids enrich the world with pragmatic insights and a filial impartiality. As a prerequisite for participation at least one parent should have Reiki, and the child should want to have it.
Finally, a candle ceremony is performed, which was introduced by Chujiro Hayashi (Reiki Kokan). If you are interested you should ideally allow for at least 3-4 treatments within few days. It supports the self healing capabilities, is deeply relaxing and indeed the most natural form of meditation. Because of the deep relaxing effects for many practitioners this hour already became a kind of ritual.

There is lack of clarity about the origin of the symbols and their clearly defined application. After leaving the Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai Chujiro Hayashi had also taught in public over many years. With this workshop you have the opportunity to learn the beginner degree as taught by Mikao Usui and Chujiro Hayashi. After Shoden Usui expected a good development of a student, and that the student could clearly determine and understand the Byosen.
This is done with precision and deep knowledge of the subtleties of the Japanese language and forms a different kind of symbol, similar to a formula that will be drawn and spoken at the same time.
After the course, regular self-treatments or mutual treatments remain recommended, preferably daily.
In plain terms they show us that intellectual knowledge is not necessary for the effectiveness of Reiki. Perhaps the most important experience for kids is to no longer feel helpless with Reiki, whatever might happen. The kids should bring along their personal colored pencils, paper, a blanket, pillow and a snack for the lunch break. Nevertheless, the repeated receiving of Reiju is an enrichment that enhances one's relationship to the Reiki energy.
The Reiki community is very colorful, and the way Reiki is explained varies from seminar to seminar.
Everybody can learn Reiki, and the Reiki practice does require neither belief nor specific brainwork. Reiki practice is considered selfrevealing, and students are not taught Reiki as much as they are taught how to learn Reiki. Chiyoko Yamaguchi (1921-2003), the mother of Tadao Yamaguchi, learned Reiki in 1938 from Chujiro Hayashi sensei.
Hayashi was very fond of this technique as it supports the blood circulation and helps in the removal Byosen. After the course, regular self-treatments or mutual treatments are recommended, preferably daily.
Initiation at each level marks the beginning of study at that level, not the culmination of learning. Among other things they learn the self-treatment, later how to treat another kid from the group, also how to treat animals and plants.
In its essence it always stays the same, and the deep understanding will come with the own treatments. Reiki is just simple, and after the 2-days-seminar nobody ever in his life has to see his teacher again.

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