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Treatment for dietary protein-induced brain fog: dark chocolate with 3% GOS and 10% MCTs.  Who’s in? Brain is singing a different tune.  Ketones provide ample acetyl-CoA and are efficiently metabolized in the TCA cycle. Teleologically speaking (and I don’t really know what that word means), ketones are meant to spare glucose for the brain by replacing glucose as a fuel for peripheral tissues like skeletal muscle and displacing some brain glucose utilization. This could lead to elevated levels of glutamate (bad; excitotoxicity), but during ketosis, brain glutamate metabolism is apparently biased toward glutamine synthetase and GAD instead (both good). Glutamine synthetase (GS)  mops up excess ammonia, which is thought to be a cause of brain fog at moderate levels and encephalopathy at high levels. I suspect ammonia & glutamate are rather important in the etiology of brain fog due to the high sensitivity of Jane Plain’s brain to ketosis and dietary protein. Glutamate and gaba are two ways ketosis may impact brain fog, but dietary protein might do so by a different mechanism: ammonia. This entry was posted in Advanced nutrition, chocolate, coconut, diet, fiber, liver, microbiota, Protein and tagged bifidobacteria, chocolate, diet, fiber, GOS, microbiota, prebiotics. The really nice thing about PPAR-alpha, for us amateurs of genomics, is that its activity is simple and unambiguous.
PPAR-alpha is a transcription factor and a major regulator of lipid metabolism in the liver. Albumin drops as a result of liver disease; so if you had NAFLD and diabetic levels of NEFAs you might well see some of this toxicity? I'm thinking if it would make sense to mix dark chocolate and cocoa butter (I haven't been able to find the amount of MCT in it)? The bifidogenic effects of dark choc are likely attributable to something that in the cocoa nibs, beans, and cocoa powder (maybe the fiber, or some polyphenolic, etc.). Cocoa butter has a lot of stearate and probably no MCTs whereas coconut oil is somewhere around 70% MCTs. I have heard other mention that too and that it will be a problem eating shit again (but why would anyone?). I imagine if you go back on carbs there will be a period of extensive bloating & gas while the new regime of microbes take over. I will devote the next 6 months to understanding this, if for no other reason than to better defend my consumption of dark chocolate. My symptoms when I consume too much protein for too long are not really brain fog, it’s more like mental agitation , dysphoria, mental disorganization. I no longer feel I require probiotics but when I was using them before vitamin D3 and zinc definitely did help my emotional state. Classical herbal inulin supplements are chicory, dandelion, burdock roots, included in many herbal formulas despite having little drug activity except for dandelion. Biochemical a& metabolic mechanisms by which dietary whey protein may combat obesity and Type 2 diabetes. I also read just yesterday (in the Warrior Diet book) that l-glutamine on an empty stomach can pass through the blood-brain barrier without an estrogen wrapper–PERFECT for those in menopause! Glutamine supplementation may or may not work for this… or by that mechanism (ketosis-induced increased glutamine synthesis is probably the better route).
I have also found that I get into deeper ketosis (no meter–just going by breath here) and stay in ketosis longer through the night.
The impressive yield increase, however, goes along with a continued decrease in expected useful life and fertility. As an additional implication of a raised glucose level in the blood, important hormones—responsible for fertility processes—are also affected. Combi, we recommend a dose of 125 g per cow and day, starting with the 21st day before calving until the 80th day p.p.
In addition, it is possible to administer the product over a shorter period of time until the 30th day p.p. In order to have optimal health you will want to eat foods that maintain a stable blood sugar. When you reduce your carbohydrate intake enough you will inevitably have to increase your fat consumption.
Not only is Fat consumption and ketosis good for fat loss, it is also excellent for mental performance. For many athletes they have been told that carbohydrates are absolutely necessary for athletic performance.
There is an emerging field of research that shows the potential for ketosis preventing and possibly curing cancer (1). There is no doubt that there are many benefits to living in a state of ketosis and I have personally enjoyed them with my own experience. The field of research on ketosis will continue to develop over the years and I think it has excellent health benefits and possibilities.

SHEEP: 100ml morning and evening for the first day, followed by 50ml twice a day for 3 days.
Glycerine can help improve energy supply to high yielding dairy cows, both before and after calving and thereby have an impact on health and performance during the entire lactation. A short while back, Nina Teicholz discussed low carb ketogenic diets and plant-based diets with John Mackey. Three topics that could not be avoided in such a discussion: saturated fat, cholesterol, and carbohydrates. What are good calories?  They’re nutrient-dense and don’t generally lead to overeating… like the opposite of soda and junk food. I’m not saying you should crack open a can of Deluxe Mixed Nuts and sit down with nothing to do other than NOM NOM NOM ALL THE NUTZ.  I’m talking about a few nuts with a meal. In this study, the participants were instructed to eat a serving of almonds (~43g, ~245 kcal) daily for four weeks, at different times of the day (with breakfast, midmorning snack, lunch, or afternoon snack). Further, the participants clearly weren’t obesity resistant.  They were overweight, obese, or lean with a strong family history of type 2 diabetes. Another study tested ~350 kcal almonds daily for 10 weeks and concluded: “Ten weeks of daily almond consumption did not cause a change in body weight.
Strong study design; patient population was people who thought they were gluten sensitive (but definitely not celiac). 61 patients strongly suspected of NCGS started the trial, and one withdrew due to gluten-related symptoms in both the gluten and placebo groups. Two patients reacted just as selectively strongly to the placebo as the three “real” NCGS patients did to gluten.  Rice-starch sensitivity?
Active celiac samples responded significantly worse than those in remission, which is good as it functions as a positive control for the experimental protocol. This led some to conclude that gluten is bad for EVERYONE.  I’d say it means the assay is bollixed.  Occam’s razor? From what I gather, it’s been difficult to pinpoint the role of plants in the diet of our ancestors for a variety of reasons.
Fruits and veggies, fermented or otherwise, aren’t the only source of prebiotics in your diet.  Eat a whole sardine and some of the ligaments, tendons, bones, and cartilage will surely escape digestion to reach the distal intestine where they will be fermented by the resident microbes. These studies are about the prebiotics in a cheetah’s diet.  Cheetah’s are carnivores, and as such, they dine on rabbits, not rabbit food. As somewhat of a proof of concept study, Depauw and colleagues tried fermenting a variety of relatively non-digestible animal parts with cheetah fecal microbes (2012).
The positive control, fructooligosaccharides (FOS), was clearly the most fermentable substrate; however, glucosamine and chondroitin weren’t too far behind.
Glycosaminoglycans (glucosamine and chondroitin) are found in cartilage and connective tissues (ligaments and tendons) and may have been mediating some of these effects as they’re some of the carbiest parts of animal products. The authors also mentioned that the different fermentation rates in the first few hours suggests an adaptive component (some took a while to get going), or that certain substrates induced the proliferation of specific microbes. This is particularly noticeable for FOS (solid line), which is a plant fibre that wouldn’t really be present at high levels in a cheetah’s diet, so the microbes necessary to ferment it were probably not very abundant (initially). Depauw took this a step further and fed cheetahs either exclusively beef or whole rabbit for a month (2013). Bifidobacteria undoubtedly like resistant starch (RS).  They bind and hold on tight, an effect mediated by cell surface proteins. These mechanisms are likely not mutually exclusive, and both seem like they could benefit the host (us). I am fairly sure it is pathological and represents my baseline neurological abnormalities that make me vulnerable to mood disorder and mental illness (fact is fact: I have a ton of genetic risk markers for mental illness as confirmed by 23andme, and have a family history rife with it) pretty sure whatever happens in my mind is not normal and does not apply to people without these risk factors. The primary way ketosis controls seizures and bipolar disorder is related to partitioning glutamine into gaba and away from glutamate as well as affecting sodium channels to reduce excitatory tone. If consuming too many amino acids is overwhelming the ability of ketosis to modulate glutamate, it stands to reason directly consuming glycine will help the symptoms and decrease glutamate bias. Once insulin is elevated, free fatty acids are not exactly as available as without insulin.
Most of the glutamine ingested [on an empty stomach] will be metabolized by the intestinal epithelia. The following diagram shows the effect of Lutrell® Combi on the metabolism of a dairy cow.
Simple carbohydrates are the worst and generate massive spikes in blood sugar and subsequent insulin. When blood sugar is stable your body is getting all it needs for various functions and fueling the brain. Despite popular media and conventional wisdom, in almost every study low carbohydrate diets dominate. Your body will switch from using sugar as a primary fuel source to using fat as a primary fuel source.

The theory is that cancer relies on glucose as its energy source; remove the energy source and the cancer dies. If you are considering trying a ketogenic diet you should figure out what your objectives are and what you want to achieve. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Increasing ruminal propionate would increase the supply of the gluconeogenic substrate to the liver.
This was predominantly due to compensation for the energy contained in the almonds through reduced food intake from other sources” (Hollis and Mattes, 2007).
El n?mero 88 de la revista Rolling Stone realiza un reportaje en exclusiva de las 10.001 noches de la sala Bagdad. You don’t get that kind of clarity when you look at other transcription factors, like, say, NFkappa-beta, which is all over the place and majorly contingent. Synthetic ligands include the fibrate drugs, which are used to treat hyperlipidemia, and a diverse set of insecticides, herbicides, plasticizers, and organic solvents collectively referred to as peroxisome proliferators. If I might ask a simple, unrelated question –have you found any scientific evidence for my low carb dairy (ie cheese) might cause weight stalls or prevent weight loss in some individuals?
A raised level of blood sugar is actually quite damaging and generates systemic inflammation.
Ketosis is actually preferable for endurance athletes as it prolongs energy by utilizing both glycogen and body fat stores. Many people will find it very easy to adhere to the ketogenic diet and achieve very good results. Anecdotally, previously I could get acid reflux from eating even small amounts of pure tallow whereas I now can eat it in any amount I like without any issues. It is always worse the further from sleep I am, and if I can go to sleep sometimes I will wake up and it is gone…but it may prevent sleep and it will worsen progressively. You actually could try some experiment: have whey shakes for 2 weeks, and then switch to casein shakes for the same amount of time. Your body converts dietary and body fat into ketone bodies, which are actually the preferred fuel source for many organs and muscles in your body (1) including the brain.
A wide variety of evidence suggests that the ketogenic diet could have beneficial disease-modifying effects in epilepsy and also in a broad range of neurological disorders characterized by death of neurons. Cancer is now being considered to be a disease of metabolic dysfunction rather than previously viewed as a genetic abnormality. Fat theoretically has a glycemic index of zero and will have almost no effect on blood sugar.
If you have restricted your carbohydrate intake or have exercised rigorously these storages sites will have capacity.
In the state of ketosis many people find their energy levels will remain stable and that fat very easily melts off your body. Blood flow to the brain also increases during ketosis and has been shown to increase by 39%.
Weight lifters and sprinters will still require carbohydrates to replace glycogen stores after intense workouts. Assessment of the use of the Startvac® vaccine on a dairy farm affected by environmental mastitis6.
Eating a diet of predominantly protein and fat, with some complex carbohydrates (like vegetables) will help maintain a stable blood sugar. However, if they are full your body has no choice but to convert the excess blood sugar into body fat.
But will still have comparable performance simply using the glycogen stores within the body.
You may do just as well by having a low-moderate carbohydrate intake in the form of complex carbohydrates which have a low glycemic index.
Sugar can be viewed as rocket fuel for quick spontaneous power and fat as a wood burning stove for long consistent energy.
It is something you can experiment with to see how you feel and perform and get a better sense of what it is like.
Report on multifocal assays for the development of the STARTVAC® vaccine according to a new protocol8. Imagine the storage sites are your gas tank in your car, you can only fill it up so much and if you keep pumping when the tank’s full, gasoline will overflow and spill everywhere.

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