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Signs and symptoms There is often a pre-outbreak sensation of tingling or mild sensitivity around the mouth or the genitals, which is followed by the appearance of painful blister type vesicles which eventually burst leaving tender ulcers that commonly heal within two to three days. Typically the first outbreak may take two to four weeks to heal with another episode appearing weeks or even months later. Replication of the HSV requires the amino acid arginine, which competes with other amino acids for intestinal transport, namely, lysine. Lysine supplementation and arginine restriction is effective in reducing recurrences but not curative.
Vitamin C also assists in healing through immune modulation and a vitamin C complex with the bioflavanoids has been shown to reduce blisters and to prevent the disruption of the vesicular membrane. Consultation Information:Initial consultations usually take one hour and include a detailed health history, a comprehensive iris analysis as well as a tongue andnail diagnosis.

Herpes is a viral disease that causes painful blisters on the genitals and the surrounding areas. Scientists, according to Science News, have created the vaccine by attacking a viral surface protein called glycoprotein D (gD-2), The herpes virus uses this protein to enter host cells. Pain, a burning sensation or numbness around the affected area often accompany these outbreaks. Subsequent infections are normally almost always less severe and shorter than the first outbreak. Indeed one double-blinded placebo-controlled trial found that 1248 mg l-lysine per day showed evidence of decreasing the recurrence of herpes simplex and reducing the severity of symptoms. Calcium sulphate also acts as intercellular cement and promotes rapid repair of connective tissue.

By deleting gD-2 from the viral genome, researchers have rendered the virus unable to infect cells.
In addition, the vaccine triggers the body’s own immune cells to produce antibodies that recognize different viral targets.

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