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Add to cart Tags: dispensary, marijuana, marijuana discounts, medical marijuana, mile high, mmj, mmj discounts, pot coupons, recreational marijuana, weed DescriptionProduct DescriptionPrice is $50 for Passbook, plus $5 flat-rate shipping. The following rules apply:• You must be 21 or over and present proper ID to purchase marijuana products in Colorado. The Mile High Passbook and Pearl Publishing Media Group are not responsible for any dispensary’s refusal to serve you for improper ID, visible intoxication or any other reason. It is their right and responsibility to do so.• You must present the Mile High Passbook, in its entirety, at the time of purchase to receive each listed offer.

NO INDIVIDUAL PAGES, COPIES OF PAGES, OR RIPPED OUT PAGES WILL BE ACCEPTED AS VALID.• The offer will be signed or stamped in the PASSBOOK CONFIRMATION box at the time of your purchase. Once the PASSBOOK CONFIRMATION box is marked, the offer page is considered redeemed and may not be used again.• The Passbook is valid through March 31, 2016. You may use the Passbook once per offer at any of the listed addresses, but once the offer is redeemed, that listing is no longer valid.• Treat this book as cash. The Mile High Passbook and Pearl Publishing Media Group is not responsible for any loss or theft of this book, nor is it responsible for any illness or injury that may occur from the consumption of marijuana products.

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