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Best known as the star of Nat Geo WILD’s Leader of the PackTV and the iconic TV series Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan, broadcast in more than eighty countries worldwide from 2004 to 2012 and his best selling books, Cesar Millan will be appearing Friday, July 19, 2013 at 8 pm at the Ryman Auditorium. Nash: We are excited that you included Nashville in your 2013 tour.  Have you ever been to Nashville? Cesar: My goal, every time I do a speaking engagement or seminar around the world, is to help people become clear on how simple it is to fulfill a dog and to help a dog. Cesar: Where I am from, they have a job, they need to help us with the cows, they need to do some type of service, and unconsciously this gives the dog a purpose.
Cesar: Well you know Daddy and I met when I was learning English and I was in the hood and I was creating this place out of nothing. It’s amazing around the world, in many places around the world they are barely beginning to watch season one, and season two and they always ask how’s Daddy. Nash: Metro animal control here in Nashville Tennessee this year just lifted a ban on Pit Bull adoptions.
A cat would only run away if the intention of the dog is to hurt him, otherwise he couldn’t care less that he’s a Pit Bull.
Nash: Cesar, we have shelters in Tennessee and there are many in the south that has been criticized for having high euthanasia rates, what can we do as individuals and as a community here to change that?
Cesar: Well number one, the reason why we euthanize so many dogs is because we are not really embracing spayed and neuter, right?

Did you know in Helsinki they don’t have shelters because they don’t abandon their dogs?
Cesar:  Exactly!  You see what I mean, so the concept of the over population is not all over the world, just in some areas.
The reason I’m so passionate about speaking engagements and bringing the message is because on TV sometimes impossible to do.
That is a myopic view of the crisis we face in the overpopulation that palgues Southern CA (and many other areas I’m sure).
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We need to do some adjustment, some intellectual adjustment and some emotional adjustment because we are not judging the situation correctly.  We are not leading a nation of understanding. I would think Cesar is drawing from his real life experiences here, after all he is a trainer and primarily deals with behavior issues. I am out hear rooting for your stamina and character to get this type of human education WORLD WIDE , wow! The only job is to become somebody’s baby, which is not their goal in life because they are happy being dogs.

So when you have that inspiration and that desire and you’re at rock bottom, that to me is the combination, that is the combination that formed Cesar Millan.
We are going into Malaysia, Muslim places where they don’t have a dog but they want to hear this guy, me.  I am picking areas where dogs were consumed, where dogs are really not taken into consideration.
When I was in a stressful situation and a down situation he always knew what to do, he always let me know when someone was not showing good energy. He was working as a limousine driver and she provided him with an English tutor for a year. But then when I came and observed the [dogs] behavior, I realized that not everyone knew and that I could contribute by teaching people. That’s where the whole thing of training people and rehabilitating dogs came out – from necessity.
We have a campaign which is funded by taxpayer money to kill dogs but we don’t have a big campaign to save dogs.
Now when I hear people talk negatively about Pit bulls I am quick to express my experience.

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