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You will find many assorted Health Reports available for download free to you on this website!Our free Health Success Reports are each available for you to download when you subscribe to receive them and their 7 part eCourse. Low energy literacy rates will hamper behavioural energy efficiency because consumers do not understand how they use energy, the Energy Savings Trust (EST) has warned. A survey carried out by the EST has revealed that only 7 per cent of under 35s fully understand their energy bills, rising to 15 per cent of over 55s.
EST’s chief executive Philip Sellwood said: “Understanding your bill and how energy is used is vital to reducing overall domestic consumption.
The survey also showed that under-35s are twice as likely to own or be interested in owning smart heating controls to save money, but nearly a third of these only wanted one because it would be “fun to try”.
Goldsmiths’ director of innovation Dr Chris Brauer said: "These findings reflect on the incredible untapped potential of young people engaging with energy literacy. The SNP has pledged to reduce Scotland’s CO2 emissions to 50 per cent of 1990 levels by 2020 in its latest manifesto. In my newest guest post at Breaking Muscle you’ll discover five remedies to help you when you feel weak before a workout session. What do you do when you’re all set to workout but you’re feeling weak or experiencing low energy? The best way to get more is to subscribe to my email newsletter where you'll also get 5 Free Special Reports. Legendary Strength is not liable for any injuries or damages that individuals might incur by attempting to perform any of the exercises or feats of strength depicted or discussed on this website.
Insulation is the most critical factor in energy efficient single-family homes, in many climates. Do not try to save money by installing low or moderate levels of insulation in your new home. Consider levels of insulation above those recommended by common building codes, which fall very short of the best. Pay special attention to ducts, pipes, edges, corners, connections… Pay attention to the wall, ceiling and floor framing elements. Building a very-enerrgy efficient home is a lifetime opportunity to save many hundreds of dollars per year in energy.
The German standards for super-insulated homes (Passive Solar Houses) are notably strict, but they are a good benchmark for those who aim to have very small heating and cooling systems, and reduce energy consumption to a minimum. New homes, in cold climates, should also be carefully air sealed before any insulation work. Exterior-wall corners, intersections and other weak-thermal areas should benefit from increased protection and attention. Slab-on-grnde foundations are much affordable and less prone to problems that the basement and crawlspace design.
There are two ingredients needed for clouds to become visible; water, of course, and nuclei.
But having water attracting nuclei is not enough for a cloud to form as the air temperature needs to be below the saturation point.
Therefore, a cloud results when a block of air (called a parcel) containing water vapor has cooled below the point of saturation. As a bubble of air, called a parcel, rises it moves into lower pressure since pressure decreases with height.
Once the parcel reaches saturation temperature (100% relative humidity) water vapor will condense onto the cloud condensation nuclei resulting in the formation of a cloud droplet. Therefore, clouds form and grow when there is more condensation on nuclei than evaporation from nuclei. From the Latin word for 'layer' these clouds are usually broad and fairly wide spread appearing like a blanket. Howard designated a special rainy cloud category which combined the three forms Cumulo + Cirro + Stratus.
Based on his observations, Howard suggested there were modifications (or combinations) of these core clouds between categories. From the World Meteorological Organization's (WMO) International Cloud Atlas these clouds are Altocumulus, Altostratus, Cirrus, Cirrocumulus, Cirrostratus, Cumulonimbus, Cumulus, Nimbostratus, Stratocumulus and Stratus. Cumulus (Cu), Stratocumulus (Sc), Stratus (St), and Cumulonimbus (Cb) are low clouds composed of water droplets.
The polar and subtropical jet streams are major dividers between the polar, temperate, and tropical regions.
In summer, the Tropical Region expands shifting the temperate region toward the poles while the polar region shrinks. Rainbows are partly the result of sunlight refraction through a rain drop, which acts like a prism. The atoms and molecules comprising gasses in the atmosphere are much smaller than the wavelengths of light emitted by the sun. As light waves enters the atmosphere, they begin to scatter in all directions by collisions with atoms and molecules.
As sunlight enters the atmosphere much of the violet light waves scatter first but very high in the atmosphere and therefore not readily seen.

Even with Rayleigh scattering taking place in the atmosphere, over one-half of the sun's 'white' light continues through the atmosphere reaching the earth's surface.
Unlike Rayleigh scattering, where the light waves are much smaller than the gases in the atmosphere, the individual water droplets that make up a cloud are of similar size to the wavelength of sunlight.
Mie scattering does not differentiate individual wave length colors and therefore scatters ALL wave length colors the same. Yet, clouds do not always appear white because haze and dust in the atmosphere can cause them to appear yellow, orange or red.
Looking toward sunrise, the blue sky, yellow Cirrus clouds and orange Altocumulus clouds result from both Rayleigh and Mie scattering.
Some of the most picturesque clouds occur close to sunrise and sunset when they can appear in brilliant yellows, oranges and reds. As light passes through the atmosphere, most of the shorter blue wavelengths are scattered leaving the majority of longer waves to continue. Also, as light enters the atmosphere, it refracts with the greatest bend in its path near the earth's surface where the atmosphere is most dense. As light continues to move though the atmosphere, yellow wavelengths are scattered leaving orange wavelengths.
Therefore, near sunrise and sunset, a cloud's color is what sunlight color it receives after Rayleigh scattering. Sometimes, under direct sunlight, clouds will appear gray or dark gray against a blue sky or larger backdrop of white clouds. The clouds may be semi-transparent which allows the background blue sky to be seen through the cloud.
A more common reason is the contrast between the background (blue sky or additional clouds) and foreground cloud overwhelms our vision.
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Nearly 40 per cent of under 35s are unable to identify that electricity is measured in Kilowatt hours, although 84 percent of over 55s can. What happens when your training schedule says it’s a big workout today, but you’re just not feeling it?
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If possible, consider standards similar or very close to those of Zero Energy Buildings and Passive Houses - those that inspire the approach suggested below. These levels are much higher than the values required by energy codes, but they are the ideal for low-energy buildings, in cold climates.
However, water molecules in the atmosphere are too small to bond together for the formation of cloud droplets. They consist of such things as smoke particles from fires or volcanoes, ocean spray or tiny specks of wind-blown soil.
But, even with a condensation nuclei, the cloud droplet is essentially made up of pure water. Called the dew point temperature, the point of saturation is where evaporation equals condensation.
As air rises drier air is added (entrained) into the rising parcel so both condensation and evaporation are continually occurring. From his Essay of the Modifications of Clouds (1803) Luke Howard divided clouds into three basic categories; cirrus, cumulus and stratus.
They result from non-convective rising air and tend to occur along and to the north of warm fronts. He noticed that clouds often have features of two or more categories; cirrus + stratus, cumulus + stratus, etc.
Each étage is defined by the range of levels at which each type of cloud typically appears. They are typically thin and white in appearance, but can appear in a magnificent array of colors when the sun is low on the horizon. They are composed primarily of water droplets, however, they can also be composed of ice crystals when temperatures are low enough.
Cumulonimbus, with its strong vertical updraft, extends well into the the high level of clouds. Except for low clouds, which are defined as occurring within the first 6,500 feet altitude in each region, the boundaries for mid and high level clouds overlap and vary. One effect of these cores of strong wind is the maximum altitude of the tropopause decreases in each region as one moves from the equator to the poles.
Between the Polar and Temperate Regions lies the jet stream in both hemispheres, while the Sub-Tropical Jet Stream divides the Temperate and Tropical Regions. The colors change as the wavelength increases from violet to indigo to blue, green, yellow, orange, red and deep red. This means the light waves that make up violets, indigo and blue have higher energy levels than the yellow, orange and red. The velocity of light decreases slightly as it moves into the prism, causing it to bend slightly. In this case, sunlight entering the prism is divided into the colors of a rainbow based upon the wavelength of each component. Yet, this scattering is not in equal portion but heavily weighted toward the shorter wavelengths.

Indigo color light waves scatter next and can be seen from high altitudes such as jet airplanes flying at normal cruising altitudes.
The volume of scattering by the shorter blue light waves (with additional scattering by violet and indigo) dominate scattering by the remaining color wavelengths. When the droplets and light waves are of similar size, then a different scattering, called 'Mie' scattering, occurs. The result is equally scattered 'white' light from the sun and therefore we see white clouds. And as clouds thicken, sunlight passing through the cloud will diminish or be blocked, giving the cloud a grey color.
This causes the light's path through the atmosphere to lengthen, further allowing for more Rayleigh scattering. We see that sunlight's color due to Mei scattering which scatters all remaining wavelength colors equally. In essence, our eyes are tricked with our perception of foreground clouds appearing dark relative to the overwhelming brightness of the background.
Brightness of the sun is based upon temperature and a sunspot's temperature is lower than the surrounding surface of the sun. However, if sunspots were isolated from the surrounding brightness, they would still be too bright to look at with the unprotected eye. Some of these low energy level signs may be symptoms of one or more of the following conditions:Menopause a€“ Low energy levels are one of the main complaints of menopausal women and can cause all kinds of problems in their daily lives. In this article I’m going to show you five things you can do when your plans and your body are in disagreement.
It poses fewer problems, is easier to insulate, and reduces the volume of air to be heated or cooled. To achieve high levels of wall insulation in wood and steel frame homes, with cavity insulation, walls should have 2 to 4 inches of foam insulation all over their outside (in some cases the inside). There are the high, wipsy clouds to first appear in advance of a low pressure area such as a mid-latitude storm system or a tropical system such as a hurricane. The vast majority of precipitation occurs from nimbo-form clouds and therefore these clouds have the greatest vertical height. His research served as the starting point for the ten basic types of clouds we observe today. In Latin, alto means 'high' yet Altostratus and Altocumulus clouds are classified as mid level clouds. White light combines all of the colors in the 'visible spectrum', which is the range of colors we can see.
The lowest energy light waves refract the least, while the highest energy waves exhibit the greatest refraction. If there is no direct sunlight striking the cloud, it may reflect the color of the sky and appear bluish.
Do not forget gaps around electrical boxes and outlets; or gaps around fans and channels for drain-pipes and wiring. The base of cumulus clouds are generally flat and occurs at the altitude where the moisture in rising air condenses. Make sure you see your health care provider to see if you can regulate the hormonal levels.Low Thyroid a€“ A thyroid gland that isna€™t producing enough of the hormone, thyroxine, cana€™t produce the energy the body must have to function.
They are 'high' relative to their low level liquid-based counterpart clouds Stratus and Cumulus. You might experience lethargy and all the signs listed above.Anemia or Low Iron a€“ If youa€™re experiencing low energy levels, you may have low iron level issues that you need to deal with. Sleeplessness and irritability may accompany the iron deficiency.Vitamin Deficiency a€“ Vitamin-B deficiency is one of the major causes of low energy. Nimbostratus can extend into the high level as well but the base of the cloud typically decreases into the low level as precipitation continues. Women especially can benefit from getting a full checkup (blood work) from a health care provider to see if Vitamin-B might be the cause of fatigue.Insomnia a€“ When you suffer from insomnia, or lack of sleep, it can affect your entire life. There may be many reasons for insomnia, but feelings of exhaustion could be a sign that youa€™re not getting enough sleep.Depending on the cause of your low energy feelings, you can go about combating the condition in several different ways. Some (especially women) may need Vitamin-B shots or pills on a regular basis, while others may need to change dietary habits or even make lifestyle changes.Low energy levels can prevent you from enjoying all that life has to offer.
It can wreak havoc in relationships, your work and every other area of your life that should be savored rather than neglected because you just dona€™t have the energy to deal with it.There are many articles and books written about what to do when you experience low energy. Some may be temporary fixes (such as drinking a caffeinated drink), while others may target a long-term fix.Low energy isna€™t a symptom in your body that you should ignore. Get the proper diagnosis from your health care provider before you take any energy boosters that might be harmful to your overall health and get to the root cause so you can be properly treated.DO YOU HAVE CHRONIC FATIGUE?
Our unique combination of natural ingredients is proven to help beat CFSDid you know that Chronic Fatigue Syndrome can be as disabling as Multiple Sclerosis, Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, congestive Heart failure and similar chronic conditions?

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