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Arginine is the amino acid the herpesvirus uses to break out of the cellular "prison" to which it is confined between outbreaks, and lysine "jams the door" the virus needs to open to break out of its cell.How Herpes Breaks OutAfter the initial infection, the herpesvirus retreats to nerve cells just below the skin.
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Genital herpes is one of the most widespread infections with atleast 1 in 10 people carrying the virus.
After the primary infection, some people may have reoccurances on a regular basis while for others, they may never experience any more symptoms even when the virus is still at large in the body.
Research has shown that aloe vera cream when applied to the affected area works as a good cure for herpes. BHT is normally used in the preservation of fats and oils but it has great antiviral properties as well and several people suffering from genital herpes have used it successful to flush out the virus from their systems. Lemon balm is normally used by soaking a cotton ball with the extract and then dabbing it on to the affected area. Neem oil has been used as a medicinal herb for centuries and treats numerous infections including herpes.
This is among the most common natural herpes remedies and has a reputation of curbing both oral and genital herpes in just a couple of hours.
With the natural herpes remedies above, you can easily get rid of the virus in a natural and safe way. Lysine is a dietary supplement for cats which is known to treat feline herpesvirus, which is often presented as upper respiratory-type symptoms in cats. Also known as a cold sore, this lesion is caused by the contagious herpes simplex virus Type-1 (HSV-1), and should not be confused with a canker sore, which is not contagious.
The majority of people carrying the virus are not even aware that they are carrying it while the few who are aware feel so ashamed to tell others about it thus end up not getting treatment or help. Herpes is primarily transmitted through sexual intercourse though one can as well get it through oral sex. Contrary to popular belief that herpes can not be cured, there are actually natural remedies that can help to get rid of the virus.

In the research carried out in 1999, 70% of people who were subjected to this treatment were healed of herpes.
Lauric acid found in coconut oil has been found to have great antiviral effects which helps to fight the herpes virus. It is applied topically on to the affected areas or used as neem tea to reduce incidences of outbreaks.
The oil is used by taking drops under the tongue or through applying it on the affected area. It functions as a natural antiseptic, antivirus, anti bacterial and anti fungal and apart from fending off infections, it boosts immunity as well.
Most cats have been exposed to feline herpes and once they are infected, they will have the virus in their system for their whole life.
There might be a physical injury to the nerve, or there might be an infection caused by some other microorganism, or there might be general emotional stress. The first infection known as the primary infection normally lasts between 10- 14 days and symptoms may include complaints of flu, blisters around the genital area or anus and vaginal discharge in women. Most of the natural herpes remedies consist of immune boosting supplements and antiviral herbs.
Though aloe vera cream works best, frozen aloe vera pieces when used topically can also be a good option for treating genital herpes. The lauric acid is converted by the body into monolaurin which helps to destroy the coatings surrounding lipid enclosed viruses. One part of the extract is mixed with 9 parts of water and the mixture is then dabbed on to the affected part using a cotton swab. While there is no cure for this, symptoms are generally very mild (or non-existant – some cats will only see flare-ups during times of stress) and can include sneezing, congestion, watery eyes and so on. When the virus is "threatened" it replicates itself and begins to break down the cell so it can move to the surface of the body and escape to cause infection in someone else.Before the herpesvirus can break out of a cell, it needs to dissolve the membrane in which it is hiding. In this herpes cure 2013 article, we take a look at all the natural herpes remedies available and how they can help to get rid of the virus. The disinfection properties in the mixture will help to eliminate herpes virus from the area on to which it is applied. It is therefore very important to have a diet plan with plenty of lysine to reduce your chances of contracting herpes.

Our veterinarian will sometimes add a supplement called L-Lysine to a cat’s treatment plan if they are suspected to have feline herpes. If there are large amount of lysine in the vicinity of the virus, however, it will make a defective enzyme that won't dissolve the cell to allow it to escape.Using Lysine to Prevent Herpes OutbreaksTaking lysine supplements helps prevent herpes outbreaks, but taking just a little lysine won't do any good. While you can ask your veterinarian about Lysine, you should never start your kitty on any supplements or medications without their approval and some supplements, even those sold over the counter for humans, may contain other preservatives that can be harmful to your cat. One study conducted in the 1980's found that taking just 1200 mg of lysine a day did not reduce the frequency of herpes breakouts. If you have a feline friend who displays the issues above, schedule an appointment with your veterinarian so that they can determine if Lysine will help control your cat’s symptoms! Another study found that taking 3000 mg of lysine, and reducing consumption of arginine-rich foods, reduced the frequency of herpes breakouts by 25%.But even there are still recurrent outbreaks of herpes, the severity of symptoms can be greatly reduced when people who have herpes take lysine. A study published in the Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy in 1983 reported that 79% of herpes patients reported that their symptoms were "intolerable" or "severe" without lysine, but only 8% reported that there symptoms were intolerable or severe with lysine.
Taking 12 to 20 grams of lysine a day or more can cause digestive upset, but that's more than is needed. As little as 500 mg a day may reduce the severity of symptoms, but it generally takes 3 capsules a day or more to prevent at least some outbreaks.It also helps to avoid foods that are high in arginine, the amino acid that helps the herpes virus break out of the cells where it lives between outbreaks. Typically, herpes sufferers are told to avoid chocolate, nuts, and Jell-O, but these are not the foods that are highest in arginine. Soy protein isolates, shrimp, mussels, spinach, spirulina, turkey, ostrich, moose, elk, cabrito (goat), and chicken all contain more arginine than chocolate, nuts, and gelatin. If you consume just a serving of spinach or a teaspoon of spirulina, you are not likely to get enough arginine to cause problems, but all of the protein foods on this list can trigger outbreaks, and are more likely to cause outbreaks than chocolate or nuts.Frequently Asked QuestionsQ. Is lysine just for genital herpes, or would it also help with herpes zoster and shingles?A. Lysine helps reduce symptoms of all forms of herpesvirus infections, although shingles are, it is to be hoped, are a one-time thing.Q. These foods include yogurt, low-fat milk, cellophane noodles (jap-jae), and soy milk instead of the high-protein foods mentioned earlier in this article.

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