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Un accompagnement des equipes et un support dans les laboratoires: Toulouse Tech Transfer identifie, en collaboration avec les chercheurs, les productions scientifiques ainsi que les projets de partenariat de recherche susceptibles d’etre valorises. Une fiche preliminaire d’invention: Elle permet a Toulouse Tech Transfer d’avoir une information preliminaire sur les resultats obtenus (nature de l’invention, stade de developpement, applications, avantages). Toulouse Tech Transfer determine avec le chercheur et son etablissement une strategie de valorisation (protection intellectuelle, developpements techniques, analyse du marche, recherche de partenaires industriels et commerciaux) et, si necessaire, peut mettre en ?uvre un programme de maturation. Senior Architect (Design and Technical) – As the only Senior Architect oversaw core hospital building project of Sidra Medical and Research Center (designed by Cesar Pelli). Treasurer Joe Hockey's budget announcement of a new Medical Research Future Fund, set to reach $20 billion by 2020, was the sweetener that came alongside a raft of new health co-payments.
The Abbott Government's fund The Government's new fund will have $1.1 billion capital at its inception in January 2015, and the Government estimates it will reach $20 billion in 2020. A chart from the 2014-15 budget papers shows medical research funding is expected to increase by around $1 billion from 2022-23. The verdictThere is at least one medical research fund - the Wellcome Trust - bigger than Australia's projected $20 billion Medical Research Future Fund.And some governments spend more money each year on medical research than the new Australian fund will distribute. Fact check: Have the states reduced funding to schools whilst the Commonwealth has raised funding? Fact check: Have firearm homicides and suicides dropped since Port Arthur as a result of John Howard's reforms? ABC Fact Check determines the accuracy of claims by politicians, public figures, advocacy groups and institutions engaged in the public debate. The era of windfall gains from a China boom has long passed and this budget may well be the last opportunity for a government to sell a coherent message about where we go from here. As the housing market begins to slow down, Four Corners gets some home truths on the current debate.

Malcolm Turnbull and Scott Morrison are preparing to hand down their first budget, before sending Australia to the polls.
The NT's muddiest and most-gruelling motor and quad bike race sees competitors fight it out in Top End swamps and bogs.
Fact check: Are Indigenous children 10 times more likely than non-Indigenous children to be living out of home?
Fact check: Has the Coalition taken billions of dollars from hospitals and not put it back? Fact Check: Has the number of children in detention dropped from 2,000 to about 75 under the Coalition? Fact check: Can a poker machine manufacturer use the TPP to challenge changes to gambling laws? Fact check: Do the world's 62 richest people hold the same wealth as the poorest 50 per cent? Fact check: Is Australia's military contribution to the fight against Islamic State the second largest? Fact check: Do big companies run by a Peter, a Michael, a David or an Andrew outnumber those run by women four to one? Fact check: Is the proposed Shenhua Watermark coal mine located in the middle of Australia's best agricultural land? This service may include material from Agence France-Presse (AFP), APTN, Reuters, AAP, CNN and the BBC World Service which is copyright and cannot be reproduced. Toulouse Tech Transfer fournit ce document pre-rempli au(x) chercheur(s) apres analyse de la fiche. A world-class project, involving more than 8,000 people at site with an estimated cost of $2.4 billion designed to be landmark world architecture. Mr Hockey holds great hope for the fund, saying in Question Time on May 15 it could be instrumental in finding a cure for cancer, dementia, and Alzheimer's disease.

The initial capital will come from the existing Health and Hospitals Fund and additional money will be sourced from savings measures in the health portfolio announced on budget night. In 2013 it distributed over 726 million pounds ($1.3 billion) in research funding and direct charitable activities.
He said in his budget speech that within six years it will be "the biggest medical research endowment fund in the world".Will it?
One of those savings measures is a $7 co-payment for general practitioner, pathology and diagnostic imaging services. Most of the money went to scientists working in medical research in the UK.It was established by American born Sir Henry Wellcome who arrived in London in 1880 to start a pharmaceutical business and died in 1936. The fund is expected to make its first distribution of $20 million to medical research in the 2015-16 financial year.
In his will, Sir Henry left all the shares in his company to found the trust, and directed the income from that capital be used for two purposes - advancing medical research and understanding the history of bioscience. Taronga Conservation Society Australia says this is due to increased human population and more people participating in water-based activities.
However, its spending still falls short of the Japanese government's $9 billion and the European collective government spending of over $28 billion.
Current medical research funding in AustraliaIn 2012 the Australian government gave over $850 million in funding to the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC), which allocated 1,300 grants to medical research programs across the country.The Abbott Government's new fund will be in addition the NHMRC funding.
It will roughly double the amount of money the Australian Government allocates to medical research by 2023.

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