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Living Through Legacies, which creates memory books for local senior citizens, 90-year-old Bessie McClain and her family, including daughter Teresa M. Two Case Western Reserve students interviewed McClain, while Green and the rest of the family dug up more than 75 photos. For her mother, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease in 2000, the book provides a tangible link to a lifetime of memories.
The higher education concept of learning through service has resulted in direct benefit to East Cleveland, a high-poverty urban suburb struggling with problems common to aging inner-ring suburbs long abandoned by the middle class escaping the city. Now, the Case Western Reserve University effort has expanded service learning from its origins in social work classrooms to a universitywide partnership with the East Cleveland community.
Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences, initiated a long-term partnership with East Cleveland that built upon multiple service learning projects and pro bono technical assistance provided by the Mandel School to the city.
Mark Joseph, to closely examine service learning—its limitations, challenges, implications and lessons.
In addition to enhancing learning, Chupp said the goal was to provide something of value to the community. By the third year,  a partnership formed with community organizations, such as the East Cleveland Public Library and Northeast Ohio Alliance for Hope.
Center on Urban Poverty and Community Development, secure more than $2 million from a federal stimulus program to deal with blight. The impact on CWRU can be seen in the broadening institutional commitment to East Cleveland, with the university’s Social Justice Institute focusing its debut collaborative research project on gathering community perspectives and generating dialogue and ideas about the future of the community and its relationship to the university and University Circle, and the Office of the Provost considering other means of supporting the revitalization in East Cleveland. Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences, is described by many as the go-to guy for just about anything. Franchina, along with two other employees, received the recognition during the Staff Service Awards. An innovative program helping police be part of quick first-response to social service needs was the topic of a Thursday international visit.
The visiting group, which toured CMHA police headquarters in Cleveland and went to a public housing estate, was interested in learning how the CMHA police, through an initiative called Police Assisted Referral (PAR), now are able to help residents and make referrals to social service agencies for assistance for a range of incidents, such as domestic violence, child abuse, and children exposed to violence.
Living through Legacies project in hardcover books for families to cherish from one generation to the next. These individuals became the focus of Case Western Reserve University social work student David Harris, who graduated on Sunday. She returned to school in 2007 for the intellectual challenge and knowledge about how to care for her aging mother, who lives in Strongsville. Having grown up in poverty and lived in substandard housing has brought sensitivity to Anna Maria Santiago's social work research about how people live and how place affects their lives.
Currently on the faculty at Wayne State University, Santiago will officially start at CWRU on July 1. Academic Careers in Engineering & Science program (ACES+) recently announced recipients of the 2010 ADVANCE Opportunity Awards. Advance Opportunity Grants provide small amounts of supplemental support of current or proposed projects and activities where funding is difficult to obtain through other sources.
School improves 5 places in latest magazine rankings; University's Health Law program ranked No.
Other highlights from this year's rankings include: The School of Law's health law program ranked third in the nation, up from No. The Honorable Barbara Lee (D-Calif.), the current chair of the Congressional Black Caucus, will give the keynote address for Case Western Reserve University's 2010 Stokes Leadership Symposium on Monday, March 22, at noon in Ford Auditorium.
East Cleveland, Ohio, Mayor Gary Norton stood at the front of the bus as it pulled away from Case Western Reserve University's campus. The 90-minute tour kicked off a half-day session at Case Western Reserve University for people interested in the transformation of East Cleveland. The Social Justice Alliance and Institute seeks to promote collaborative research, pedagogical innovation and curriculum development, the growth of social justice leaders, and annual programming to foster intellectual inquiry, civic dialogue, and community-bridge building. As cancer survivors live longer, questions arise about what kind of care long-term survivors require. Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences found 245 older married women who survived cancer had more health problems as compared to a sample of 245 married women without cancer. Mandel Center for Nonprofit Organizations executive director and Mandel Professor is making progress in the search for a new leader to helm the center.
Steven Feldman, professor of marketing and policy studies at the Weatherhead School of Management, has been named interim director. Center on Urban Poverty and Community Development at the social work school, has been named one of the founding fellows.
Since last January, Grover "Cleve" Gilmore, dean of the social work school, was part of a six-member Academy Working Group that wrote the AASWSW's mission statement. Wadsworth Center for Older Adults, which allows for the creation of personal, timeless memoirs. Harris adds that the books become a testimonial to the remarkable lives and contributions these people have made. Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences, in testimony Monday before a congressional committee suggested steps to ease to nation's foreclosure crisis. She referred to data the Center has gathered in Cleveland to track the housing crisis over the past decade, as she appeared before the Domestic Policy Subcommittee of the Congressional Oversight and Government Reform Committee, chaired by U.S. Among those problems are overwhelmed courts, vacant and vandalized properties, and confusion about who owns and is responsible for the foreclosed property, and sales to out-of-state owners who become delinquent taxpayers. Coulton calls for interventions at every stage of the foreclosure process, from loans to maintaining vacant properties. Center on Urban Poverty and Community Development finds that home purchase loans have been stalled with a fall in conventional mortgage lending, with the eastern side of Cleveland and the inner-ring suburbs experiencing "drastic declines," according to the center's November 2009 "Behind the Numbers" report.
Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences examined data from 1995-2008 provided by the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA) to find that the drop-off in high-cost lending is responsible for a disproportionate share of the loss. Before families with young children buy a new home, many parents want to know the quality of the neighborhood public schools. Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences, examines how public schools also have a role in the revitalizing urban neighborhoods–especially neighborhoods where new mixed-income developments are being built.

He's particularly interested in housing under development in Chicago and other major cities with HOPE VI funds from the U.S. Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences provide some 225,000 hours of community service for approximately 350 community agencies. Field placements are a requirement for social work students enrolled in the master's program. Alumni Weekend and Homecoming 2009 will feature alumni from different class years, schools and programs as they reminisce about the past, enjoy the present and gain insight into the future direction of Case Western Reserve University. This year's Alumni Weekend will also mark the beginning of a new alumni gathering: The inaugural LGBTA (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Ally) Alumni Reunion.
School of Medicine proudly announces the establishment of the CWRU Prevention Research Center for Healthy Neighborhoods (PRCHN), a collaborative research center to address common health issues faced in disadvantaged urban neighborhoods in and around Greater Cleveland. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, to support both the infrastructure of the center and one demonstration research project, with the potential to receive up to $1 million annually for up to five years through additional CDC funding opportunities.
While infant and toddler brains are rapidly developing, a window of opportunity exists to reduce the impact of autism, which now affects one of every 150 children born in the United States. Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences of Case Western Reserve University, received a three-year, $780,000 grant from the National Institutes of Child Health and Human Development.
In a randomized control study, he will evaluate the effectiveness of a new developmental intervention, called Responsive Teaching, for children with autism who are under 3 years of age. After a long illness and surrounded by family, he died early this morning at his Shaker Heights home. Nearly 400 teens, half of which were prenatally exposed to cocaine, will be studied in their adolescent years. Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences and now the lead researcher in phase four of a long-term study of cocaine exposed children, has received a five-year, nearly $5 million grant from the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA). With the inception of this new study, "Prenatal Cocaine Exposure in Adolescence," Minnes and her co-investigators will follow the children through age 18. Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences, received a special invitation from Maxine Waters, the subcommittee's chair, to inform members about what academic research suggests for the future of the nation's approach to public housing.
The Obama administration is beginning its design of the Choice Neighborhoods urban revitalization initiative. The 70-page white paper, "Family Homelessness in Cuyahoga County," looks at new factors in determining homelessness by considering the numbers of people living in doubled-up housing situations with family and nonfamily members and the impact it has on them. Emily Fox has no plans to leave Cleveland now that she has graduated from Case Western Reserve University. Fox has lived in the area since the age of 13 when her family moved to Shaker Heights from San Francisco. Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences at Case Western Reserve University, wants to examine exactly who are in those networks and how they either help or hinder recovery. Tracy and a team of researchers will follow 420 women who are receiving help from three local social service agencies over their first year in recovery to understand what kinds of individual social networks women need to build to support a healthy recovery. Tracy, chair of the Mandel School's doctoral program, is the lead investigator on a three-year, $1.1 million grant from the National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA). Center for Community Partnerships invited Case Western Reserve University departments and groups seeking charitable funding to apply for its new Community Outreach Program grants, they received dozens of applications.
Several of Case Western Reserve University's programs once again have been recognized among the nation's best. Of the 126 national medical schools surveyed by the magazine, Case Western Reserve's School of Medicine ranked 25th in research—and overall.
Several other Case Western Reserve University schools saw improvements in their graduate rankings. Support of Undergraduate Research and Creative Endeavors (SOURCE) office at Case Western Reserve University. Research ShowCASE is known for its hundreds of poster displays, the event also features interactive displays.
The 2009 Senior Class Gift Campaign officially kicked off its fundraising effort during Grad Fair, launching a series of events that will allow the class of 2009 to leave an enduring legacy on campus and express its appreciation for Case Western Reserve University. In the spirit of sustainability, gifts to the 2009 Senior Class Gift Campaign will help beautify the Case Western Reserve campus by purchasing trees to adorn the Binary Walkway. Some people might think that groundbreaking, thought provoking or even artistic research primarily takes place at the graduate level. Support of Undergraduate Research and Creative Endeavors (SOURCE) office at Case Western Reserve University, has more than enough proof that stimulating ideas and research begin to take shape during the undergraduate years. Her office is encouraging undergraduates to present their research during the annual Intersections: SOURCE Undergraduate Symposium and Poster Session.
Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences student is devoting several months to working for the betterment of women worldwide. Not by 20 students from Case Western Reserve University School of Law, Weatherhead School of Management, Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences and the Mandel Center for Nonprofit Organizations.
Field education has been part of the Mandel School’s core curriculum since 1915, and the school places graduate student interns like Harris at nearly 100 social agencies in Northeast Ohio every year. For the rest of the family, it’s a portrait of a family matriarch that future generations can cherish, even if they never got the chance to hear her stories in person. Working with community partners, social work students conducted action research that helped the city receive federal stimulus funds for vacant housing demolition and rehab. Service learning is increasingly used at campuses nationally, as academics are trying to turn passive learners into active learners and leverage the resources of universities to promote meaningful change in surrounding communities. Students assessed neighborhood assets and needs and, as a result of interviews with community leaders and research on national best practices, offered potential projects for the community to consider. Working with these partners and the city’s mayor, students were then paired with firefighters and community residents to survey all vacant housing in a city hit hard by foreclosures and abandonment. The event, held last week, also recognized employees with 10, 25 and 35 years of service with the university. After learning more about Ross, her advisor Diana Morris, executive director of University Center on Aging and Health, encouraged her to check out social work courses. Her arrival will build on the social work school's strength in neighborhood research by faculty members Mark Chupp, Claudia Coulton, Rob Fischer, Mark Joseph, Sharon Milligan and others from the Center on Poverty and Community Development.

Fourteen proposals representing academic disciplines ranging from engineering to religious studies to sociology received $41,667.
Snyder and Provost Bud Baeslack to continue these awards," said Lynn Singer, deputy provost and vice president for academic programs.
5 last year; and the university's programs in biological sciences improved to 34th in the nation, up from No. He began an inspiring tour for a busload of leaders from across Cleveland, sharing the city's assets, as well as his hopes and plans for economic, physical, and community revitalization. She also is the inaugural treasurer of the organization to advance the social work profession. The group set the organization on its future course by naming six individuals, including Coulton, to be its first leaders and charged them with growing the organization by selecting some of the first members. The gift is one filled with their memories, which for some is a way to preserve their past before it is lost to the ills of aging. But these books are not only for the individuals but help preserve the memories for family members. The end result is a further devaluing the overall housing base in the areas hardest hit by the crisis.
For that reason, Mark Joseph, assistant professor at the Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences, examines how public schools also have a role in the revitalizing urban neighborhoods--especially neighborhoods where new mixed-income developments are being built. This service enabled the social work school to become eligible for increased work-study funding from the federal government through special funding. Gilmore said full-time students in their first and second years have seen a 25 percent increase in stipends from $6,000 to $7,500.
The Center's goal is to engage a wide spectrum of disciplines both within the university and the community to foster a unified vision for community-based prevention research. Gerald Mahoney, director of the Center on Interventions for Children and Families at the Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences of Case Western Reserve University, received a three-year, $780,000 grant from the National Institutes of Child Health and Human Development.
He will be remembered for his integrity, dignity, loyalty, friendship, and warmth and caring. Stein's work changed the face of international social welfare, says MSASS Dean Grover "Cleve" Gilmore. Researchers will look at the youths' choices when it comes to using drugs, having sex or engaging in delinquent behaviors, and see if there is an association with prenatal cocaine exposure. These children live with a grandparent or someone else and about 75 percent of the children without their parents. It is one of the first comprehensive assessments of homelessness for families in Cuyahoga County.
The recent social work graduate wants to be part of the solution to rebuild the city instead of taking flight to other places. Ten campus affiliates were selected to receive $1,000 each for the 2008-2009 academic year to continue their outreach work in the areas of PreK-12, senior citizens, health, social service, community and economic development, and lifelong learning.
The School of Law climbed eight spots to 55th this year, and the Case School of Engineering improved to 46th, from 49th last year.
The Case Western Reserve and local communities are invited to check them out during this year's event, which takes place Thursday, April 16, from 9 a.m. The campaign strives to show seniors the impact that private gifts have on the university and to increase participation in the tradition of giving at Case Western Reserve. The committee also hopes to purchase benches made of recycled plastic to provide seating around the Michelson-Morley Fountain in front of Yost Hall. Patrick's Day holiday to begin raising awareness of the "green" theme during a Cupcake Kickoff that featured green-frosted treats, Grad Fair provided an opportunity to formally launch the campaign to all graduating seniors. Students have until Friday, March 20, to submit abstracts for this year's event, which will take place Friday, April 17, in Thwing Center. Not by 20 students from the Case Western Reserve University School of Law, the Weatherhead School of Management, the Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences and the Mandel Center for Nonprofit Organizations.
Students benefit from applying their classroom learning in the real world, providing a service that is grounded in the course curriculum, Joseph said.
For 12 older citizens from the McGregor Home in East Cleveland and the Fairfax Neighborhood on Cleveland’s east side, their histories have been preserved by the Living through Legacies project in hardcover books for families to cherish from one generation to the next. ADVANCE Opportunity Awards also receive funding through the National Science Foundation ADVANCE program. Of the 146 national programs surveyed by the magazine, Case Western Reserve's School of Medicine ranked 20th in research—and overall, an improvement of five places over last year's ranking.
After Lee speaks, Joseph White, the chair of the department of political science and Luxenberg Family Professor of Policy Studies, and David Miller, associate professor of social work at the Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences, will comment and pose questions to begin a discussion with Lee. In 2007, he was awarded the Fulbright Distinguished Lectureship in Business Ethics at Shanghai International Studies University.
Stein, former dean of the Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences and university provost and vice president. The study will also closely follow the cognitive development and mental health behavior of the young people. House of Representatives' Subcommittee on Housing and Community Opportunity heard about "impressive successes" and "deep challenges" faced by Chicago residents as they move from massive low-income housing projects to mixed-income housing developments. The school's primary care specialty improved from 51st in 2009 to 37th in 2010, also making it best in Ohio. The campus community is invited to stop by to view some of the innovative and creative research being conducted by undergraduates.
Between the two events, campaign has gotten off to a great start, and has already raised $900. Feldman, who has been on the faculty at Case Western Reserve since 1983, also is a member of the Mandel Center Faculty Council.

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