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You can feel confident that every product in the Mom’s Medicine Chest College Kit is hand selected to be safe and effective by an experienced Pharmacist who is also a Mom. Not only do they need the right medicine when they aren’t feeling well, they also need the confidence and know-how to use them properly, safely, and effectively.
That’s why this Herbal Chinese Medicine Chest attracted my attention when browsing through a catalog recently. For an admirer of Eastern culture this would make an excellent addition to a living room, study or bedroom. Did you know?: Traditional Chinese medicine is based largely on the philosophical concept that the human body is a small universe with a set of complete and sophisticated interconnected systems, and that those systems usually work in balance to maintain the healthy function of the human body. All the items they are used to having at home, but don’t know they need are pre-packaged in a clear, attractive case along with a booklet explaining the safe use of each medicine.
They are each individually safety wrapped – direct from the manufacturer, so you can feel safe about what is in this kit.

I wrote the College Booklet included in the kit – from many years of experience as a Pharmacist and a Mom.
It is always helpful to have a handy reminder available along with the medicines and tools. When visiting my grandparents I would love opening little boxes and trays to discover whether there was any chocolate or playthings inside. The hand-crafted reproduction of a 41 drawer medicine cabinet is based on the old Asian chests used to store herbal remedies.
All six sides of the case are made from durable clear plastic with a sturdy aluminum frame.
It has plenty of room to store the basic tools and medicines included with the kit – with extra room for many other items you need to keep safe and handy. Sometimes I would leave something of my own in a tiny drawer to be recovered when I next visited.

The clear plastic and aluminum construction makes the case strong, but also light enough to easily carry.
According to her note Caleb Winslow received his MD from the University of Pennsylvania in 1849. He graduated Haverford College in 1842, which was previously the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy (thus his designation pharmacist). He is said to have operated on 100 cases of bladder stone with only one death prior to coming to Baltimore.
He also served as an examiner in Surgery on the original board of medical examiners of North Carolina.

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